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  1.  Funny yet scary


    A classic film that never gets old and is one of only a few films that can be watched again and again without getting boring. 100% entertaining and is one of the only films that pulls off being both funny and scary, which is had to do. Hope this helps and you fully enjoy as much as i did xxx

  2.  Much better than the first


    Even though at the beginning of the movie i was a bit confused whether it was meant to be the same person as they changed the actress who plays the lead role, i thought it worked out for the best. The acting and dancing was much better than the first one, considering mainly on the new actress, it draws people in and as a really nice message behind it all asking what you really wanna do with your life and what you are willing to do to get it. Romance and dance worked together. Enjoy the movie and i hoped this helped xxxx

  3.  Waste of money


    This could have been an amazing film with the story line that's behind it all, but with the weak acting and the way the whole film was put together it was the worst film i'd ever seen. This was both a waste of time, money and effort for both me for buying and watching it and for whoever made it as it is clearly not enjoyed. Waste of money and time xxx

  4.  Classic Sandler


    One of my favourite Adam Sandler films and i am gutted that i didnt watch it until quite recently as it is full of laughs. Look out for some of the scenes in the car e.g. singing and scenes of laughter and adult humour. Awsum actors in every scene and you'll always be laughing. Enjoy and have a laugh for such a bargain, hope this helps. Thank Youxxx

  5.  Romance, Vampires and special power.. What else do you need?


    This is the best book out of the four of them and is honestly a book that shouldnt be put down. It was thanks to this book that i started reading again and i'm glad i did. As stated in the title, this book is filled with romance, vampires with special powers, so it can reach out to wider audiences and to be honest, is an exciting read for teenagers.

    Not that i'm comparing this book with any of the Harry Potter books as they each stand out in their own ways, but like the Harry Potter books, these will pull the children away from the Televisions and Computers and get them reading again while their minds are used to reading, e.g. Harry Potter books.

    Enjoy this book and hope this helps. Thank You xxx

  6.  Must see again and again


    I was actually seriously shocked with how much i liked this film and how accurate it is with the book considering. After being disappointed by watching Angels and Demons and its adaption of the book into a film, i was seriously shocked with how much i enjoyed this film.

    This is one of the only films that have been based on a book that i have seriously watched and liked, and would watch again and again. Even though i'd previously read the book first and then watched the film didnt disappoint me and i was glad i did has the movie did involve a lot of french, but i knew what they were talking about because of the book.

    Read the book first and then watch this film, which is a bargain at this price. Hope it helps and you enjoy the movie as much as i did xxx

  7.  I loved this book


    Angels and Demons is one of my favourite books so far by Dan Brown, the other being The Da Vinci Code. I'll admit that it was a bit hard for me to get into as there was a load of physics being described, which is why The Da Vinci Code was easier to get into.
    But hold off and the book does becomes really explosive and exciting, and if you try and pay close attention, you will be able to guess the ending. Exciting read xxx

  8.  Not to bad, wouldn't watch again


    In all fairness to the film it was quite good and i was glad that i ended up watching it and some of the action packed scenes were better than the book, but i couldnt help comparing the book and the film, and the film was a big disapointment. The film missed loads of event out, understandable when it comes to the length of the book and how much time a film as, but there is no excuse for missing people out and changing some of the plot a.k.a, people who were meant to die, survive in the film.
    My advise would be to watch the film without reading the book to be able to get the full experince of the film. xxx

  9.  Well worth a watch


    This film wasnt as good as the first but was much much much better than the second.... This film made me jump several times and had me covering my eyes several times.

  10.  What horror is meant to be!!!


    This film was one of the scariest films i've seen in a long time... a definatley must see if your looking for a scare. Unbelievably awsum! Good Job... definate must see!!