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  1.  Incredible value!!


    If you've ever played an MGS before you'll know what to expect. If not MGS is one of the finest stealth/action series of all time and has some of the greatest boss fights of all time - and some of the longest cutscenes too!.

    MGS2 being the oldest of the 2 is a bit old but still a classic and still looks good upgraded to HD. After all these years I forgot how long the cutscenes are but the game tells the great story brilliantly!.

    MGS3 is even better. Even by today's standards it looks good! Especially here in its HD glory. It has more bare able cutscenes but also some of my fondest boss battles of all time.
    It is also a long game. In fact considering you're paying under 20 GBP you're getting great value as there is easily 30 hours of play time here in the main story lines alone. Outside of the main game both games include a wealth of content. Likely to keep you going for months.

    If I was to complain about one thing - other than the annoying exclusion of Peace Walker from the console copy - its that it's not the most portable friendly game and I often find myself having to pause on cutscenes (or I'd miss my stop!!).
    But that's a small complaint for 2 fantastic games!!!.

  2.  I enjoyed it


    This isn't a full review of Resistance Burning Skies as I haven't finished the campaign or tried the online yet. But I am a few levels into the single player now and feel its enough for a good review.

    Anyway let me start by saying I am a big PS3 Resistance fan so I may be a bit biased but honestly I actually really enjoyed Resistance BS! - and do not understand the hate.

    For starters I see a lot of reviews complaining particularly about the touch screen controls. But they don't bother me as I have seen much worse on iPad! (yet those iPad games somehow manage to get glowing reviews?!) yes dragging and dropping your grenades is annoying but you don't need to go through all that you just need to aim above your enemy and tap the grenade icon once to throw a grenade accurately at your target! Other than that I've only so far seen the touch screen involved with using your weapons secondary fire which is occasionally frustrating in the heat of battle (when spreading 2 fingers out to throw out a shield yes that does slow down the action a bit) but its a one time thing. Personally I found doing the puzzles in Uncharted with touch screen more irritating!.

    Moving onto the second big complaint: the graphics. I don't know what game the critics have been playing but I have yet to see my vita struggle in the heat of battle. Yes the environments are not as pretty as Uncharted (it's altogether a bit too grey I reckon) but the explosions and fire fights hold up really well!.

    Although I haven't yet played the online side of the game I am looking forward to giving its weapons as good go as I've been really impressed with them in the SP Campaign! There's a wonderful variation And you always seem to be unlocking more! And when you get a new weapon you'll be desperate to see what new secondary fire the weapon holds! From crossbows napalm to the auger and it's shield deployment every weapon holds and exciting new secondary fire mode!

    One of the other main aspects of the Resistance series has always been the boss battles and Burning Skies is no different! Don't worry I won't spoil anything for you but you can be sure there's some big battles to look forward to!

    Finally in terms of length I'd guess Burning Skies has a good sized campaign! Longer than you're average shooter anyway ;) I suppose the lack of Uncharted-like collectables hunting means the single player has little replay value but then you've always got the online and it's unlock system (I keep hearing so much about!).

    To sum up my review: Resistance Burning Skies isn't going to set the shooter genre alight but it is a revelation for handheld gaming and shows good signs for things to come!
    Resistance BS = 8.5 / 10

  3.  Wipeout is awesome!!


    If you haven't played Wipeout before then where have you been? Wipeout is a futuristic racer where you race ships at unbelievable speeds (it increases as you progress through the game) round courses. There is a good variety of races, with Zone being one that starts slow but speeds up, time trial and a one lap time trial where you aim for the best time on a single lap. There is also your typical race - with weapons - and elimination - also with weapons - which has you taking out as many ships in a certain time!.

    Despite moving at amazing speeds Wipeout is the best looking Vita game so far! (or debatably second to U:GA!) and even at the most intense speed the vita never shows any sign of struggle to run the game! Which is amazing!

    If you are a Vita owner (and a fan of or at least don't mind racing games) I would have no problem recommending this game to you! In fact I would be wondering why you don't have it already!.

  4.  Weak


    When reading previews of this NFS before release I was hyped by the developers hyping it as "the biggest NFS Ever". But it is nowhere near that description!.
    The actual "The Run" single-player "career" accross America is less than 3 hours long. That is ridiculous!! The races aren't actually all that great either, it's either passing cars before the goal, head to head or checkpoint races!!!. And the "on foot" sections are the games weakest part. It's basically a test of how fast you can mash the button.
    After Hot Pursuit I am really not impressed with this one!.

  5.  Awesome!


    This is their best so far and one of the best albums this year! I do find it strange that Mountains is on here though. I've heard it enough already. But it's still a brilliants song!

  6.  Great game!


    I've been looking forward to Dirt 2 for a while now because it's been so long since there was a good rally game and if your looking for a good rally game this doesn't disappoint. However if your looking for a realistic rally game you better keep on looking.

    Dirt 2 certainly looks good, all the tracks and cars look awesome. It also has some pretty good damage and it wont take you many crashes to wreck your car.

    There is a good selection of tracks from around the world. From China and Utah (America) to the big cities London, Tokyo and LA. The game has a good selection of cars too with all the rally cars you'd expect (no monster trucks though!).

    It also has pretty a pretty good music. BUT you''ll hardly notice it because you can only hear music when your in the menus. Yes really, a racing game with no music in the races, meaning that the races feel pretty boring.

    The other problem with the game is the terrible car controls and physics. Dirt 2 is very arcadey, meaning that it has some pretty awesome drifts, that's if your car doesn't go flying off the track and into a tree.

