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  1.  Utter Garbage


    I love vigilante movies even the "so bad its good" ones like the death wish sequels etc
    This doesnt even match up to them!!,The only film that in 15 years has made me consider fleeing the cinema before it had finished.
    Sadly i didnt

  2.  15 year old schoolboys will love it


    Just like the garbage that is football factory and 100 other awful brit gangster films that surfaced after the lock stock era,This film really does try its hardest but it just cant pull it off.
    I really wanted to like this but it just couldnt keep my interest all the way through
    Few good scenes though and i was very surprised by craig fairbrass's acting which i thought was off a very high standard.
    Sadly though it was all eclipsed by one of the main characters hairstyles.
    I just couldnt stop laughing at it !!

  3.  Unexpected Great !!!


    The trailers were less than inspiring but i was dragged to see this . . . . Glad i was
    One of the best of 2007,Great fun from start to finish

  4.  Not too bad . . .


    Was actually a big fan of the first movie which i thought was a fast paced slick horror so when i heard they were releasing the sequel DTV i decided to buy it.
    The first half hour of this movie made me wonder why the hell i bought it but as it moves into the movie it actually gets pretty good
    Some neat kills and a good over the top performance by Henry rollins saved this film for me
    However the acting from the younger cast members is pretty bad at times and contrary to some peoples views that this could have been released in cinemas,the actual fact is it couldnt,The way it is filmed and acted is far too low budget for a cinema release.
    In short,a better than expected horror sequel which is well worth the money play is asking for

  5.  Fantastic graphic novel


    I am a big fan of the original novel and i even thought the current will smith movie was good.
    Also when i heard that steve niles of "3o days .." fame was involved,i really got excited.
    In short if your a fan of graphic novels and horror/sci fi then i highly recommend this!!

  6.  Starts of amazing but . . . .


    After your on to your 4th kill it starts to get very very very boring.
    Same thing over and over again
    First few hours though and its breathtaking
    Shame !!

  7.  Outstanding !!!!


    Seems like ive been waiting for this game forever.
    Got it through post this morning and it really is worth the hype.
    The story,Graphics,Gameplay really are outstanding.
    Oh and a quick mention for play.com . . . . YOU ROCK !!!

  8.  Best book about george thus far . . .


    Only halfway through reading this but its very good so far.
    Imformative and direct

  9.  Dont be put off . . .


    Do not judge this by the marketplace demo as i didnt care much for that.
    Once you complete the first few levels this game really comes into its own
    Very good game,only reason i didnt give it 5 stars is due to being underwhelmed at start due to it being ANOTHER ww2 shooter

  10.  BUY THIS GAME ! ! ! !


    This is one amazing game . . . .Epic in scale ! !
    Buy it now ! !