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  1.  A modern classic


    I never thought i would find myslef reading these books but after several friends recomended them i thought i would give the first one a try. As a guy I had expected that it would be like too girly for my liking or too romantic to be honest there are very few points where i found this to be true.
    I read this within 12 hrs of getting it and have re read it many times since, i bought the rest of the series days after and read them all within a week i couldn't put them down.
    This is one of the better books of the series and a great introduction into the series making you want to read on and buy the next books.

  2.  Street fighter 4


    This happens to be my first street fighter game, and i can happily say it was a great purchase. I had never experinenced street fighter before and now street fighter is my favourite fightign game.

    The easy to use controls anybody can play, the battles against friends has meant many long nights. The graphics at first look at bit rubbish like they're not real enough but now they look even better.

    The gameplay is brilliant anyoen can pick up a controller and play, the only thing i have to say is that arcade mode seems very hard for teh difficulties its meant to be, and takes serveral attempts to defeat certain characters adn who calls the main boss seth.

    Otherwise street fighter 4 is a brillant game welcoming back those familiar with teh series adn newcomers. A refreshign experince that i enjoy playing, a game that was needed in my collection. I am enjoyign this more then killzone 2 adn that i didn't expect.

  3.  Where to begin


    Killzone two the most anticapted game for ps3 since the playstation 3 release. Is it really worth all the hype to be honest it is and its not, the graphics are simply amazing it is the best looking game availble on todays markets. The ai is soem of the best i have seen in all my years of gaming. The gameplay it's self is very good but the controls are annoying and take time to get used to.

    For a game thats been 5 years in the making the story could of been alot better, there's no emotional attachment to the characters at all. The story seems a little vague in places. Your left wondering what am i meant to do next or why am i doing this. The basic plot is basically go kill helghan don't ask questions. You'll soon be raking in the kills feeling none the slightest for why your killing hundreds of helghans apart from pure hatred. There no questions of morality hanging over the player justoh i killied some more.

    The helghan are portrayed as a future nazi race almost the game tries to make hate them so that it justifies all the killing. Their leader could even been seen as a future hitler or stalin dictator. The game story needs alot of work and could of been alot better if the developers put tiem into it, alot more choice makign options, morality questioning moments and alot more standout moments which killzone lacks there are few but not enough.

    The story isn't bad it just could of been alot better then it is, considering the game has been in making for 5 years. The online i have not played yet but is meant to be on par with cod4 and the annoyign cover system is taken out for this.

    Overall killzone 2 is a game that deserves praise, for the elements of gameplay and graphics but not for the single player campign there is little encourage meant to play through more then twice. Why co-op hasn't been included is a big mystery as surely this woudl add another level to the game and surely make it a 100% game otherswise it remains at 90%.

  4.  What can i say


    I have listened to many of U2 old albums and been brought up on listening to U2, so nearly everyone even the rolling stones said it is their best ablum yet. I myself personaly agree it is one of they're best possibly the best, seen as i can listen to it all day without a worry of hearing a track i dislike.
    Then there's my dads view he followed them since day one says it isn't there best he doesn't like everytrack some of it is too fresh and new for him to like. So is it an album to appeal to a new market, while trying to win over the old possibly. This seems like the whole idea of the album my dad's now got me going doesn't that sound like another song. But i still think its one of their best yet so 5 stars.

  5.  immense


    I never really liked their first album just a few songs, i bought this as a friend said it was so much better then the first and i'd have to agree, all songs are very good but the standouts are where the story ends, you found me , syndicate, the other songs aren't as good in my opinion but still are good tracks, i have been listenign none stop to this since release and ahven't got bored of it yet shows they're quality.