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  1.  brilliant much better


    forget the first game this one is miles better. graphics,sound,amazing career mode with staff to hire and wings,engines,bodywork,tyres etc to bolt on.best career mode ive ever seen.better lighting,cockpits,speed.well done milestone well done

  2.  ace game


    this is a truly a wicked game.great graphics and career mode go buy it now.brilliant,brilliant,brilliant



    ignore the people who havent played this saying its bad.play the game and you will see it quite different.amazing career mode and great visuals.no more boring bike game like 06.07 etc.media and sponsors turn up at events etc and you really have to work hard tucking in etc to win.its an art once you get to grips with it.i love this game to death.very very deep career mode.buy it now

  4.  dont listen to the morons on here


    got this game and heres what i think of it.

    let me just say i loved ferrari challenge but this game beats it and most other driving games hands down in my opinion.the handling is perfect,the way you have to control the car as you brake and take a corner is sublime.the ai are really good.they will block you and spin off themselves and make mistakes,and really try to beat you.if you overtake a car they fight back amazingly hard.the game has 20 odd tracks and loads of cars.yes 60 percent of them are ferraris but i couldnt care less when a game is put together so good as this.it has new cameras,one being right near the window so you can see the whole track in perfect glory and just the top of the steering wheel.it really is frightening and it resembles the view in ferrari challenge 355 on the dreamcast etc.playing in that view when its raining is totally real and spectacular.the graphics really are awesome.massive improved over ferrari challenge the tracks and cars are really detailed and the rain effects are just out of this world.this game brings to life a real sense of you being there in real life.put it into the new cockpit view and its very real indeed.it has loads to do and see and should last a long time with the challenge and tournaments and arcade modes.i personally prefer this to gt5 which i got a few hours ago and was pretty bored with it.great visuals but boring,but hey thats my opinion.if anyone ever sais to you dont buy supercar challenge and if you love racing games,you dont buy this,you will regret it for ever it really is that good.the game also runs smoothly all the time with no slowdown at all unlike nfs shift which is diabolical.

    gameplay : 9/10 awesome physics and if you like arcade games stay away!!

    graphics : 10/10 you have to see it to really appreciate it and the wet weather is amazing in cockpit views

    lifespan : 9/10 loads to do and online 16 player as well

    my score 28/30

  5.  brilliant


    Much better than the first 2 games.analogue control.tracks are more detailed stunning bikes and faster.it really feels like your there now where the first 2 games didnt as much.rain effects are awesome.and u can even see dust thrown up by other bikes!utterly brilliant best game on any system.for 5 quid you have gota be mad to not own it.ace