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  1.  A very honest arnie


    A very good read. a must for arnie fans, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. give it a go, its worth your time, and your money.

  2.  This is perfect ghost rider!!


    Get real haters, this is ghost rider as it should be done. Nevaldine/taylor do a perfect job with a meagre budget!! And cage is how cage should of been in the first appallingly bad ghost rider film. And the affects are supposed to be dark and grimy in this unlike the colourful over the top candy Disney cgi like the first. I mean come on cage's hair was a character of its own in the first film. I suggest people stop listening to watered down critics! This is how a dark comic character should be done. Like the first two blade movies, this is perfect comic book to screen carnage......

  3.  5 stars why?


    This is just a cheap paranormal activity rip off! It's boring nothing happens until the last 20 mins and when it does it's to little to late. Not to mention its nothing that hasent been seen or done before. and when it has it's been excuted far better. Good for a unintentional laugh as the acting is a joke! But other than that stick with the movies this try's so hard to be paranormal activity....

  4.  jog on down to your local bookshop and purchase!!!!


    Great read, if your a dyer fan, nuff said really!!!!

  5.  This mexi-can!


    Loved this game! Was great fun to play, and it doesent take itself to seriously like some games of this ilk do. It can be annoying in places like survival horror games can be! But don't let that put you off. It also has great humour also lacking in some of these games! Which adds to the charm. All in all if your after a survival horror with lots of blood guts swearing and bags of humour! You can't go wrong with this game. If your still not convinced? Rent it you will not be disappointed.

  6.  Seriously?


    Seriously this film really isn't that bad. If you can think whatever to a couple of scenes? It's nothing that hasn't been
    Put out there before. In terms of shock? You will be if you've been kept in a sellar all your life! Lol if not? Lol then give it a go? It really is quite a intelligent film if you see past the shocks? And hooplah.

  7.  A blast from the past!!!!.


    This film is awesome!. Great action ensemble by the man himself, Stallone!. Good action set pieces, and great cast!. What more could you ask from a film like this? Although judging by some reviews on here, some expected Stallone statham and co to resite Shakespeare or something!!!!. This is what it is, an all out action film. The only minor thing I would say, is it would of been great! to get a tad more backstory from the other characters!. But other than that cool film, and the blu-ray package is spot on, the packaging is great, and the film looks nice!. Bring on the expendables sequel! And maybe even seagal and van damme? But for all you action junkies out there, don't listen to the negatives about this film!. It's everything and more!!!!.

  8.  Diary of a madman


    Awesome film, the mans a Aussie legend!!!. And as much as I loved the film version with eric bana as chopper, I loved hearing the stories from the horses mouth. Go rent or buy, you won't be dissapointed if you like this sort of subject matter!!!.

  9.  eminem is back, and better than ever!!!.


    ive heard a few tracks off the new album, and all i can say is wow!!!. those that thought relapse was a return to form? or even a dissapointment? havent heard nothing yet!!!. this from what ive heard is going to eclipse what hes ever done before, and im not just saying that!!!. as soon as this is released go and purchase a copy, to see what im talking about. you wont be let down, fact!!!. the man has come full circle and then some, cant wait to hear the finished article!!!. the genius is back, now all we need is that new dre album to put the iceing on the cake!!!.

  10.  outstanding!!!.


    brilliant blu-ray package, you get two more docs than the dvd, about joe pilato who plays rhodes, you get an awesome comic, which is a prequel to the film about the zombie bub, a retro poster of the film, a nice little booklet talking in depth about the film, and to top it off the blu- ray transfer is mouth wateringly fantastic!!!. a must own and worth every penny!!!.