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  1.  Not that bad!!!


    Okay, good film if you like sci fi but not star trek. I might be missing the point but I thought this was actually an alternative start to Star Trek caused by the Romulans trevelling from the future, and that is why it was so different? To be honest I would have preferred it to carry on with a new crew taking over from Pickard. The way in which Enterprise (TV) was not liked should have made people realise that going back is not the way forward!!

  2.  Fantastic trance album


    I bought Armin's new album early this year and was really let down by it so was wondering what to expect from this. But..... this is awesome. At first I preferred CD 1, and then I preferred CD 2, but now I just love them both. A must for all trance fans!!! Following on from what the last reviewer was saying, try ASOT 2005 instead, still the best one.

  3.  The force can be with you


    Okay, I was really excited about this game until I read the "bad" reviews on here so I decided to download the demo. I thought the demo was quite good and was exactly the sort of Star Wars game I have always been looking for.

    I don't think you can base the whole game on the demo, that's only been put there to give us a little taster, you wouldn't review a whole film based on it's trailer now would you (well some idiots might).

    I'm not saying everyone will love this game but I can see it shaping up quite nicely. I love hack and slash type games (like devil may cry and ninja gaiden) and that is what this is with the twist in that you also get to use the power of the force. I'm sure as the game goes on new powers and skills will be learned, as in most games.

    Graphics are fab, they do the job nicely. People seem to get so hung up on graphics these days, okay I don't want to see a rough looking game but this isn't that bad.

    Playing this feels like your in a Star Wars film, which in essense are just hack'em shoot'em ups too. Let yourself get drawn into the story.

    I've given it 5 stars, not that I'm saying the full game should get that but I'm just trying to make up for the idiots who've given the "whole" game a low score based on the demo. I will be buying this when it comes out!

  4. Imagine


    Armin Van Buuren - CD

    Available  used  from  £10.54

     Big let down


    Really sorry, but I didn't enjoy this album at all. I love Armin Van Buuren, he's my favorite DJ along side Above & Beyond.

    This really is a massive let down as I heard the 'going wrong' song before release and I thought it was awesome. Only thing was that the version I heard was a remix, the album version is not up to much at all.

    I love the Shivers album, that was some fine work but this just doesn't come anywhere near that. Okay one or two have grown on me but there's nothing outstanding here. I wish I could give this 5 stars but it just doesn't cut it.

  5.  Nice!!!


    Looking good, okay a bit of a downgrade from the 60GB but still more memory than my X Box 360 (which I still love). This rivals the X Box better as it's actually the same price now is my 360 was when I bought it a few months ago (and my 360 has a 20GB HDD). There is of course the 360 Elite now at £299 with a massive 120GB HDD. I'd still consider shelling out for the more expensive PS3 due to the specs. I'm just waiting for the PS3 only games, need to see more!!!

  6.  The brick!!!


    I got this phone and hated it, had it for a week before sending it back. The phone is sooo big, didn't know they still made them this size.

    Okay it's got a good camera but you can get much better digitals cameras that are half the size. Everything else on this phone you can get on most other Sony Ericsson's out at the moment.

    Even my Dad referred to this mobile as a brick!!!

  7.  Nice on the eye


    I'll start by saying saying why I gave this game 3 stars, which is for the graphics, story and look of the game.

    I was really looking forward to this game I loved the start and how scared I was at certain points. Then it all sort of wore off, killing enimies isn't that fun and end up using the wrench most of the time as you seem to run out of bullets so fast. When you die you get regenerated, which becomes frustrating when it ends up being in different areas, and suddenly a number of enimies have appeared from nowhere meaning you have to waste more bullets.

    The bloody security lights just become anoying and seem pointless.

    The guardians of the little girls in the game are almost impossible to kill. I've lost count of the number of times I've been killed and regenerated killing these. Get no satisfaction from killing them anyway.

    Have just started playing it again, not been on it for the past two weeks before, that's how dissappointed I am with this.

    For me I got more fun from playing The Darkness, as short as it may be.

    I very nearly gave this two stars, but that's probably been a bit too mean, good story line, good to look at, just not that good to play.

  8.  For all Transformer fans!!


    If you've got a DS and a fan of all things Transformers get the game now!!! Plays great, and as far as the DS goes, has nice graphics. Like the fact that you don't just play a character from the movie you are of your own making, to a certain extent. You can scan vehicles and become them, this also effects the weapons you have.

    There's also the daily challenges which add a great touch as you can gain points which help decide daily if the autobots or decepticons win. You can also go to the game website to see scores, read forums, and join clans. Amazed that the little DS cartridges can hold so much game play and graphic.

    If you love Transformers then this is for you as there is so much than just the story line you can get involved with. If your not a fan you will probably still enjoy this, just not full stars (or maybe, who knows!!). One of the best DS games I have in my collection.

  9.  Ignoring the multiplayer bit!


    This is a fantastic FPS, I'm not normally a fan but this is fantastic. Great story, and everything links in so well together. Still playing the game and had it for two weeks now. Never heard of the comics before but they've done a great job transferring this over to a FPS. Also like the phone numbers you can find which give you bonus items. As my title says, I've ignored the multiplayer part of the game as it has no enjoyment and seems pointless. I'm not bothered about the multiplayer in this game anyway, not sure why you would want it, much better as single player. That's why I've still given it 5 stars. Get it now and enjoy!!!

  10.  Must own game!!!


    Firstly, £17.99 for this, bargin, for exactly the same game on PS3 you have to shell out £39.99.

    This plays fantastically, you need a lot of time and be the type of person to enjoys this type of game. If you like quick shoot'em/slash'em games you may not enjoy it as much as some other titles out there. Quite good to just spend a whole day exploring although if you do this you could end up forgetting what the mission is and be far away from it!! But that's half the fun!!

    I gave it 5 stars because for me personally I can't fault the game (apart from some loading area times). I will be playing this game for a long long time to come!! Fantastic.