    The last problem with the game is how short it is, you can complete 25% in one night and the trophies are far too easy.

    Lastly the online so far has been alright. It's good when it's a trailblazer race and there's nobody to bump into you. But the actual races are frustrating, everyone just rams you most of the time.

    Overall I really enjoyed the game, I was frustrated sometimes but that didn't ruin the game for me.

  7.  Batman AA is awesome!


    I have no doubt that this game will sell well thanks to the hype. It's been so insanely popular this year which is something I never expected as the last Batman games (and movies games) have been awful.

    Thankfully this one isn't. I think the first thing you'll notice is the graphics which are incredible. It looks as good (maybe better) as Killzone 2.

    But graphics aren't everything and I have to say that overall the game is excellent. The voice acting is awesome and the story is pretty good. The size of the map is good, the puzzles are good.

    So yeah it's all good. Except the thugs who all look the same which makes fighting them very boring after a while and the only other opponent besides the bosses is bigger thugs which are difficult to beat (Especially the last time you fight them. I'd never have thought the last battle would be so frustrating) even though the game is too easy on hard.
    And lastly there's the glitched collectibles I'm 3 away from 100% and I can't find them (neither can my friend).

    Batman AA is definetly worth buying and might be one of my top 10 of the year!.

  8.  Worth it if you never played Butcher Bay


    I loved Butcher Bay on the xbox but never got to finish it because the disk broke so I was glad to be able to play and finish it this time.
    It's well worth buying if you've never played it before but if you had it on xbox then I don't think I could reccomend it.

    It is a great game with a pretty good story and the AI isn't bad. I also enjoy using stealth in an FPS for a change.
    But the graphics aren't very good and some of the faces people pull are pretty strange. The game is almost the exact same so if you've played it before your not missing much.

    The second game does still have not-too-good graphics and the same average AI.
    But it's not as short as you'd think and the weapons you can use are pretty nice.

    Lastly this game is about as worth buying for the online as Unreal Tournament 3. They are both pretty good online but I think only 15 people at most play it online.

    So I'd say if you've owned it before it's best to buy it cheap for the second game. But if you've never played Riddic it's well worth buying.

  9.  Yet another good game from Rockstar!. Bit buggy though...


    Now this is a game I've been looking forward too. Ever since Midnight Club 3 Dub Remix it's been on my most wanted list. I'm a big fan of the MC games I've owned them all and prefer MC to Need For Speed. So I had some very high expectations and they were met but only just.

    As you may have guessed by the name MC:LA is of course set in Los Angeles and as per usual for a street racing game MC:LA is an open world racer. The map is quiute large it's around the same size as Burnout Paradise and it's very alike it. It has 4 sections or 5 if you get the DLC.

    The AI in MC is pretty good as it doesn't rubberband you (such as unlimited boost - there's none of that) and it doesn't try too hard to drive you off the road. It's not too much of a challenge which could be a downside if you like your games tough but at least it means the game is fun and not frustrating.
    The police AI is quite good too. There not too tough and you can loose them easily meaning they wont frustrate you either (so it's good if your not a "hardcore" fan of racers).

    There is a good selection of cars in the game too as there's over 60 altogether. There's everything from Mercades and Aston Martin to the very fast Sallen S7 and Ford GT. As per usual with racing games MC:LA has bikes and what fun they are! they are faster and more fun to drive than the cars. Particularly the ninja which shows you how good a sence of speed the game has. When I first reached the A Class cars I tried the ninja and couldn't handle it as it's so fast but eventually I got pretty good with it and the races feel easier with it now.

    There's really nothing wrong with the cars in the game. They all look fantastic and handle differently. The controls in MC:LA are very arcadey as usual meaning big drifts and they are easy to learn.

    There's a good selection of races and there's a day-to-night cycle which is great as it makes the city feel more realistic and the weather effects which look good but there's no snow which is something I'd like to see in more racing games.

    Only problems with MC:LA that I have noticed is that it's got a few bad glitches. Sometimes the game crashes and I couldn't dothe pinkslips as my game would always crash there. After looking around the internet it seems I am not the only person to have been effected by this. The crashes don't ruin the game too much though asit only happes about every 4 hours otherwise.
    Another thing I should warn you about is how many times you'll do the same races, it's incredible!. I think you do each races at least 6 times or more. For a game so big it has very few races and the races do get immensely boring when you get about halfway in.

    One last thing I should mention is the DLC called South Central. It's only about £8 and it comes with about 20 more cars and adds a new section ontothe game called "South Central" which adds another 5 hours onto the game time and I thought it was pretty good value for money.

    So I would certainly recommend MC:LA to anybody as it's a very enjoyable racing game.

  10.  For Ghostbusters fans only


    This isn't a game I can say I was looking forward to. I just decided to buy it one day as the game I was waiting for hadn't been released and after a week I traded it in for that game.
    See I've never been a big Ghostbusters fan. I'm too young to have been around when it was at it's most popular so I only really bought it asI wanted something different to shoooting games all the time.
    I agree with the below reviewer that it's not worth the price. It's very linear as your folling a very obvious path - I know most games are like that but at least they try to mix it up with different endings and such - and it's terribley repetitive which make it immensely boring at times. Another issue is the framerate drops which need to be fixed (I think they might have been).
    Only things I can say I liked is the slightly funny jokes and quite good set pieces.

    Really this is a game for a Ghostbusters fan.