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  1.  5 Stars isnt enough!


    I got this game as soon as it came out! It is beyond amazing, I myself do not go for achivments, but this is one of the few games that I acutal felt like I wanted to max it out!

  2.  A change of scenery


    If you are a Modern Warfare fan, you will probally like this game! If the maps, guns or just the gamein general is feeling a bit dull at the moment pick this up for the cheap price. Its the same gameplay with a diffrent feel!

  3.  A Must Have!!


    I NEVER buy game guides! But because I am a huge final fantasy I thought I'd buy this one. I do not regret this decision atall! For the first half of the game I refused the look in the guide, the game was pretty simple but as I progressed in the game I could not have continued without it!

    Even if you refuse to use this guide for the main story, wait until you have completed that and then use it for the dozens of side quests, treasure spheres, weapon upgrades, monster drop rates, grinding spots and much more!

  4.  Love It!


    Ok so as other comments have said the sound on this album compared to RIOT is diffrent, is that a diffrent as in better or worse? I say neither, its still paramore and its still awesome! I am after the first playthrough you will be singing along with every track :)!

  5.  A MUST have for any Xbox owner!


    This is a mind blowing game, for the price you cannot not aford to not buy it!

    This game combines elements of RPG, action, puzzles and shooting! What more could you want?
    The multipable choice aspects of the game are vast and makes it very fun to play through even more than once, for this cheap price you are not only getting a great game but hours upon hours of great fun playing it too!

  6.  I'm Not Even a Beatles Fan!


    Well the Beatles were around certainly before my time and I had only ever heard a couple of there songs, I picked this game up cheap to try it out and all I can say is !!!WOW!!! I cannot belive how many of the songs on here I reconised from TV, ect, In the story mode there are around 54 songs and I promise you atleast 40 of those are dam catchy and fully enjoyable to play!

    Defently pick this up! :)

  7.  !!!AMAZING!!!


    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen no doubt about it, I have seen it about 4 times now and I would still watch it again! The acting is superb aswell as having an amazing story line and twists the length of the movie is quite long but you will be on the edge of your seat the whole way through!

  8.  A great movie! The first time around


    This movie is pretty good, its funny the story is nice and will draw you in but I must say that this is one of those movies you could only watch once.



    Notice I put the word "Funny" in the review title twice? These film will have you in stiches the whole way through for the price it is a MUST BUY, I generally do not like "Older" films I am more into "modern movies" but I must say the naked gun trilogy are possibly the funniest movies I have EVER seen!

  10.  Brtually Awesome!


    I first saw this game advertised on a TV commerical, the mix of heavy metal, fightiting and jack black meant I had to try this game out! So I rented it.

    This game is defently a rental as the story very lengthy atall, the soundtrack is superb if you are into heavy metal or rock, the combat is just great with the use of a guitar as a weapon! The story line is also very good and the chracters just make up the entire game.

    If you have a good few hours to get caught up in this amazing story, soundtrack and gameplay I seriously reccomend you do!