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  1.  Sonic looks good even on T-shirts


    The print is very well done, and as it's been pointed out, it's on the side of the shirt. Being a little thick, it can be sort of hot during summer, and also sort of rigid. However the rigidity issues goes away with use and washes. The print will stay there even after many uses and wash cycles. The print on the side is an attention getter, as it's different than practically every other t-shirt. The fabric is dark blue and works very well with the print.

  2.  It's an incredibly huge game, and it's awesome, too.


    This game has bugs. Luckily they squished the worst ones with patches, but every now and then something might go awry.
    That said, i love this game! Brilliantly set in a post nuclear war in the future as from the 50's, you roam the wastelands, kill things (and people) and try to survive. It's not easy, you might stumble into big trouble, be it somebody that wants you dead or simply some huge animal that isn't friendly at all. Everything in the game looks awesome, from the weapons to the people and everything in between. Main mission is the "usual" find the disappeared person thing, and while it's not too long nor especially interesting... side missions are incredible. Tons of them, hidden everywhere! One of my favorite ones is to help somebody to make a wasteland survival guide: it's mostly getting hurt to test new way to patch you up and testing things. Very funny.
    You can customize your character pretty deeply, if you want to. There is a karma meter in the game, and you will fill it one way or another while taking decisions. Be evil, and you won't have access to perks that are for good people, and vice versa. Moreover people will remember you, one way or another. Just don't expect to be welcome in any place where you killed and robbed.
    Gameplay wise, it's pretty much a first person shooter with rpg features, however you don't need to shoot in first person, you can enable V.A.T.S. that will allow you to aim at a certain spot of an enemy, and then the character will act by itself. Results will vary depending on your skill. I love this mode.
    It's dubbed awesomely, and sounds are very well done. Also "there is no music". Given the kind of game it would've ruined the experience... however you do have a radio with you, hat can be tuned on the few radio stations that are available. But it's an analog transmission and you might even get out of range and lose it! Obviously it's all old songs.
    The collector's edition comes in a nice lunch box package, just like the ones you might find scattered during the game, and it's metallic. Very cool. Inside, there is a bobble-head doll... like the ones you will find in the game, again very cool. Other goodies include an art book with plenty of beautiful artworks and a bluray with the making of the game. Everything is cool and awesome.
    A thing i didn't like is the level cap at 20 levels, that being used to grinding roughly to 90 levels was quite a let down, but luckily it's not too much of an issue.

  3.  "And so our story begins"


    To begin with, Fable is an amazing game. First or second one, it's the same: amazing. Great music, good story, good graphics, very well done gameplay.
    You start as a little boy/girl that apparently is an orphan, "surviving" with your older sister. Murgo the trader comes in town, and has plenty of magical items (somebody buys a mirror that makes you beautiful, as long as you are alone in complete darkness, loll) and a REALLY magical music box. You work a bit to buy that, use it to make your wish to live in the Fairfax castle true and..... the story really begins. Obviously in a terrible downfall.
    What makes this game interesting, is that almost everything you do influences the world. Be evil, killing robbing and generically being a nuisance, and the economy of the town you are making a mess will collapse, lowering also the value of real estate. Work hard, kill bandits and be loved by everybody, and that town's economy and real estate value will skyrocket.
    Or you can help the people from the temple of the Light, and destroy the temple of the shadow... or vice-versa. No matter what your dog will love and follow you forever. The dog is an interesting part of the game: it can fight (i found it pretty pointless though) it finds hidden treasure like treasure chests, silver keys and plain and simply buried stuff.
    There is a lot to do in this game. Not too long story, but a good deal of sidequests that sometimes are completely crazy, like helping a ghost to get vengeance, helping a drunk old sailor to prove that he has really seen a certain ghost, help the cemetery guardian with a "scientific experiment" and so on.
    Some points of the game put what you earned on the line: will you lose some of your experience to avoid doing something evil? Most importantly, what will you choose at the end of the game? Took me a few minutes to decide, the first time. Those are the moments where Fable 2 gives it's best, it's not just a decision that will make your character good or bad, it will actually be "you worked hard to get to this point, would you sacrifice some of that for the good of the others?" and believe me, an absolutely good hero does a lot of sacrifices :-|
    Everything you do, everything you wear.... all this changes how people will react to you. Big guy with girly clothes? You can do that. Cute female hero with mustaches? Why not?
    Dubbing is awesome, and there is lots and lots of british accent here. I love that.
    What's bad of this game? Bugs. Huge games always have bugs... luckly here it's (almost) always little things.

