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  1.  coynieuk


    this is a very good movie a well thought out and produced film that is a perfict end to this trio.

    Looks great and runs a path that focuses you one the one thing that makes a good batman movie The Baddy, in Bain we have a true Classic a peace of work in dead.

    Around this charecter we have all the faces from past movies, so plots and are tied off. We do have a week link now I like Anne Hathaway shes an OK actress and she dose well in this film but shes a very late addition and the Back story is missing the relationship is hung on Batman lore not Screen or charecter chemistry, they dont pull it off but it dosent spoil the movie. Anne Hathaway is not a phisical presince even in key plot scenes you could hve used any one and it effects the smoth running.
    contrast this with Marion Cotillard whos charecter is vital and comes from no ware but she is a good on screan mach and the phisical presence she brings places her key scenes in the mind to drive the movie along smoth and quick.

    But this is a little bit of not inportant same as casting Mrs Cruise last time the Movie survives it and runs smothly and cleanly becase of the Exselent Bad Guy

  2.  coynieuk


    This is back to the first series of good

    This sees a hole new show emerge same Idea Asbo Heros, very similer sort of charecter types but we see enugh suttle changes to real you all the way back in.

    The writers had some work to do and they pulled it off this lot have big futures as you will see its quick its funny its freeky its geeky and its cool.
    If sheldon watched this nightmares would ensure its sort of the Morlocks with sweet looks

    this is a sure bet for a new series and one for those who enjoy Si-Fi Fantisy

  3.  coynieuk


    Wonderful show I am a very big fan

    But should you get this Honestly yes its in the same original mould as My Name is Earl and Reaper so it is not for every one and like these and most really good things its not perfect The casting is spot one the writing goes up and down but the performances as always fantastic

    Like I said its not perfect Chuck is a winger the sister is annoying The writers do not know how to use all there characters think early days of Star Trek Next Gen so we do not see characters literally for weeks on end

    The support cast as with all these sit Comedy types are were the genies lies and we have a massive amount here the best friend and the angry NSA agent are wonderful the freaks and geeks at buy more are Roald Dahlesk

    The stars are top notch and in particular the female lead she is a trooper putting up with some dodgy lingerie swimsuit shots and I have to say a lot of fight scenes more than Buffy

    So I would say if you like things like Reaper Earl Buff Angel then yes Look this one up but remember there are flaws Also the Female leads athletic figure is gradually replaced by a skinny Model one so be warned you may be a bit annoyed as to why a super spy would be super skinny

  4.  coynieuk


    Good Try but only OK

    Some great Ideas and charecters and possible future stories.

    But the Cheep look and lossing so many of the better charecters leves the movie flatish

    this is OK

  5.  coyniuk


    Bad, terrible, awfully, stinks.

    There is no good point in this movie

    Do not bye this movie

  6.  coynieuk


    This movie gets lost.

    I lke the Heros they are good charecters with potential.

    The villans they are OK , nothing wriong there

    It falls down with the Plot it dosent work I dont know why but it dosent work. Sort of like Spiderman III.

    It is ok not bad.

  7.  coynieuk


    This is a good movie and a good disc

    Dont bye this if you lke fast movies like the Matrix.

    If you liked the original you will love the new one.

    Nice way to end it and set up for future

  8.  coynie


    This is a quirky silly little movie a personal fav.
    It is fun fast and funny, give it a look

  9.  Coynieuk


    Is this top notch
    Is it great and worth whatching
    The thing with this season of Docter who as with all of them is some epesodes ar wonderfull others are not.
    In addition you have great charecters and fantastic Ideas but then there are affull ones.
    The weeknes here is the female companion Amy shes a bit dim and slow think Rose early on.

  10.  coynieuk


    Great cast great plot and writing.
    I think Watson with out the Docter was a miss, he they need grounding.
    This one is a true classic a must see.