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  1.  It does what it's supposed to do.


    Nice design that match the ps3 look.
    Handy with the integrated mousepad.

    No usb recharge.

    Based on my experience with this keyboard for more than a year now I conclude that it's a robust and reliable keyboard that does what it's intended to do. The keyboard with it's low profile keys has a definitive "lap-top feel" to it but it's more than good enough for the rather limited usage on the ps3.
    The only thing missing from giving this keyboard a top score is no recharge option. At this price it should have featured USB recharge like the PS3 controllers.

    "Can I connect it to my PC?" - Yes, if it supports bluetooth. No if it don't.
    "Can I use it to play games "PC-style" on the ps3?" - No, not unless the game supports it. The only PS3-game I know of that currently supports keyboard and mouse is Unreal.

  2.  Excellent coop-game


    - Storyline coop for up to four players
    - A huge amount AND variation of ranged weapons
    - A "good enough" skill system for the RPG fans
    - Action enough for the FPS crowd

    - No character creation or customalization
    - They've done a good job in combining the genres RPG&FPS, but it would be even better if there was a selection of straightforward classes for the FPS focused, and more complex classes for the RPG minded.
    - With such a complex weapon system in place it seems almost weird that there are no weapon customalization options. From a technical point of view it's practically there already - all that's left is the user interface...

    I think this is one of the few games recently that actually lives up to it's hype. They said it'd be a "RPG light" action FPS with a zillion different weapons. And that's exactly what it is, not more, not less. There are levels, you get skillpoints to distribute, the amount of weapons are jawdropping, no less. It's not only the traditional damage/range/reload/accuracy stats that differs and an experienced RPG player will be pleased to know that there are a good selection of s.k. "buffs", everything from dot's (damage over time), additional elemental damage (fire, acid, etc), damage bonus, crit chance bonus, snares, the whole lot, it's there, and it makes finding new weapons a true treasure hunt.

    Regarding the graphics it's definately different, but it's *not* bad. I think it's cool with developers that try something different, it adds so much to the overall "personality" of the game, and that's a good thing in my book.

    But be aware: This is not a pure FPS. This is neither a fully fledged role-playing game. It really is 50/50. As a fan of the RPG genre I miss a few ingredients (like character creation, a more complex storyline and trade skills), and I can only guess that some FPS purists probably will find the skill system and the enormous amount of weapon variations distracting.

    To me the biggest selling point for this game is the coop feature. If coop storyline games are your thing look no further. The coop mode is rock solid and as easy as it can get: Just invite or join your buddy ingame at any time (practically identical to how things work in Saints Row 2, another excellent coop game). Up to four players can share the experience and whatever loot you find or cash you make follows your character regardless of who is hosting.

  3.  Choose the red sandbox!


    + True sandbox game, open ended with full freedom
    + Excellent physics engine
    + Very few scripted events
    + Very high fun factor

    THE BAD:
    - Open-ended sandbox games require a player that are willing and able to figure things out, others may find the game too hard or confusing.
    - Shallow characters and very simple/unengaging storyline.
    - Activities and missions may get repetitive if you just "play to win". Besides destruction there isn't much else to do.
    - I'd like to see an even wider range of weapons and upgrades.
    - No coop-mode.

    * * *

    Many reviewers call this game a "GTA on Mars", but in my opinion that is a label that does not fit.
    The *only* thing Red Faction and GTA have in common is that they are both open-ended sandbox games. From there on, the differences are greater than the similarities.

    The GTA games are far more complex in almost every aspect, with their storylines, mini-games/sidemissions, playground/environment and scripted events.

    Red Faction on the other hand, is a simple, straight forward sandbox action game - and excels at that. It could be called "Mercenaries 2 on Mars", except that its much, much better than Merc2.

    This is the most complete "sandbox" experience I've had. The gameplay is completely without artificial/scripted limitations. The storyline and missions form the basic framework to play within, the weaponry being your tools. From there on you are free to play the way you want to.

    The main story takes you through all the areas of the map but there are no "locked zones". However the resistance is tougher the further you go, so following the storyline (and upgrading your skills and equipment along the way) as you explore the land becomes the natural thing to do.

    It's the same kind of "natural flow" to the way you solve the missions. If you want to be a lone wolf and brute force through an enemy base, you are free to do so - it's doable but it's tough, as it should be. Or you may want to be more of a teamplayer and inspire the local population. The higher the fighting spirit is amongst the civilians in the area, the more people join and support you when you fight the enemy.

    And this is one of this game strongest feature: The freedom of choosing your play style. There's no "one way" to solve the missions, no way you are "supposed" to do it, no scripted outcome. If your idea makes sense with your given tools it's probably a plausible solution.

    The AI is pretty good with enemies seeking cover, trying different routes and generally is doing a fair job in giving you a hard time. No God-like abilities like seeing through walls and knowing where you are or see into the future and (scripted) have an army waiting at the very place you run for cover - no matter where you run.

    The physics engine in itself is worth buying the game. Destruction has never felt so real, so logical and so FUN. And the larger the constructions, the more impressive the engine. To see a large building slowly start to crumble under its own weight never gets old. Especially if you were able to time the collapse and direction so that passing enemy units get crushed underneath.

    If only this game had a coop feature. This game would be *perfect* for a storyline two-player coop...

