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  1.  Nails 1976


    This is very good game with some good game play and great graphics, i am only giving it 4 stars due to the lack of gore. The COD designers need to realise this an 18 game yet the kills are tame, so far the only cod with proper effects of war is World at War. I would recommend to get as this is a big step up from Ghosts, good effort.

  2.  Nails 1976


    This is a really good game outstanding graphics, although the fighting is tricky at first this gets easier the more you play. Its good to see a game at last that lives upto what the XBOX ONE can deliver 10/10 give it ago.

  3.  Nails 1976


    This game is amazing good graphics and great story, also there is a good variety of weapons. The only floor it dont matter how many zombies you kill there are thousands more just round the corner, apart from that its the best dead rising yet. 10/10

  4.  Nails 1976


    This is the best COD game ever superb graphics and most realistic to date. I think the more upto date COD games need to alook at this master piece and note when someone gets blown up there limbs need to come off and show the gore, and this is done perfectly on this game. 10/10 love it and still playing to this date.

  5. FIFA 14

    FIFA 14

    Xbox 360

    8 New from  £18.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.94

     Nails 1976


    EA Sports what have you done this is the worst FIFA for along time, theres no improvement on the graphics. The game play is shocking the view also really bad with no option to have it large, this is pants. The only plus for me is you dont need a silly code to play online thats it, EA Sports shame on you, its not worth 40 pound of anyones money. Oh well back to COD Zombie games till next September now.

  6.  Nails1976


    This is the best game ever on xbox the story is very good easy controls, graphics are amazing still better than some games today. I had this as my first every xbox360 and there is not alot that come near this, even the following 3 gears dont match this master piece.

  7.  Nails1976


    This is the worst Zombie game ever avoid at all cost, after watching the superb Tv series i expected better. The graphics are basic and bland, not worth 40 quid at all. If you want a good Zombie game stick to Left 4 Dead 1 2 and Dead Island -Dead Rising, this has let the Tv series down big time. It had the makings of a good game but failed terribly, shame on you Activision.

  8.  Nails1976


    Tomb Raider what can i say stunning graphics good story, Tomb Raider is back 10/10. I recommend this game well worth 29 quid buy it now.

  9.  Nails 1976


    This is a superb game great graphics good story i recommend giving a try 10/10. I am not much of a fantasy adventure gammer but this has sucked me in and this is great well worth the money, 5 hours in and loving it give it a go.

  10.  NAILS 1976


    Very good game great maps on multiplayer, a big step in the right direction. I still dont understand why the gore is so tame, its meant to be a 18. Apart from that very good.