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  1.  Great fun


    This game is great. After the patch it worked with no probs. If you're a hardened first person shooter fan that likes a bit of rpg element, you will love this game. It looks great. Story line is good. Weapons are effective and upgradeable. Loads of items to collect and combine to make better items. The linear fps side of it is nicely broken up with side quests and in map games and races. The vehicles drive well and the races are good fun. Loads of places to explore. I can't stop playing it. Nice one id.

  2.  Questionable graphics


    I'm afraid that I have to agree with some of the previous reviewers. Given the quality and timelessness of the first Deus Ex, I had expected something better in terms of graphical detail. It is as if the game designers have tried to make the game look like the original. It really does look dated. The texture detail on the walls and floors and even the vehicles is almost non existent and the characters look like they came from a game over 10 years old. There are virtually no lighting effects at all and the shadows are just rough dark patches. When the map is opened up the detail is awful which renders it almost useless.
    I do realise however that graphical detail alone does not make a game, and I have to say that the gameplay is very similar to the original. So if you liked the way the original played, you should like this game.
    I waited a long time for this game to come out and after having played it for a few days, I do feel rather let down. I don't think there will ever be a better Deus Ex than the original.

  3.  Not bad at all.


    I found this game to be better than I expected. The graphical detail is pretty good with some realistic enviroments and the sound and voice acting aren't bad either. The gameplay is a little linear and repetative but there are some quite nice effects that make up for this; namely, there is a really good choice of cool weapons with great explosive effects and the fact that you can blow up and then repair just about everthing in the enviroment is quite addictive. The collection of "salvage" allows you to save points and then buy upgrades which is also quite a nice addition. To summarise; I would say a game worth having, but maybe wait until the price comes down a bit.

  4.  Not very good at all!!


    I cannot believe people are rating this game as highly as they are. I played it for half an hour and promptly uninstalled it. It's awful. The graphics are poor and low in detail. The game play is tedious and repetative, the voice acting is terrible. I expect that if you are an avid fan of the Duke Nukem series from years back, you might like it, but if like me you've never played a Duke Nukem game before, my advice is to save your money.

  5.  Great stuff.


    Truely epic game. Great value for money. Great graphics. Good story line. Realistic but taxing combat. Easily better than Dragon Age 2. Character development is not quite as sophisticated as some RPG's but this is probably a bonus for non veteran RPG fans.
    All in all; well worth the price.

  6.  Better than expected.


    I was pleasantly surprised after watching this film. I thought it would be acceptable but nothing special. But it turned out to be quite good after all. Some of the fight scenes are well done, (if a little gory) and the acting is pretty good too. Sean Bean's performance was better than usual which added a certain gritty realism to the story. All in all; well worth a watch.

  7.  Superb


    This film is one of the best thrillers I have seen in a long time. Don't be put off by the french dialogue. You soon get used to the subtitles. The acting is excellent, the music is good and the atmosphere is gritty and filled with suspense. The story is exciting and engrossing and at 2.99 it is an absolute bargain. Do not delay, buy this film. You will not be disappointed.

  8.  Better than expected


    This game scores quite low in PCZone's review, which I think does not do it justice. It may not be up there with Half Life or Bioshock, but for the reasonably low price tag, I think it is well worth it. The visuals and sound are really good and you get a real feel that you are in some far away fantasy land, especially with the noises of the animals coming from all directions. I quite like the idea of being attacked by carnivorous plants and its good fun being able to shoot them and gain XP points. The quests do get a little dull after a while, but the rpg element and weapon upgrades plus the fantastic looking landscape more than make up for it.

  9.  Beware


    I have no doubt from the other reviews posted here that this game is probably very good. However it has many compatibility issues, and you may not be able to get it to run on your PC. I, as yet, have not been able to get it to run on any of my 3 PCs, 2 of which run on Vista and one on XP. I have tried all the workarounds but to no avail. I suggest you wait for a patch before you buy it, or you may, like me, spend good money for something that sits in a drawer.

  10.  Great shamonka!!!


    One of the best films ever produced. Hilarious dialogue. It gets better every time I see it. Well worth the money. Unforgettable.