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  1.  Flawless


    As I see it; paper is used for only three things in this world: Money, The Written Word and poo.

    Kindly file this one under The Written Word for me please. This should belong in everyone's music library.

    Warming lead riffs from McCabe undertoned by beautifully soft acoustic pieces and hugely deep, soulful lyrics from Ashcroft make for an unstoppable force. I don't need to justify a purchase of this album any further, you can't go wrong in buying this...

  2.  Not breaking any new ground


    This album is NONE of the following: Classic, Excellent, Average, Poor.

    It sit's somewhere in the middle of those four categories so the law of averages insists that I can only give it a three star rating. It won't be appearing on any top 100 lists any time soon; White Lies are doing nothing new here, certain songs are quite repetitive and McVeigh's voice can grate after a few listens.

    That said, however, there's not one BAD track to be found on this record. There are the obvious highlights; all the singles (which explains the hype) are top-drawer indie tunes. Elsewhere; The Price Of Love and E.S.T are both excellent. The other tunes are ok but remind me of lettuce on a salad sandwich; not particularly important to the overall product but decent filler all the same.

    It is definitely worth buying. Just don't expect to bowled over...

  3.  Heartbreaking...


    If you're looking for an all singing, all dancing, happy ending Disney-esque affair then look elsewhere. Despite it's PG certification I really don't think this film is suitable for children although I maintain that this is a must see.

    From the unsettling beginning, harrowing intermediate, right through to the heartbreaking ending this really is a masterpiece and in many respects, superior to it's slightly older cousin; Watership Down.

    The film never really breaks into a pace. It's slow, dark and brooding, and in every sense of the word; disturbing but don't let that deter you. It's crafted in such a way that it will affect you for days afterwards.

    And the fact that this film will depress you is a good thing. Why do people ignore the obvious conclusion that if a film can affect you in such a way, good or bad, it's done it's job as a piece of art.

    Watch it, it'll break your heart...

  4.  Ugly Yet Beautiful


    Radiohead pulled off a marketing masterstroke on the release of this album, claiming that it was recorded at exactly the same time as the Kid A sessions. This inevitably forced many a critic to scoff into their hats: "What's this? Recorded at the same time as the Kid A album which we adored so much, in that case we cannot say this is anything less than a TWIN masterpiece or else we'll sacrifice our integrity".

    Some critics got round this by simply palming Amnesiac off as an album of respectful B-Sides but the truth is very different. The Pinochio that wanted to be a real boy is in fact a very real boy and some of the tracks on this album even tower above those found on it's slightly older sibling.

    Although you cannot deny that one or two of the tracks on here are at times forced and down right pretentious, almost as if Radiohead are playing up to their "Going against the grain" shenanigans, for this it loses points. That said, it is still well worth the listen.

  5.  Very Good


    While this record has lost points to it's filler content (14 tracks is too much for any album) you simply cannot deny the sheer genius of it's highlights such as 2+2, Sail To The Moon and Go To Sleep.

    It seems Radiohead have reclaimed forgotten ground on which to use their respective string instruments after the two previous landscaped and alienated long players that were Kid A and Amnesiac (both brilliant albums in their own right).

    And it is with some discomfort that I am forced to award a Radiohead album with anything less than 5 out of 5 but it just goes to show that less is more. Had Radiohead dropped the four bad tracks on this record and opted for an album of 10 quality tracks they would of had yet another masterpiece to add to their already amazing discography.

  6. Kid A

    Kid A

    Radiohead - CD

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    I love showing this album to people. The look of confusion and bewilderment really does tickle me something cronic.

    In my opinion there are only 3 ways in which you can listen to this in order to 'get' it and fathom out what makes it so brilliant.

    1. Whilst writing a film script
    2. Whilst having a nice hot bubble bath as a thunder storm wreaks havoc outside your window
    3. Driving through country lanes at 2am on a Sunday morning

    Listen to it in any one of those situations and it all suddenly makes sense.