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  1.  Great Show, But Plays Second Banana


    I love this show and I think it's well executed and gives great laughs. However, if it came out a year earlier, it would be almost unstoppable, because I think Modern Family just tips it for me. I can't help but compare these shows because they started at the same time and are very similar in their premise (family life). I think The Middle lacks the emotion of the family members as in Modern Family, you can tell the Dunphys/Pritchetts love each other despite the sarcasm and put-downs. The Hecks, however, very rarely show any emotion or care for one another. Despite this, the characters in this show are very unique, especially Brick, and work very well together as a unique, wacky family! I'd still recommend this show to people, but if I had the choice, I'd go for Modern Family.

  2.  The Best American Comedy Ever!!


    After hearing nothing but praise about this show, I had no choice but see the hype and I was very impressed! Modern Family is a witty, clever and hilarious show which can appeal to so many different people. Season 1's 24 episodes each have their own blend of comedy & heart which is rare for comedies as most of them sacrifice the heart for more laughs, this show doesn't even need to sacrifice laughs, it has loads already! This season is incredible and season 2 is equally as incredible, a definite buy!

  3.  Best Season So Far!!


    The first two seasons were brilliant, but the third season is heads and shoulders above the others. This season has some of the best laugh out loud moments of the whole show, like Sheldon's drunk speech, Leonard's mother kissing Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj getting high on cookies and Leonard and Sheldon late night ball pit antics!

    A definite buy for fans, Bazinga!

  4.  Great Comedian, But Very Mainstream


    Michael McIntyre has become Britain's Biggest Comedian and I'm glad he is, great guy and really funny. I know that a minority will not like him and that's because he's for a mainstream audience meaning he appeals to those who know little or nothing about the world of stand-up and some die-hard fans of stand-up might not like it. I'm a fan of stand-up comedy and I think he's great and mentions things I actually think about and relate to, while other comedians say funny things about stuff I've heard of but appeals to more political audiences.

    This DVD has great laugh out loud moments and is really great fun from start to finish.

  5.  Surprisingly Excellent!!


    I'd heard good things about this movie but I was unsure about seeing thinking I wouldn't understand all the "Trekkie" stuff on it, but how wrong I was.

    The film is a fantastic introduction for anyone who has heard of Star Trek but never really watched it, and what's great about it is it's easy to follow, fast paced, enjoyable and unforgettable

    And for £10 for such a blockbuster, a worth while buy!

  6.  The Best Dr Who Related Story So Far!!


    This story is (so far) the best from Torchwood and the Dr Who related universe. The story didn't depend itself on fancy CGI monsters and insane story twists, it was almost like a classic Dr Who episode for the 21st century.

    The main cast did a fantastic job on the characters and Peter Capaldi (Frobisher) was the by far the best supporting actor playing both good guy and bad guy in the story. It was also nice to see Nick Briggs (Voice of the Daleks) having a human role in this story too!

    The story was clever and entertaining, I thought the writers would drag the same story over 5 days but they put in some entertaining sub storys in too. The 456 were great bad guys in this story as they were very scary particularly with the child hooked up to it.

    Although John Barrowman as a person is annoying, he's fantastic as Captain Jack and he should just stick to being Jack and nothing else.

    The reason I say it's the best story so far is because I bet the writers have something big planned for David Tennant's last story but until Christmas, this is the best!

  7.  Some of Top Gear's Finest Moments on 1 Disc!


    Top Gear have released a third installment of their challenges DVD, the first volume was brilliant, the second one was all right but the third brings it back on form!

    Three of my favourite challenges are on this disc, the british leyland challenge, the alfas and the lorrying with classic failure and laughs from the TG boys on all challenges.

    A must buy for all TG fans!

  8.  Lots of fun but...


    This game is one of Nintendo's best and is very clever and inventive. It gets everyone up off their seats and also shows you how fat or thin you are.

    I have two problems with it though, the first is I don't think the game itself helps you lose weight, it gives you the confidence and inspiration to lose weight, I sometimes spend an hour on it and not be out of breath and i'm very lazy. The second is the price, the game itself is worth £30, i don't think the balance board is worth £40 though, if the board was £20-£30 then I would recommend it to others but I do think it's a little on the expensive side.

  9.  Finally!


    After months of playing the songs on guitar, it's good to know the drums are out, and can be bought on its own.

    My only problem is the price, play.com have lowered it but £79.99 is still too much, either wait until the price drops or buy the band bundle and sell the stuff you have.

  10.  Great Party Game For All!


    Guitar Hero have done it again and made another fantastic addition to the franchise. People can play the drums and microphone so it's more fun for parties.

    The best thing about the game is the songs are more mainstream so everyone knows at least a few songs like beat it and la bamba instead of previous games having songs from little known bands.

    Overall this is a fun game and if you have the full band, the fun never ends!