  4.  Portable, but still Gran Turismo


    This one is a little gem. A mix between GT5 Prologue and GT4, it has an insane amount of cars (863, if you take out all the "dupes" it's still over 500) a good deal of tracks, and probably the best graphics for a racing game on the PSP. What i found to be sucking majorly is the music, but luckily you can unlock the ability to use your own mp3 by doing a couple of challenge sets.
    How it handles? Pretty well if you consider the analog nub of the PSP, and the total lack of other analogic controls, giving a full throttle/bashing the brakes driving style. Then again, this isn't GT4 (or GT5...).
    Another thing that i didn't like and worse, i couldn't find a reason why they did it like that, is the fact you have to buy cars when those are aviable. You can't go say, to Nissan's dealership and buy any car you want. Nope. Every 2 days you get a few dealerships with some cars! This is my reason to hand out 4 stars instead of 5.
    There is local wireless play, and car trading. Challenges are mostly fun. There is the Nurburgring.
    The collectors edition comes in a nice cardboard sleeve, and has some postcards of the Bugatti Veyron. You also get a completely black Veyron as a dowloadable extra.

    It can install up to a whole gb of data (if you want to install data, you need at least 530mb free) to speed up load times, and that's very welcome.

  5.  He'll be an okage sooner or later. Believe it! :D


    I'm not a Naruto fan, but CyberConnect2 makes awesome Naruto games, as i learnt. This one is their first awesome on the PS3 :D
    To an untrained eye, it looks like a cartoon or a 2d game, probably the best effect of that kind togheter with Valkyria Chronicles and Street Fighter 4. The level of detail is incredible, for example Naruto has an alternative uniform, being his pajama. One of his moves is slightly altered (look wise) in this case, as one of his clones will be sleeping in the background during the whole thing. Also the facial expressions really look good, and have a feel very close to the anime ones. Dubbing is good, but only if you consider the japanese voices, otherwise it's a typical lousy videogame dubbing. That's sad, but at least i got used to it and try to use all my games with the original dubs or language.
    The story is a bit repetitive, no doubt. However the increasing difficulty and the, you know, the story itself make the whole experience worth it. Grabbing all the stuff that gets dropped in the village after every mission is tedious, but for some reason i felt like i really had to do that. Weird.
    On the gameplay side, you need to know this is mostly a button masher. You won't really be able to win just punching around, but the system is really simple to use and pretty much every move is doable by everybody. You better grab the demo off the PSN, just in case.
    There are a bunch of free expansions aviable for download, that add (well, they actually unlock, not add) new missions, support charachters and other goodies. You totally want those, especially since we are talking about roughly 1mb if you sum all of them.
    Speaking of the story, this won't go into the Shiippuden part. Nope. For that, you'd better off with the US version of Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden that came out like last month or in may here in Europe for the PS2 (old gen, but looks sweet). However what's in this game is still a good story, a good amount of incredibly well done charachters and plenty of fun. If any of your friends is a Naruto fan, this will be most likely the only game you'll play togheter. And you'll have fun :D

