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  1.  First two disc are good but disc 3 is AMAZING


    I'm a huge fan of the FF series so as always my expectations were very high for this one. I was slightly disappointed with the first half of the game due to the fact its unbelievably linear and that there are NO cities or towns but it was still enjoyable. Once it got to disc 3 though it is simply an amazing game as you can explore the world of Cocoon which is filled with monsters and missions which can take you away from the main story for a while. The graphics are phenomenal I mean seriously they have set a high benchmark in gaming graphics for consoles. The new battle system is really enjoyable and quick but at the same time difficult as one mistake can mean game over especially with some of the bosses on FFXIII. The storyline is compelling but is at times confusing while the characters are memorable for good and bad reasons. Overall I really enjoyed the game after a slow start but it still needs cities and towns etc.

  2.  Novelty wears off fast


    I used to own a Sega Megadrive and played it quite alot so when this was announced I was excited but that nostalgic feeling wore off pretty quickly. The games are still fun but they get boring very quickly. It's a good collection to have and play now and again but you won't spend hours on it if I'm honest. Really good deal though as you get a ton a games on one disc.

  3.  Not Good


    Not much to say about this game really apart from I would just avoid it. No real story and the gameplay is very boring and plain.

  4.  Hell of a Game


    A very good addition to the hack and slash category as the player must enter hell in order to save her dead wife's soul. Based on the poems you play Dante who manages to kill Death (yeah I know WTF) and then takes his scythe. After that you then enter hell and go through all the levels of hell fighting fiendish enemies as well as awesome bosses until you finally save Beatrice's soul sending her to heaven. The combat is slightly repetitive but there is only so much you can do with a hack and slash game.

  5. GUN


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £9.99

     Wild Wild West Baby


    Loved this game especially to say it was one of the early releases for the Xbox 360. Similar to Red Dead Redemption in that its mission based etc but not as polished as RDR. Very good storyline and good mechanics. Thumbs up.

  6.  Fascinating game


    I will be honest I wasn't too sure about this game at first because of the dark nature but wow I'm glad I gave it another chance. Rapture throws everything at you whether its Big Daddy's, mad splicers, security bots, turrets etc you name it it's there. The story springs a few surprises keeping the game fresh with continuous unlockable weapons, powers and upgrades as well as playing mini games in order the search for cash and other little goodies. There is the comedy feel to bioshock that sets the game a part from the rest making the game really enjoyable throughout. Overall this is a must buy.

  7.  Very good but repetitive


    I really liked the idea of light been your most important weapon as it has never really been done before (this well). I feel that the story really drives this game as it is your traditional 'get your woman back' plotline but with a twist as you are an author who is playing the main character of his un-finished book. Darkness surrounds you throughout the story but there is nothing more satisfying than reaching the lighted area (safe zone). It can get slightly repetitive as you do walk through a lot of forests and it just seems like your doing the same thing sometimes but overall the gameplay is fun and the story is excellent.

  8.  One of the best


    I didn't hesitate giving this game five stars as it is amazing. The characters, setting and interactions all work perfectly with the combat system and play a huge part on how the story unfolds. The storyline captivates the player from the word go as you venture the galaxy playing as Commander Shephard. Play Mass Effect first and then play this as it makes the experience perfect...all I can say is enjoy.

  9.  Fantastic Band


    heard a couple of songs by them and thought they sounded pretty damn good so I decided to buy this album and I wasnt dissapointed. Every song is great and sums up the genre that is power metal. Enjoy cos I certainly did.

  10.  One word, WOW


    i thought that assassins creed was very good but i found it abit repetitive so i thought il try assassins creed 2 and i have simply never looked back since then. Fantastic gameplay, fantastic storyline, fantastic graphics and one fantastic game. So addictive and i simply never got bored. DO NOT HESITATE TO BUY THIS.