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  1.  5* ... FOR THE PRICE


    Very cheap and it does protect your ipod however, it wears quickly and I question how much it protects your ipod from shockwaves when dropped. Still, a necessity for Ipod owners but don't forget to buy screen protectors!!!! To conclude, you get what you pay for in terms of how long this lasts but when it comes down to needing a case this is very good.

  2.  a 4/5 star game...


    Treyarch have stepped up their game (literally) as this doesn't suck like WAW or COD3. This game isn't an infinite Ward game but this isn't a bad thing as the game is awesome. It's great online and fair unlike how MW2 became and the story is ambitious and addictive.

    Now for the negative: This game needs a lot more polishing in every mode as there are glitches all over and parts of the campaign could have been done better. The other bad thing is the constant lag online and matches always ending due to host or server failure.

    Overrule this game has stripped what MW2 did down to what worked and this has made it very simple and fair. The reasons this got 4 stars is because Treyarch are lazy and just copy everything Infinity Ward has done since COD1 and to some extent flop upon doing so and this game isn't as polished as it should have been.

  3.  Good but...


    I loved the first as for gaming it was innovative and exciting with amazing graphics and just an easy 9/10 game along with Gears 1 and others. However, the sequel isn't quit as good due to its same environment from toys, to the shops, to the actual mall structure and underground. This is not a good thing at all due to it being 4 years on from the 1st and being far too similar.

    To really make me mad this game has 15-20 second loading screens every time you go between plazas of which is infuriating! The graphics are hardly a step up from the first one 4 YEARS AGO!!!! and I'm not even being dramatic. The game is solid and hardcore of which provides tons of gameplay and challenge. But for such a highly anticipated sequel the graphics should have been immense and the loading screens should have been 5 secs long if that! ... considering the 2006 graphics. Anyways, this is a great game but it's not really for the core gamers as constant death and loading screens will drive you away despite how fun killing zombies is.

    To conclude the game is awesome but it isn't what it should've been. Still, the game is fun and the story is interesting throughout; a must buy for gamers!

  4.  Same old... not really


    Yes this game is similar to the first and yes the gameplay mechanics are similar as well as the graphics but with all of these brand new and wonderful killstreaks to shake up the game (preventing snipers from dominating large maps too much) who can complain?? Not to mention the new titles, emblems and accolades of which record what you do well in the game and allow you to show it off to everyone else. Granted, the titles could tell you how you got it and be a little more unique but it's an add on. Simply this game is everything the last was and more and with the "more" your gameplay from the first will be challenged in this as the way you played in the first game will not work very well when playing this one. Great game, rather good story and days and days of replay value!!!!! Must buy for all gamers!!!!

  5.  good, but....


    this game has an entrancing story and the dialogue, acting and gameplay are spot on. Boss fights are regular and there is some variety, (puzzles, fights, running etc...) The worst thing about this game for me is that:
    1. i miss guns
    2. not enough blood.
    3. you never kill... but most importantly.....
    4. at the end of the game you can't carry over your upgrades to start a new game with... this sucks because you can continue from the end but there is nothing to do but collect stuff for the riddler.

    At the end of the day this is batman and he doesn,t shoot or kill and in this game you do feel like batman.... i just feel that with a whole game of fighting phycos and murderers, killing would surely become a necessity which it evidently does not!!!!

    Great game but the main problem is the absence of a "new game+" as this would make me play it through again.

  6.  love it to bits


    Everything from the originality to jack black's singing to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when watching this film along with lots of laughs makes this one of my favorite films!!! You can watch this again and again!! FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7.  The reality...


    At the end of the day the xbox 360 elite is the normal xbox but black and with HDMI cable and a 120gb hdd. However, i got this a couple of days ago and i think it's slightly more quiet and the power brick is smaller and everything else is exactly the same. If you are a hardcore gamer, step this way but if you are anyone else get the ps3 slim because for everything but gameplay it's better. (my opinion on the ps3 slim is based on the current ps3)

  8.  Best one yet!!!!


    With a great amount of originality, funny clips throughout and a nice family story line in a different environment, (nice as it's a bit of variety from the previous films) this film is really good and worth a buy for sure!!!!

  9.  An amazing price for equally amazing films!!!!!


    Love all harry potter's except the new one, (don't let me get into that!!)
    The latest "Order of the phenix" is fantastic and this is truly an emotional rollercoster with great mystery and suspense; even some humor throughout each film!!!
    Lots of action, good acting and the best english films you will see for ages.

    A MUST BUY for anyone who doesn't hate wizards.

  10.  NOT BAD... 3 1/2


    Good and catchy songs but they don't stay good for long as they become annoying. Some songs are a little bit boring but this is a good CD and if you like Gaga then you will really like this; not love!!!... but like!!! :)