  6.  Dumb chit chat dosen't kill gameplay (but it tries to)


    This is a fun game. As many have pointed out, the Star Wars charachters are totally out of place, but meh, i just ignore them. Not that you'll be able to ignore the Apprentice in Arcade mode... he's really cheap and hard to defeat. Seriously, play the game a bit in story mode before going for arcade, you'll need some practice.
    Everything on screen is well done and looking good, and the sounds do their job. Some people have bad.. squealing while they fight, and a lot worse are the one liners they tell each other before/after a fight. Some are totally horrible. Also i got the feeling that the translations for those get things even worse. Well, every now and then they'll say something so stupid it'll even be fun, but averagely you'll want to skip those "pre battle verbal abusing".
    Luckly the gameplay is fun and reasonably complex. Takes a little to learn, and a good deal to master. It's interesting that the charachter maker allows you to build your own fighter from the ground. The tools aren't for absolute customization, but they still allow a good deal of variations in the body. And then there are weapons and armors/clothes. Looking around the net, some people have made a whole science out of the charachter maker, picking out the best combos of weapons and armor to boost the stats to something impressive. Or you can just make something that looks cool, and keep away from the special fights, so that it's just the basic strenght without any weird extras. Obviously they gave us plenty of fan service with this system (i'm stil a low level charachter, so once i had to use cute CAT PAWS as gloves to increase my power.... seriously.) so you can have your charachter basically in underwear and nothing else. Oh, speaking of underwear and armour, the latter has some use, as it actually absorbs the hits. Until it breaks, and then it's full power right to the carachter, this is really interesting. Plus if you go at it, you can basically get the opponent in underwear. It's fun the first couple of times.
    There is also a tower of souls mode, that is pretty much a series of fights against a few enemies of growing power. This one is really hard, and can get frustrating.
    Online fights can be pretty fun, but you need to find somebody that has a good connection, otherwise it's totally pintless. A second of lag won't kill the fun. It will absolutely kill ANYTHING you'll try to do, as it will be in slow motion and jerky!

    I like this game. Soul Blade/Edge started it all and was awesome, and while i had just a brief experience with Soul Calibur 2-3, this one is good. Maybe fans of the series will have something against it, but generally it's a good game.

  7.  Everybody will like this one


    A bit unexpected, but that's really the result. Sure, you might look a bit childish, but in the end everybody notices the cuteness of this t-shirt. Print is good, and the fabric too.
    I actually had to order another one for a friend that wanted one immediatly after noticing this lovely yellow thing on me.

  8.  This IS one of the best games ever!


    Impossible to not notice, this game looks awesome. However eye candy alone isn't worth a purchase, and luckly here both gameplay and story are really well done. Also, the music is pretty epic.

    At the beginning i though the particular looks of this game was making my eyes hurt just after a quick game, but when i noticed what a "quick game" meant in this case, everything got explained: it dosen't feel more than 5-10 minutes per battle, but it might actually be more like 20-40 minutes! So you go all "just another skirmish to level up my scouts" and then another one to buy that tank upgrade, and another one because last one didn't go as smooth as you'd hoped, and there we go, a whole afternoon is past without you noticing it. Wow. Several other games can do that, but you'll know a lot of time has passed. With Valkyria Chronicles, time just seems to slip past you.
    Anyway, on the matter of the story it's a slightly unusual one, placing you (a young guy that loves nature and wants to be a science teacher) fighting for the freedom of your tiny country that is being invaded by a powerful military nation, looking for the land's abundant ragnite resources. In all of this you get with a weeeeird squad, seeing you as the squad leader, giving orders from a tank to a baker, a singer and a vegetable lover. That's the very basis of squad 7, however you can recruit more people, up to 9, from a very wide list that grows with the game progress, leading to some interesting mix. Now, given the whole recruiting bit the experience your team members gain in battle could seem to be lost if you only dare to change somebody, however the experience is given not to the single person, but to everybody with a certain specialization. Say you suddenly want to get new snipers, your old snipers experience gets passed onto the new ones. Easy, and you won't be stuck with the same people forever!
    The actual battles are an interesting mix of strategy and real time, meaning that every unit requires some "Command Points" to act, but once you selected the unit from a nice old map looking screen, the game zooms in and you control directly that unit. For every turn an unit can use it's equipment once, and can move until the action points are over. The shooting bit changes the game pace, as all action stops while you aim at your target. The charachter will then shoot by itself, basing it's aim on where you aimed, and the gun/charachter precision. All in all, the thing works great, and it's a lot simpler to do than to explain.

    Now, for the thing that really amazed me: since it's presented like a book telling the story of squad 7 durng the second Europan war, you'll go through chapters and so on. Also, there is an hystorical background in that book, meaning that you might want to read a lot of details about the war, the weapons, the people... seriously, a LOT of reading material. Optional so that if you don't feel like digging that deep into the plot, you are free to do so.
    On the sound side, dubbing is great, and guns sounds as realistic as they could.

    What weak points this game has? I'd say that id dosen't have an auto save function, but that's all.
    So, i really suggest everybody to download the demo from the PSN and see for yourself what the gameplay feels, but this is really a great game, probably a "mandatory purchase" for any PS3 owner.