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  1.  fifa 14 is like pro evo ps2 days


    fifa 14 is like pro evo the great ps2 days its slower u gotta play it right why people are not liking it it got much better co op options this year i myself and my friends on xboxlive love it you gotta learn this gamr play as a team,4-5 from me i like it alot and still play fifa 2diffrent games

  2.  Rushed fifa on wii u


    having not seen any reviews for this game i decided to buy it, the graphics are ok ps3 xbox standard, online works well but there aint many playing online, but most importantly online team 11 vs 11 is missing, so is ultimate team mode which for me keep me playing online, you can play vs online but have to wait as people dont play it much you dont need a online pass to play online like xbox and ps3, but if have xbox or ps3 get fifa on them consoles

  3.  better then the pic play show


    nice jacket smart black shiny great fit at 12pound it was a steel

  4.  just as the last reviewer said


    its lush for 5pound ita a real bargin buy buy buy really nice design

  5.  csi is short but sweet


    most of these are on xbox this is only one on ps3 and are easy to to get achievements or trophies can be finish is an afternoon 5cases different seens easy not worth 5stars



    first of this game is awsume you can play the campaign 4player co op online--theres achievements to play insane so it make u wana get it and try hard --a really good team working game,...the online is awesume to horde 50 levels,beast beastmode 12levels were u play as the beasts killing humans-reverse of horde, There is also team-wingman-warzone-and other modes alot to do and play,u can even play these modes vs cpu ur self.. the graphix are amazing i havent stoped playing this its so much better this tym round,gears 1and 2 are also fantasic - this also has 3 avatar awards which are easy to unlock ---a locast beast face--hat--and t-shirt for ur avater lot of love has gone in to this game and all i can say is buy it ASAP i havent got fifa12 yet i love this 8) so much fun

  7.  not good space channel 5 part2saves this


    got this 8quid fair price the ports are not the best quality prob lazy u can listen to ur own music xbox so crazy taxi muzuk not bother me -- space channel 5 2 is the reason i got this as it very expensive on ps2 or dreamcast still -- sonic adventure is average as is bass fish which used a rod controller or the d-cast -- but the good thing is EACH game has avater awards if will need to play each game 5 and 10 hours to unlock the goodies boo lol

  8.  so boring older harry potters r better


    ive enjoyed geting 1000g on harry potter games but this is so bad it a wand fps i wud defo recommend getin the older games on 360 before u get this lazy boring game

  9.  really good co-op 1000g easy game


    i brought this for an easy 1000g its a reali good game wer u use shrek-gurl shrek-boots-donket for different tasks to win levels not jus for kids good for adults to

  10.  short easy 1000g game


    the story mode is very easy may b 5hours or so collecting is the main tym consuming thing in this game very fun short game