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  1.  Amazing


    I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Great graphics and fluid gameplay. The combat could use some work in places, but it still performs perfectly, and provides for a action packed battle. The ability to pause gameplay is a nice touch too, so you can figure out the best tactics for different enemies. I advise being a mage, it is litterally a blast. The several origin beginnings are all very fun, and when you progress through the game, building your team, each area doesnt fail to provide a fun-filled, action-packed experience. Must buy for any oblivion, or like minded RPG lover.

  2.  Amazing


    Great game again by the Total war team. I've played every total war since the start, and after the dissapointing Empire, which was 'OK', this was a refreshing return to the good old sword fighting battles i loved. Fantastic gameplay, with a change in the compaign map compared to previous titles that a don't want to spoil. The reccomended specs on other websites have been quite high, but don't worry, the miniumum specs are fine, and i personally play with some settings on medium to provide smoother gameplay. Even on the best computers, things can lagg. Anyway, Great game, must buy.

  3.  Bargin


    Very well priced. 6 quid for a 4Gb usb, expecially this size. Great buy.

  4.  Played and .. tut tut


    This game seems like a ps2 game, its graphics are poor, gameplay average and stroyline seems pushed and silly at times, not for me.

  5.  Rise of the argonauts


    Just to start it off, this is one of the worst games ive played so far. Let's start off with the most annoying thing... the graphics. This game could easily have great graphics, whoever it has disappointed me greatly. It does produce some very pretty environments, however it looks unfinished. The cut scene graphics are embarrassing, and Jason's beard and hair are rubbish, they look like they have been put on suing paint. Second most annoying thing; this game tried to be an action RPG, however I see barely any RPG qualities. Fair enough you choose what island you go to, and you can roam each one. However the islands are rubbish. You can only walk down specific roads, pre set paths, you can't simply run around like in Oblivion, this is rubbish, and restricting and very boring when doing quests. Whoever this game does have some good points. The dialogue is great, good voicing and a very in-depth system of consequence of what you say. Although sometimes the conversations may drag on, they are very interesting. The combat fighting is also great. It's very satisfying chopping someone in half or throwing a spear through someone's head. However the combos are limited and it soon becomes tedious. Finally this game it overall a drag. TI had great potential and if done by another company, then im sure it would have been great as I love this era of time for game genres, however there is too many problems for me and its far to boring, exp for a next gen console. 2/5 stars and 3/10.

  6.  Resident evil 5


    Resident evil 5 has got to be one of the best games I have played on to date. I actually bought it on a bit of a whim, but im glad I did as its truly awesome. The storyline is great, and one of the best ive played through. The missions never get boring as there is always a much of surprises, and the levels are completely different to keep it interesting. There is a load of surprises, I wont spoilt them but you will be shocked at what this game throws at you. The gameplay is also very thorough, it plays smoothly, and virtually no problems or glitches. However for those of you new the resident evil series it will take some to get used to it as you can walk and aim. As you progress you realise that this isn't restricting in any way. The enemy AI is also great. When u sprint past a bunch of zombies, they won't waddle about like nothings happened, they will turn around and chase after you, and believe me they run like Olympic sprinters in this game. The controls are also very easily handled; everything is easy to get to. The graphics are amazing! No really, they are the best on PS3 so far. I spent a good 10mins looking at some goo on the wall cos it looked so good. Finally this games definatly deserves its 5 stars, it long fulfilling and longer than the average 10 minutes. 10/10!

  7.  Godfather 2


    Godfather 2 has been great fun for me. I played the first one and found it very satisfying taking over New York old school style, so I was very excited for its sequel. In this review im gonna go though 5 topics. Game play, graphics, storyline, AI and overview. Starting with the game play; this game has great game play, fluid and responsive with good controls which can be easily managed. There are some obvious hic ups, however nothing that really rocks the boat. Executions are very satisfying and shooting, driving and the new don's views it also very good. Next up graphics, they pretty much equivalent to GTA 4 style graphics, maybe not as good, however nothing that will annoy you because it looks so bad. The storyline is probably what annoyed me the most. As it is basically no directed to the film and you are the main character of someone who isn't in the film. It has references, however I find that basically all you have to do is take control of 3 islands, and that's not exactly hard. I found myself thinking im gonna spend loads of time taking over Cuba, however I did it in one night... which didn't please me. However the enemy AI is good. Its not great, but its good, however you family are very smart, covering you back all the way. I kept my capo with me at all times and I could basically leave them to take over places, as I upgraded them to the max. Finally, the overview. This game is great. Its not amazing however its at least 3 days of fun, great fun. Therefore it deserves 4 stars. However for a more accurate rating, I would give it an 8/10.

  8.  Samsung T260


    Well I love this TV; it has got to be the best one I have ever purchased. I use it for everything. As the free view box inside is used for obviously watching TV, my PC is linked up via a DVI and my PS3 via HDMI. Plus there is easy switch between the three. Very user friendly and easy to set up and get started quickly. However, I am wondering what the plug & play feature is because I want to know if I can use it. However it is faded out on the menu so I can't select it. Another problem, not with the TV but with play.com. Normally I buy all my stuff off here when it comes to electronics. However with this TV I couldn't because it is over the £100 threshold. Which means it has to be signed on delivery otherwise I can't get it. They also say the delivery man can come between 8am - 6pm, which is when I am never in the house. I needed up playing an extra £60 for the same TV from a retail store... oh well... the TV is still amazing.

  9.  Ratchet & Clank: Tools Of Destruction


    This game is really great. My freinds laugh when i said i was going to get it, but i do not regret it. It is very entertaining and you really do find it addictve. With the traditonal currency of bolts the game offers a huge range of fun weapons and challenging enimies. This truley is a good game, howver with all games you dont want it to end. This is a good 10 hours gaming. Worth £14.99 definatly.

  10.  Rome: Total War


    I rarely give 5 stars to a game, but this one has got to one of the best games i have played in a long time. To complete it in one part of the Roman Army takes atleast a week of hardcore gaming cos the map is huge. Also the fact the the 3 parts of the Roman army is dedicated to is own objectives to conquer; you can go through each section and not be bored. Also when you crush an army or get lots of money it is incredably satisfying. This game is great in every way. Deserves it 5 stars.