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  1.  Good but not as funny as Series 1


    Some really funny scenes in this series however not as consistant reguarding comedy.
    However still worth a purchase.

  2.  UT3


    Single player is abysmul, i mean what were Epic thinking? It just doesn't have a storyline or maybe it does i don't know but its the most pathetic storyline i've come across in gaming. Online however is a different matter, the graphics aren't the best i'll give you that, but the gameplay is smooth and fun. I'll give it a 8.4/10

  3.  Can't complain.


    Fantastic, Small, Light what more do you want for £25. Even the headphones that come with it aren't that bad but, i'll be using them as spares. The sound quality of this mp3 is amazing for its size. Its only flaw in my mind, which is quite annoying (If your a patient unlike me then theres nothing to worry about) you have to select a song manually and when you've got like 2000 songs like i've got on it at the moment it does grate on you when your trying to find a certain song. It does have a Shuffle feature though so if you wanted to use it as a suffle but with 8X's more memory then it'd be perfect.

    I now use it as a back up MP3 player as i bought a Classic.

  4.  Bad Purchase


    Neck is too tight and i ordered in the next size up. Cookie Monster and colour of the shirt has faded after a few washes. I use as a pajama top now as the material is really soft.

    Bad buy overall.

  5.  Beats Fifa


    I've invested in both games this year and i can honestly say PES 2009 beats Fifa in the battle of the football games. Konami made a huge error by releasing the game with massively out of date transfers (Rolando Bianchi was still playing for Manchester City and he left 2 transfer windows ago!!) . Thankfully they've updated that now...

    Lots of people have been complaining about the difficultly of the game? I can't really see this as a problem, previous PES games were too easy, you could just run past defenders with ease. Master League is as good as ever, and the Uefa CL feature is a nice addition to the game.

    If your up for a challenge go for PES, Fifa is too easy...its only downfall falls down to the online experience. I keep getting disconnected but that isn't a huge problem as i have many friends who own this game, i play with them lag free.

    Happy days =)

    Be a legend is pretty poor and you can't change teams in MASTER LEAGUE which is really disapointing as thats the only game mode i play...

  6.  Not worth it.


    For an extra £60 the DSi really isn't worth it. I don't know about you but i think DSlite is the perfect size, making it thinner and lighter in my opinion was a bad decision. This is one of the reasons why i don't like the PSP3000, it feels cheap. The DSi comes with a slow internet browser and childish photo editing software(Which is kinda pointless if you ask me). The camera isn't great either its just like your average mobile phone camera. Nintendo in my honest opinion have been lazy releasing this onto the market.

    One positive to come from the DSi is that the DSlite's should be coming down in price in the future.

  7.  Brilliant - While they last


    Haven't really had an experience of good headphones in the past (bog standard to be honest) but, these headphones are 1000x's better and more comfortable than i've previously had, especially at £12. They literally click into your ear, i've tried shaking my head but they just don't budge. I even took my dog out for a walk (who pulls like a horse i might add) with them in and they still didn't come out. I couldn't of reccomend these headphones any higher,
    until one day they mysteriously stopped working. I looked for any damage on the wires or jack itself but nothing.

    I'm really disapointed with these!!


  8.  Brill Game


    Ok its single player isnt as good and as well thought out as Halo: CE and Halo2 but the multiplayer doesnt fail to disapoint. I don't however think Halo3 offers the best XboxLIVE experience on the 360. Call of Duty 4 does in my opinion. But with Millions of people on online and almost 1000 reviews on here for £15 its gotta be worth a buy.

  9.  Not what i'd expect from Microsoft


    Its comfortable, but it gets really annoying. Randomly turns off and you have to charge it loads.

    Its better than the wired mic i supposed...

  10. Riot


    Paramore - CD

    26 New from  €5.93  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €4.81

     Best Album ever!!


    The first time i listened to this CD only a few tracks stuck out for me but after constantly listening to the Album, at least once a day, i found myself singing along to all the tracks! If i had to pick my favourite track it would have to be 'For a pessamist, i'm pretty optimistic', but like i said you'll fall in love with all the songs. Hayley is, in my opinion is the most talented, amazing female vocalist of today and of a tender age of 20...and i also fancy the pants off her lol.

    In my honest opinion, ''Riot!'' Is the best Album i've ever bought. =)

    Next stop is watching them LIVE, which will be amazing.