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  1.  if its not broken dont try and fix it!


    a big let down im affraid. im a big fan of the series and was really disappointed with this latest sequal. too much has been changed and the story is just too long and drawn out it becomes boring and tedious. the only real enjoyable part of the game was the last few story missions, just a shame the rest of the game wasnt like this!

  2.  good!


    just finished this game the other day. really enjoyed it very similar to the first game. you wont be disappointed if you enjoyed infamous.

  3.  you can not dislike this game!


    absolutely loved this game, dont think it was as good as Brotherhood but still a top top game. play as Altaier in certain missions throughout the game and find out what happend with him after the first AC game. great storyline to this game and just couldnt put it down, cant wait for AC 3 out later this year!

  4.  best of the trilogy!


    this review is based solely on the campaign mode. i absolutely love this game! there is hardly nothing to dislike about it! the graphics are great and the background music really sets the tone at certain stages throughout the game. the storyline is great and you find yourself really close to the main character. the only negative i can comment on is that the ending of the game really does seem rushed and a bit of an anti climax but for me i still cant knock a star off for that, still a first class game! i cant comment on multiplayer mode as i havent played it.

  5.  good game but needs to be longer!


    like previous cods i really enjoyed this game. i can only comment on the campaign mode and the special ops mode as i never bother with it online. for me the graphics are awesome with a good storyline that carries on literally straight after mw2. the only downer is the length of the campaign mode. i finished it in under six hours which for the price of the game is NOT good. however i still enjoyed this game enough to give it 4 stars. special ops is made up of a number of short scenarios that you work your way through that range from easy to challenging. so yeah i cant understand all the negative feedback, i loved it just wish there was a longer campaign mode thats all really!

  6.  ok expected more though.


    yeah this game is OK that's all really. never played the first fear but lent the second one from a friend and loved it. felt a little let down by this one though just found it a bit too easy and quite predictable. didn't play it on line so cant comment on that but an OK campaign mode that was all in all just OK!

  7.  epic!


    first impressions of this game was that it was a cheap version of god of war or dantes inferno. how wrong could i be!!! this game is epic with fantastic landscape graphics and a great story line narrated by Patric Stewart. 12 chapters in total each made up of several stages. not the hardest game in the world but loads of fun killing plenty of werewolves, vampires and the walking dead! cant grumble with the price either!

  8.  loved it!


    loved this game, great graphics, sound, storyline etc. probably preferred the 2nd one to this but still a great game. only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5 is because the game crashes a lot and i know many people have had the same issue, why this is i don't know? top game though!

  9.  lighten up people!


    lighten up people please. this game doesnt take itself too serious at all unlike some people out there playing the game! for crying out loud you take control of a stuffed teddy bear running around causing chaos. i think this game is hilarious and people shouldn't make a big deal about the graphics! the graphics suit the theme of the game! the camera angles do get a little frustrating at times but all in all it didn't ruin it for me! good fun!

  10.  yeah a good game!


    well worth the money as there is absolutely loads to do in this game. i was impressed with how good the graphics are and admit it is a very addictive game. i never played arkham asylum so i cant draw comparisons but batman has an arsenal of awesome gadgets at his disposal as you progress through the game. the only reason i give 4 stars instead of 5 is purely because im not into these super hero games as much as other genres, thats all really. top game