  4.  Excellent holiday companion!


    Are you new to science fiction, or just curious about the genre? If so, this is the perfect place to start.

    Ever since vol1 the Solaris books of New Sci-fi has been an excellent collection of short stories within the sci-fi genre. Not only the quality of the single stories themselves is top notch, but the order they are sorted in this book is also done with outmost care for detail, and ensures a totally different and exciting new story every time you finish the former.

    These books are NOT only to diehard sci-fi fans (as some novels in this genre), instead you are served with a wide variety of short, fun, strange, creative and wonderful small gems of stories created by the very finest sf-writers of today.

    Quality releases like these deserve to be distributed to a wide audience!

  5.  Truly a A Museum-in-a-book!


    The "museum-in-a-book" part of the title really is spot on. To simply call this a "book" is not doing this wonderful creation justice. This is so much more than just a book covering the story of Marvel Comics, it's more like a guided tour, with two guides (the authors) that in addition to really love and know the subject also have a wonderful sense of humor and while being accurate and detailed they are not taking the subject too dead serious. You got quite a few good laughs waiting for you between these covers!

    You'll explore postcards, sketches, notes, covers, advertisements and all sorts of tidbits and gems neatly stored in plastic pockets (yes - not just copied onto regular pages of a book. This IS a museum!) and knitted into this historic travel through time.

    So, if you too are a Marvel fan, do yourself a favor and get this ticket to an entertaining exploration. You will revisit this museum over and over again!

  6.  We all need some darkness in our lives


    An excellent story that is well delivered.
    Very atmospheric playfields.

    The graphics could have been better.
    Very powerful dark abilities makes the problem solving a bit repetitive.

    Tempted by the ultra-low price here at Play.com I received this game only a few weeks ago, and it took me completely by surprise just how good this game really is.

    The atmosphere in this game is no less than excellent, and while I have not (yet) read the cartoon this game is based on I can only assume that it closely follows the style it is drawn. The storyline is ultra-twisted, psychidelic, and above all: Dark, darker, darkest. Darkness everywhere.

    This is one of those games where the story is the main attraction. Not the graphics, not the gameplay or your button pressing skills. The game itself is fairly easy but don't let that put you down: You do not want any obstacles to halt the progression of the story.

    In short: Get this game, sit back and enjoy storytelling at it's finest. At this price it's a MUST BUY.

  7.  Much better grip - just add glue!


    To cut to the cheese: These caps are well worth the price. They immediately made me a better gamer with more precise control of the analogue sticks.

    Prior to the PS3 I used to be a PC gamer, and as such I was used to very different gamepads/controls than the Playstation controller. The Sony controller, in my opinion, is a tad too small and slippery compared to what I am used to.

    Here we got two sets of caps: One with rubber dots on, the other concave (or is that convex? I never remember) shaped. While I never found the latter useful on either stick, the other pair on both sticks adds a lot of much wanted grip.

    I see other reviews mention that they can "pop off" during play, and indeed they can. Especially if you get moist between these caps and the controller they may come off fast.
    But if you like these as much as I do, you'll glue them to the controller. Voila, problem solved.

    - The "dotted" cap gives a *much* better grip, especially in big hands.

    - You probably need to glue them to the sticks.
    - The concave caps will probably be as useless to you as they are to me.

  8.  Comfortably thumb


    Is this a real necessity? Not at all. However, if you got the dough to spare, they are a comfortable addition.

    They fit really well and stays on the L2/R2 during "normal" use. After using them for a few weeks I playing without them, and then I realized just how nice they really are. So nice, that I decided to glue them on - a good tip if you like'em as much as I have ended up doing.

  9.  Good game - AWFUL coop!


    The game itself is plain and straightforward. Lot's of simple fun to be had. Awesome explosions, a fun play field to explore.
    Regarding the storyline, if you thought Saints Row 2 were a bit too simple/"single minded" with its enemies and storyline? Oh well, SR2 is Macbeth compared to this. Merc2 is stupid fun. But that can be fun too!

    BUT! A huuuuuge warning to those of you who plan on playing this one in coop only (as I did): There are some *major* bugs in the networking part of this game. To get connected to your buddy and start having fun is simply a matter of pure luck, with the odds against you. We were not able to find any kind of pattern to this problem, it was, as it turned out, simply a question of luck VS no luck.
    So, if you plan on playing this coop with a buddy I'm sorry to say that you should probably NOT buy this game. Not cause it's not fun, but because of the connection problems. It it beyond my comprehension that they now, several months after its release, STILL haven't released a patch to fix it. That means they'll probably NEVER fix it.

    With the coop working I'd give this a 4 star. Considering what it is today, a partially BROKEN game, it deserves no more than two stars, based on the idea that no game should be released until every part of it works.

  10.  Crazy oddball fun!


    I have heard of people that do not like this game - but i've not met one yet. I assume this is one of those games that you either love or hate. As for me, i *love* it: The crazy soundtracks, the totally psyched out characters, the stupid storyline, and the king who is so full of himself and the rest of the world that he's simply adorable.
    The game is all that: Crazy, psyched out, stupid, full of itself and the rest of the world, and adorable. And i love every little bit of it.

    Roll a ball to pick up stuff to make the ball as big as possible. That's the core of what the game is about. If you think this sounds even remotely fun, buy this one. If you think this sounds just stupid and prefer realistic games, let it be.