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  1.  I liked it better the second viewing from the Boxset


    When I first saw this on Sky One, it was not what I expected, and found it a bit boring at times, as what other have said. I also found the arguing a bit much too, but it did not seem to bother me too much when watching it again from the DVDs.

    In a way it reminded me a bit of Blakes 7 - Avon and Blake were against each other like Rush and Young.

    There also seemed bits missing and incomplete watching on Sky One, which is what prompted me to buy this boxset. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVDs, and suddenly got addicted to the series, and even watched 2 or 3 epsiodes together.

    The first 3 episodes, a trilogy, called Air was definatly extended, and were all on the first disc, giving you a choice to watch the broadcast version or an extended version. The other episodes did not have specific extended versions, so either were all uncut or as I accepted the show for what it was, and got more involved with it, I did not lose interest which made me miss things when first watching it on Sky One.

    I am not too sure at the moment whether to bother watching all of Series 2 on Sky One, which is currently airing, or wait until it arrives on DVD next year, but I am now a fan of this show, and also enjoyed watching the Kino videos and extras.

    Watching it on Sky One, I would rate it 3 stars, after watching this series from this boxet, I now rate it 5 stars.

  2.  SWG is totally addictive


    This game is the most addictive MMO ever to exist, and despite the NGE it did make me search out more MMOs, but none of them compare to SWG. SWG is unique in its crafting system and player housing. It also has a bigger playing area than any other MMO. There will never be another MMO like this again, but there will be many WoW clones. After playing the other MMOs I am now playing SWG more than ever. I think the NGE was a blessing in disguise as I am now actually playing the game instaed of doing mindless repetive missions just to grind an uber Jedi. I am looking forward to Chapter 7 and 8, which are scheduled before christmas. SOE are making the game better and better by the day, and they have realised their mistake with the NGE, that in the end SWG will be the best it has ever been. The best way to tell if this game is any good is to download the free trial and play it yourself. I wouldn't take much notice of other reviews that are bad as they are mainly still from disgruntled players who have not touched the game since 2005 and still give bad reviews, as they rate it from when the NGE was first released as opposed to what the game is like now - immensley more fun, and also to try and make the game die and to stick it to SOE for doing the NGE, and do not even care about the current playerbase who like the game still. If you like MMos, Star Wars or PC Vidoegames, then I recommend at least trying the free trial, to make sure you do not miss out on game you could enjoy. The only bad point I could make is that I play this game virtually every evening and all weekend long, and not have time for anything else. Anyway best get back to the game ....May the Force be with you!