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  1.  very good


    I have always liked kawashima's games on DS and think that theyve incorperated the kinect very well.

    it is alot more challenging having to think then move your body to the corect answer because the speed you answer is incorperated into your score, some of the games (like maths for me) can be quite challenging and theres 3 difficulty levels to unlock, i deffinatly reccomend it for anyone who likes kawashima's previous work :)

  2.  Huge Letdown


    Let me begin by saying i was a huge fan of the first H.A.W.X game, and was extremely excited about a second but it has been a complete letdown.

    The story missions dont grip you or excite you to make you want to keep playing. the story line seems dull and boring. I completed the story missions in a day of playing, which is quickly for a game these days anyway.

    The landing and take off is a nice new feature and does add to the game but its a shame the rest of the game is alot worse than the first.

    The 'Arcade' mode which says takes some of the realism out to make the game more fun is riddiculous, i played one mission on arcade and was dissapointed, to make it 'more fun' they made it so you only have self guided rockets (impossible to hit a fighter plane with) and a cannon, you may aswell just have the cannon, and you could play the story version and just use your cannon if you wanted to do that.

    Survival mode is very tedious just dog fighting constantly no added objectives to try to make it more fun just more and more planes which after 21 minutes and being on wave 7 gets boring.

    I played this for one day and wouldnt bother again.

  3.  Brilliant!


    Right, this is huge im 6ft 2" and it hangs about an inch n half from the floor and the sleeves are just past my wrists which i was impressed with.

    The stitching on the jedi embelum is high quality the stitching on the restvof the robe is good quality on mine and no problems.

    End of the day its a huge high quality robe which will deffinatly keep you warm in the winter especially with the massive hood to keep your ears warm a must buy :)

  4.  Flawless little device


    The sound quality you get from this is flawless, in my opinion better than some wired sets as they seem to wear down after a while.

    Good that its also a normal earphone jack aswell so if youve treated yourself to some nice earphones recently it wont be a waste as you can plug them in anyway!

  5.  Brilliant


    I got this with my sony phone and im glad i did, great sound quality and holds your phone up for watching clips no problem. The adapter is on a slide so whatever phone you have it adjusts so it is in the middle of the speaker and not hanging over one side which is also a nice touch.

  6.  fantastic little heli!


    i brought one of these a long time ago...loved it...got bored and didnt use it again till recently, and im glad i did start using it again.

    This helicopter is so well made, after adjusting the trim settings so you can hover it steadily you can fly it around without crashing (i was quite impressed when i managed to reverse this little heli without it spinning out and crashing but it was abit of luck i think)

    crash this thing as much as you like and it just gets back up for 15 quid a bargin :)

  7.  Brilliant Phone!


    Let me start by saying ive had this phone since a few weeks after it came out...and i have bashed it around at home dropping it on the floor constantly my dogs knocking it off tables and bashing it around in my pocket at work, but it still works PERFECTLY. i have no problems with this phone whatsoever and it gets alot of use and abused and it takes it all, the only thing ive managed to do is put a dent in the aliminium front which i only noticed the other day. so if you want a sterdy phone that wont let you down this is the way to go forward. the features are fantastic as is the camera really nice screen resolution to. im a devoted sony ericsson buyer and never change brands but this is easily the best sony ericsson ive ever owned!