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  1.  A Great Return to form..


    Pgr1 on xbox... Poor
    Pgr2 on xbox... Awesome
    Pgr3 on xbox 360.... Very good..

    Pgr4 on xbox 360 awesome!!!

    I finished this when it came out then sold sometime later...
    But after playing all other racers on the console i'm buying this again..
    It's not flat out arcade style & it's not a sim... (It's inbetween, it's gorgeous & a hell of a lot of fun.....
    The online modes ae amazing & i've heard that loads & loads of people are still playing it.........
    Cant wait for my new copy to arrive..

  2.  You need to see this..!!


    Bought this expecting to see a good scorcese film...
    But was totally surprised to be blown away by an amazing scorcese film........ All actors are superb too....

  3.  An IMPROVEMENT To The ones bundled with your player....


    I recently bought some large sony noise cancelling headphones.. Which are good if i'm indoors trying to listen to something & block exterior noise.......... But...........
    I have these on my old 40gb sony vaio music player.. And they actually sound better!!!
    Buy buy buy.........
    (I'm getting a pair for the wife)..
    As others have said.... They stay in your ears really well too... & Have great bass response,,,,,,

  4.  AWESOME, Simple, Gorgeous 1080p upscaling.


    I Looked for weeks for a good dvd recorder without a hard drive, (i have sky+), This is amazing for the price, it does have a fan in the back but it is quiet, this Recorder as well as playing all - , +, and -rw , +rw discs will record on all of them too,
    This dvd recorder will also (if you ask it to) reformat -R & -Rw Discs to( Vr mode) before use ,Which the manual advises to do to keep recordings in their Original Format Ratio..
    The upscaling via a good hdmi cable from this player especially at 1080p onto a FULL HD Screen produces amazing results ESPECIALLY with new DVD titles...
    This recorder also has a RGB SCART INPUT!! (Line 1) (a lot dont),..
    This allows gorgeous High Quality recordings from a RGB Scart output.. (i.e The TV Scart Socket on the rear of sky+ box )..
    There are many recording time options as well from 1 hour a disc -Through to many hours Per Disc..
    (Finest Quality to Poorest)..
    This player/recorder is a Gem..
    Hope i've helped persuade you
    Note.... Discs recorded in Vr Mode will of course play only in other dvd players/ recorders that Support Vr mode.
    All recordings for me on all discs so far have been PERFECT.. :-)

  5.  Guns, Gore, & Girls, and more Gore...


    Awesome entertainment.........
    The Wife & myself laughed out loud many times....
    Rodriguez has been a director i've followed over the years & nearly always hits the spot..
    (No Art Cards though)...............

  6.  Sega Rally is Back!!


    I Remember sega rally being launched on the saturn,, i played it & played it,, Loving every minute,, & carried on trying to beat my times for Years!! (I Couls still play it now & love every minute,
    Then Sega Rally Came out on Dreamcast,, i LOVED Dreamcast But thought Very little of the sega rally game, :-( (Just didnt feel like sega rally),,
    Then.......... I played the demo of this on XBOX Live,,,
    My God, This handles so much more like the Original.. I was LAUGHING Hard Driving around the Circuits, Just thinking how much fun its going to be Online with Friends,
    Cant Wait!! :-)

  7.  Great Potential


    This Console is certainly a Gorgeous looking piece of kit!!
    (The Ferrari of the consoles).. But.... At the moment it is a Ferrarri with no petrol ......
    There are simply no AAA Exclusive (Must Have) Games for it yet,, Just some ok titles and Versions (Some shorter) of Xbox 360 Games That are now half the price on 360..
    The Online set up is better than expected tho and may someday compete with the Awesome Xboxlive Service..
    Pretty much all the Games that were supposed to be exclusive have now been signed up for 360 Also..
    (I Cant imagine 360's Trump cards, Halo3, Gears Of war, Forza 2, (And many more to come) ever making the crossover in return..
    However There WILL Be Titles that will be ps3 Only.. And That are Awesome, And Then will be the time to buy. :-) Plus there is also talk of the PRICE DROP.....
    They are Starting to do Great Deals in the States to start shifting the many consoles sitting in stores and that will no doubt follow here.. (Im Guessing Just before Christmas is when it will happen ) Who knows, it may even sell out at last..?
    When the Games Come it will be time to play.. Put Petrol into That Showpiece Ferrari, And Give it the use it Deserves..