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  1.  Low expectations but I was surprised!


    This film is ok. I wouldn't go out of my way to recomend it to enyone however it was worth a watch. Much like boogeyman 2, it's completely different from the first Boogeyman. This is more of a slasher film.

    The gore is good and the acting is also. I just was thinking this was going to dyer, but it's not half bad. Horrorfans wont be too disapointed with it, it delivers the chills and thrills that everybody wants. You may like it more than me though.

    My recomendations:
    Skip this one and stick with Boogeyman 2, its a better film. But give this a try, its worth the watch.

  2.  It left a "vacant" expression on my face...


    I don't really know if I liked or hated this film. As the firt film didn't really hit all the buttons wth me, I wasn't sure on checking out this uneeded sequel but I gave it a shot. This film is shot alot less steady and glossy than the first, this is more gritty and realistic. The acting is good throughout but can be a bit patchy on some parts and unlike most horror films you are not shouting at the victims for being stupid, in this film they are acting sensible. With a budget that looks pretty thin they done well but I just felt myself thinking "why?" throughout most of it. Give it a try, you might like it more than me.

  3.  And to my "Amusement" it was very good!


    However this film was aimed for cinemas but the production company went bust so they had to put it out to dvd. Saying that, this film is kinda creepy, and creepy in the sense if you don't like clowns or blood. I thought the acting was good on the most part and there was alot of suspense and chills throughout. Great little film if it's what you like. I really ejoyed this film and i think others will too.

  4.  Take a bite of this boxset!


    I know all off the negative reviews for "Lost Boys 2:The Tribe" put you off but it's not all that bad! I enjoyed it and i'm a diehard fan of the original. For me it doesn't compare to the first atall because they are so different on so many levels. But just to see the 2 coreys back in it was amazing. Take it as you will, i look at it as just away for the new generation of viewers to experience a cult classic! Buy this boxset you may be pleasantly surprised!

  5.  Wicked Little Film!


    I loved this movie, great acting from everyone who was in it (most of all scout taylor compton). There is a very creepy mood throughout the entire film that sends a chill down your spine. The "Zombies" in this film are very good and have a backstory which i love because they are not braindead, they are killing for a reason. Buy this film. You will not regret it!


  6.  Good Little Teen Film.


    I really didn't know what to expect with this little film when i witnessed the trailer except i knew it was going to target young teenage girls. It was to my pleasant surprise that the film delivered a good story filled with funny parts, likeable characters and good acting from everyone (Ashley shines through the entire cast). However when i was watching, i felt like i had seen something before, i felt as if this film isn't truly original but now i look back on it what was I expecting. This is worth a look and i'm sure no-one can say that was "terrible". The female teenagers will love this flick as it has Sharpay from HSM and a style in the veins of mean girls and sleepover. Watch it, you'll enjoy it!

  7.  A brill film that packs an "unexpected" punch!


    This film was fantastic, its not a slasher film, it's not a teeny bopper. It's a brilliant little thriller. The acting is superb, with not one performance seeming "fake". This film has a good amount of chills, thrills and suspense leading upto the conclusion that keeps you on the edge of the seat throughout all. Buy this you wont regret it.

    Thanks, Jordan

  8.  Not that bad! (some problems)


    I liked this film, im not going to lie because it DID have some flaws but overall it was good. I think the main problem here was originality.I had seen most of it all before and the "killer" was simillar in some ways to Freddy with his camp lines after the kills. The acting was good but it was all the same; Jock, geek, slut and good girl etc. I think you know where i'm going with this. if you want to be entertained then watch this but dont expect something truly original!

    -Jordan :)

  9.  Cant take your eye's off!


    I didn't know really what to expect when i bought this film, but i was plecently surpirsed. There was a good story here and likeable characters. There are a few fimilliar faces; The woman from 30 days of night, that younger girl from The OC. The story was good and totally beleivable. I was thinking to myself "That could totally happen" and these things do happen. Alot of people have been comparing it to Saw and Hostel and dont get me wrong there is a fair amount of gore in it but its not the whole "torture porn" genre and this film is so much better than those other run of the mill goreathons. With breathtaking seenery and suspenseful underwater scenes this film deserves more credit.

    Buy it. you wont be dissapointed!

    -Jordan =)

  10.  Great Little Horror.


    A group of friends play the prank game of "7eventy 5ive" when they were young to a madman and he kills all there family. Years pass and each kid is now in college. They plan a party at a rich kids house and play the game of 7eventy 5ive whilst there. Soon they will realise that would be the biggest mistake of there lives.

    This was a great little horror film that i enjoyed alot. This was in production and was finnished around 2005 but just waited for the right distrubter. Thinking about that this film is even better. It doesn't have the largest budget but the film looks theatrical and they done amazing with what they had. Its a little predictable but what horror film isn't. Buy this little film and dont take it too seriously and get a good little scare out of it.

    Thanks, Jordan.