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  1.  Breaking the trend with a 3 star rating.


    I write this knowing that this view wont be well received but cant help feel disappointed with this film.
    Heres the reason. I was expecting a film in the league of Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz, seeing as the connection and judging by all the good reviews, but half way through the film, I was loosing interest.
    The film is quirky, nostalgic and different , but its also a bit to silly rather than funny and maybe thats why it didn't appeal to me.Different yes but don't confuse different with brilliant

  2.  Worth a watch


    This isn't a bad film at all.
    The story is good and well paced.
    The is a reasonable amount of action which at times can be violently strong.
    As for Mel, a good performance, although I was expecting a character similar to that he played in Payback, this he's different again.
    Can echo other reviews as the sound does go out of sync in the part of the movie where Craven talks to his daughters lawyer. I felt this was a bit poor given that watching Blu Ray is supposed to be about watching the best quality picture and sound.
    Other than that though enjoyable enough, but not the sort of film I'd watch a 2nd time.

  3.  Love this film


    This doesn't have the greatest story and won't win any acting awards, but what it does has is heart and loads of it.
    Brian Denehey and Cuba Gooding Junior are both excellent .
    Also I love the raw urban poverty look.
    I agree wi the other review as this is a film you can watch over and over again. Surprisingly good film

  4.  Watching made me suicidal


    Awful film full of misery and depression.
    Cheaply made and just not what I call entertainment in anyway.
    Seems like this film is trying to win fans through its emotion and heart but to be honest and with hind site, I wish ole Vigo somethingson had just died in the first 5 minutes.
    I could have used the rest of that time to watch something far less depressing , like EastEnders or a afternoon Channel 5 movie where some mum dies leaving sick children homeless blah blah blah.
    Movies are made to Entertain!!!!!

  5.  An improvement on season 7


    Im a massive scrubs fan and had watched every episode back to back in anticipation of season 8 on DVD.
    I still dont get peoples reviews when they state this is the best season ever and wonder if promoters on ABC are here to boost sales.
    This isn't the best season in my opinion. I think that peaked in season 6 but its a WHOLE lot better than 7 which was , to be frank , shocking.
    The problem is with this season 8 is , they ran out of ideas rehashed jokes that they've used before.
    I liked it but judging by the dip in quality , i'm glad they stopped as I'd rather remember Scrubs for the brilliant comedy that it was rather than flogging a dead horse.

  6.  Style over substance


    Disappointing film that shows that having Johnny Depp in your movie does not guarantee a great film.
    Hints of Avatar in the scenery and Narnia in the story but the film is no way near as good as either of them.
    This is another example of Tim Burton doing a bad job of remakes just like he did with Planet of the apes

  7.  A Martial Arts Must


    Firstly , lets point something out. No-body watches a Martial Arts movie for the story. If there's a story its a bonus.
    What this film is, is a work of art.
    Tony Jaa as a martial artist is phenomenal to watch, and in this film he uses other styles such as Kung Fu which is a change from the usual fight style we've come to expect.
    The fight scenes are jaw droppingly good but what you also get with this movie is a little culture as well, which in Blu-Ray looks stunning.
    A martial arts must

  8.  Gobsmacked


    This has to be the best movie since the Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    The detail in this movie is immense and coupled together with Blu-Ray, its a no brainer. This is a MUST own movie
    I could not fault this movie in anyway if you look at my other reviews, you'll see that I'm not easily pleased.
    Bloody brilliant!!!!!

  9.  Stunning Pic quality


    Have to disagree with the last reviewer as I found the pic quality stunning . A lot of people tend to miss the point of the gritty/ grainy way in which the picture was filmed, as like films such as Black Hawk Down, Jarheads and Three Kings, this film is done in a similar way which adds to the intensity. When the first bomb goes off, look at the detail in the rusty old car and the particles of dirt and soil that you see!!! The picture quality is top notch.
    However, I wouldn't agree with review that say the film was stunning , or the best war film ever because it simply isn't and to be honest does trail off a little in the middle of the movie, but its still an intense movie a well worth watching

  10.  Made me laugh


    Im no Star Wars fan and I've never watched an episode of Family Guy, so I was surprised by this as It was a really amusing 45 minutes.
    And theres my only criticism , I only paid 6 quid but if i'd paid full wack for a 45 min DVD, i'd have felt a little ripped off