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  1.  "Who you Gonna Call.....


    Got it on day of release in great packaging. The steelbook was wrapped in foam in a heavy duty cardboard box.

    This is a classic film and is just as awesome today as when it was released in 84.

    The steelbook is really good. Well made and good artwork inside and out. Nice addition to the collection.

    The disc is the same as the previous release. Same transfer and sound. It also has all the extras and is region a,b and c.

    Plus you get an Ultraviolet Digital Copy. Have now downloaded it to my potable device and it works perfectly.

    Great price and worth upgrading if your into steel books.

  2.  Dragon Eyes!


    As a previous viewer has already stated this is definitely not a 5 star movie.

    A lot of people are easily pleased I guess, or very undemanding. This is not one of JCVD's best films. It has been done before as the story is very familiar. But it isnt too bad a film.The direction is good considering the budget, the fight scenes are solid and I liked Cung Le's performance. JCVD plays a very small role, but what he does is very good. Didnt like Wellers performance, but to be fair to him he didnt have much to work with.It had potential and If it had had a bigger budget who knows how it would have turned out. 2.5 out of 5.0. Good PQ, but no extras. Worth a rent but not a keeper IMHO.

    My advice wait for it to find its way onto Channel Five or Netflix to see it.

  3.  Terrible!


    There is no way MoJ is a four star film. It's clear to see this is a very poor film, with low budget production values,bad script and even poorer acting and badly staged action sequences. This has to be one of Seagal's worse, period let alone DTV. It pains me to say these things because I'm a big fan of his earlier films, but this is just terrible. The P and Sound are a let down as well,plus there are no special features. If you really want to see this, my advice is don't buy it, watch it on Channel 5 or 5 USA. Don't waste your money. Stick with his classics or try Driven to Kill or Urban Justice just not this! Some people are easily pleased I guess!

  4.  The Most Challenging Sport Just Became The Deadliest Game!


    This movie makes its debut on BluRay and DVD.

    The P and A quality is ok, has a fairly clean print and fairly good colours and clarity. A little softness here and there. For a low budget back catalogue title making its HD debut it is a massive improvement over the VHS transfer, but can't challenge the best back catalogue releases.

    No extras apart from the theatrical trailer.

    Overall for a budget film it's job done and fans of Dolph and the film should be pleased. Shame about the bonus features,would have been nice to have had some interviews from the big man himself and Soul!

  5.  Robin the Hooded Man!


    When it was announced that Michael Praed would leave the series to join the cast of Dynasty, I was beside myself. I loved Michael's interpretation of Robin and still believe to this day that his is the best. I was sure at the time that series 2 would be the last. When series 3 came along and Jason Connery, i breathed a sigh of relief as they had found another wonderful Robin. He carried on the role of Robin so well, that the transition was seamless. He fitted right in with the rest of the cast and it was business as usual. Season 3 then continued for 13 action packed episodes at the same high standard of writing,directing,acting and production values as before. Even though Michael had gone, Jason made the role his own just as Michael had before. It was strange at first but didn't take long to warm to Jason. Looking back now, I think that these two actors are the best Robin Hood's ever. All the episodes have stood the test of time. The Blu-Ray of the final season is top quality as well, with much improved picture and sound over its DVD counter part. All the extras from the DVD release are all here plus some new ones. The Blu-Ray presentations are the definitive Robin of Sherwood releases and worth every penny.

  6.  I'll see you on the Beach.


    Great film.

    Great Steelbook,which is the one disc movie only version. There is no 2nd disc of special features. The disc is identical to the one in the non steelbook 2 disc only edition!

  7.  A story of innocence lost and courage found.


    This a great war film expertly directed by Oliver Stone.
    Tom Cruise should have won an Oscar for his astonishing performance.
    This is the story of Ron Kovic and the treatment he and his colleagues suffered while at war and at home, told in a very powerful and emotional way.
    The BD quality is much better than the DVD, but I expected a better transfer, but it's ok overall.
    The sound fairs much better. The extras are a Commentary and a Featurette.
    Worth adding to your collection as this one of the best war films ever made.

  8.  Steven Seagal Justice!


    This is actually episodes 11-12, not 9-10. I recently watched the whole series that I recorded off 5 USA. The episodes have been released as films, by editing two episodes together at a time. These two episodes were the best. Even though it was low budget, it made a pretty good tv series. For some reason episode 13 hasn't appeared on DVD or Blu-Ray yet!

  9.  Shermer High School, Shermer, illonois 60062!


    Kramer Player your argument about old films is redundant. Admittedly The Breakfast Club on Blu Ray isn't amazing by modern standards but it is leaps and bounds better than the DVD, especially at 5.99, which I bought it for. Old films benefit massively by being in HD, especially ones shot on 35mm or 70mm. Take a look at Ben Hur, Cleopatra, Tora,Tora,Tora, Guns of Navarone and Zulu. All are old films but look amazing on Blu Ray.

    PQ 3 out of 5.
    AV 3 out of 5.
    Bonus Features 4 out of 5.
    Film 5 out of 5.

  10.  The Toilet Man!!!


    What a waste of time, that I will never get back.
    The premise had potential but the final film was flawed. It was weird but not scary. The Sgt was a bumbling fool blinded by faith, who didn't have a clue how to run an investigation. It was boring. No excitement or redeeming qualities at all. The ending was pathetic, you could see it coming a mile off.
    People say it is a cult classic etc, but in all honesty it is a very overated film. I don't know what all the fuss was about. Very poor to say the least.