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Top 10 Sport and Outdoor Reviewer
12 (92% helpful)

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  1.  Very useful


    Hexi-Stoves are brilliant. Small, and still able to cook boil-in-the-bags and boil water quickly. They're very simple to use with a efficient design that stores the fuel inside the stove securely. Slight downside is the state it leaves your mess tins in, but that's easily removable with warm soapy water - or wetwipes if in the field! Now whilst I would prefer cooking with gas, this is a brilliant solution if you have limited space - ie. in a day sack / webbing; or if you just want the simplicity of the thing.
    A few tips for you:
    - The hexi tablets can be very awkward to light. Some solutions can be ripping a bit of the cardboard packaging, light that and place on the tablets. Or a very efficient way I've recently discovered. Squirt a bit of the alcoholic hand wash stuff over the tablets, it burns and sets the stove going nicely.
    - Make sure there is circulation - The fumes are highly poisonous, so don't use them in confinded rooms.

  2.  Lovely


    Although of a very basic design, this campbed is very easy to assemble, collapses to a decent size, and is very comfy. If hillwalking is your thing, probably best not to go for a camp bed and stick with roll mats, because it adds un-needed weight. For all other times, this is perfect - Smaller to store, easier to assemble, cheaper than other, more advanced beds, whilst keeping a similar level of comfort.

  3.  Absolutely Brilliant!


    I got this game, and went through the story mode (And that of the two expansion packs) with about 5 days solid playing. Its a brilliant story line which got me hooked and made me carry on playing so I could find out what would happen next.

    After I completed the story, I played several skirmish matches over and over as this game was brilliant.

    The graphics are good, and also the animation.

    Although if you play as much as I did, you may get a little bit bored, you will still be addicted to this game!

    Must buy!

  4.  Really good.


    When this was first released, I stuck by COD4, and refused to buy this. Now it's in the sale, I decided to invest in it.

    It is absolutely amazing. The career is very good with a variety of missions. The ability to create your character and modify with various different clothing, armor, weapons and camo colours adds an exciting edge to the game.

    Multiplayer is good, but not brilliant. It becomes a little unrealistic with people running about in bright pink camo - but still, it's only a game.

    The terrorist hunt is a good game mode. Being able to change a variety of settings deciding how many are on each side etc. can mean a different style of play each time.

    I would recomend this game to anyone who enjoys FPS!

  5.  Brilliant.


    This game has amazing graphics, and has a huge choice of different planes and weapon combinations.

    Controls are easy to use and the missions are relatively challenging (on harder difficulties). This story to the missions is surprisingly good aswell.

    The missions do get slightly repetetive, but playing Co-Op can add a different angle to the game.

    Multiplayer is ok, but this does get a little boring after a while, but is still really fun to play.

    I don't play the game much anymore, but everyonce in a while it will have some play time on my Playstation.

    I would recomend to any aviation fanatic!

  6.  Similar?


    I was looking forward to this game. I enjoyed VT3, but that got rather repetative after a fair while. Topspin 3 was a let down so I had high hopes for this game.

    When I first started playing, I really enjoyed it, career starts off very easy, and lasts for quite some time which is why I started to get bored of it. The gameplay is also very similar to that of Virtua Tennis 3, which for 1.5-2 years development time, isn't that great.

    If you're new to the VT series, you will most likely enjoy this game for a fair few months, but if you have VT3, you are probably better off continuing with that.

  7.  Great Game


    The game overall is good. It's lacking a single player game, which would of been nice, but the amount of work which has been put into the multiplayer aspect makes up for this.
    The use of teamwork is really useful, because there is no way one man could take on the entire team on their own.
    And in reply to the review a few below this one, I personally feel the graphics in this are alot better than CoD4.

    My opinion, obviously. :)