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  1.  Cool!


    Well above average quality of tees I've ordered from here. Sizing was OK. I love the record and the shirt! :-)

  2.  Average tee


    Sizing was accurate but tee feels quite loose. Print was distressed as described and clearly visible. Gildan "heavy" cotton has come down to "medium" ;-) Marshall rocks!!!

  3.  Great abstract game!


    Very easy to learn and quick to play. Ladies seem to win every game but that's just me. ;-) Best with 4 players. Check Board Game Geek website for other great abstract games too.

  4.  OK but not KO!


    Good record and a must buy for every fan. Lacks occasionally some punch I've used to hear. Guitarist Josh should've stepped up a little bit. Now he's weaving adorably the harmonical background but more bleeding heart to soloing! I hope this is a transition to the next record Josh bringing himself up real strong. :-)

  5.  Dragon rises again


    Plays pretty much the same than the previous OFP: Dragon Rising. Not the best graphics nor the A.I. but I prefer these "realistic" tactical shooters.

    I bought it to play co-op with my friends and we got campaign's best that way. If you liked Dragon Rising buy this one too.

  6.  Mediocre


    Sizing was OK. Color is blue not turquoise. The contrast of the text is not that great (black on blue). Tee was made of mediocre cotton but the price was low. It will not help you to get chicks but it'll keep you warm. ;-)

  7.  Nice WW2 shooter!


    +good but not great graphics
    +/- what comes to shooting it feels very traditional. Like the old diesel engine... ;-)
    +Veil powers bring a nice twist
    +Good ole "Mein Leben!" death cries
    +updating weapons and powers
    +some imaginative environments and quite accurate navigation system

    -average boss fights, a little bit more depth to boss character design.
    -wish there was more different occult enemies
    -little more depth to problem-solving. Now the problem solving is limited to moving from A to B and wiping every hostile out.
    -more side-missions, please! Quite short SP campaign took 8-12 hrs.

    Metacritic gives you approx. 72/100. I'd say 83/100. Little bit old school but a nice game. Run & Gun, no realism but a "historical" road trip to psyched up WW2 era.

    Next Wolfenstein could include a WW2 nazi-alien conspiracy? Ufo myths and stuff? B.J. could e.g. pilot an alien craft with death ray! He's obviously not done yet... ;-)

  8.  Same old song and dance and... guitar controller! :-(


    +graphics are OK!
    +avatar-rocker is a nice addition
    +multiplayer is easy to join
    +challenges bring more gaming hours
    +few excellent songs: Dire Straits - Sultans, Iron Maiden - 2 minutes, Jeff Beck - Scatterbrain etc., funk songs were a groovy addition.

    -bundle includes GH:WT guitar controller - WE WANT THE NEW RED-WHITE BEAST with better strum bar & digital tap board!
    -some odd song charts
    -challenges could be better
    -overall average track list


    GH: Metallica and GH: World Tour had better track lists.

  9.  Good FPS with lots of freedom


    FC2 is a good shooter with thin story, large map and lots of freedom. The game gets repetitive soon so if you want the best out of this you could stick to the main quest line and some side missions here and there. Nice graphics and adequate weapons. The use of fire and fighting in dense environments is little chaotic and great.

    It's annoying that 99% of people you encounter are mindless brutes - practically you'll have to fight all the way to reach target area if you are not interested in constant sneaking or finding alternate slower routes. I did not miss the Feral stuff from the first FC, this sequel was an improvement. With little more variation and polishing this would have been a classic FPS.

  10. Pure


    Xbox 360

    4 New from  £21.58  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.04

     Nice ATV action!


    I'm not the average racing games fan but I really enjoyed this. Nice balance of racing and doing tricks reminds me a little bit of SSX snowboarding series. If you want to win the events upgrade your ATVs frequently, cutomize them for different event types and learn the best alternative routes. Action is fast and immersive, whhooooooaaa! Definitely a sleeper hit.