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  1.  Good, but could have been great


    This is a pretty good remake by 'Mr Lord of the Rings,' Peter Jackson. There are some nice set pieces and the emotion and thoughfulness displayed by Kong are fantastic. The relationship between beauty and the beast is well crafted and creates an emotional response from the viewer. However, this film could have gone from good to great by just taking two elements out. First, the sequences with the Brontosaurus', which are one step too far into the realms of improbability and so obviously shot against blue screen. The second is the live action acting of Andy Serkis. In this film we see him try to act his way out of a paper bag and failing dismally (it must be worry for an actor when his motion capture work is then computer generated to 'act' far better than he ever could in real life.)

    All this said, this version of King Kong is definitely worth a watch. New York looks great and so does Kong. Even though I skip the Brontosaurus section and cringe whenever Serkis tries to act, I still enjoy this movie very much.

  2.  Truly Awesome, no sorry, I meant awful


    This is one of the worst films I've ever seen. With a sense of humour that is stale, forced and unfunny, this movie does all it can not to entertain, but to torture the viewer. The plot and characters totally fail to interest or pull you in and therefore this film fails on every level. Definitely one to avoid if you have a good sense of humour and want to be entertained. Personally, I'd prefer to be locked in an iron maiden for a couple of hours than ever watch this film again.

  3.  A good chilled album


    Soundphiles is on the whole a really great album and great for chilling out to. The only let down is track 8. It features a man saying that a story about a butterfly sitting on a tree shows the world is alive. Yes, it's a nice metaphor, but it doesn't show the earth is alive, just as a metaphor about a butterfly on a rock wouldn't show the earth isn't alive. This said, the album is definitely worth a listen and a purchase.

  4.  Oh Kenneth!


    With great performances from Robert De Niro and Richard Briers, this film has some great moments, it's just a shame they're only moments. The whole film could have been much improved by one simple change; remove Kenneth Branagh from the equation. In relation to this film his mediocre directing goes hand in hand with his over dramatic stage acting (the only time I've seen him act well on screen is when he doesn't direct himself in the fantastic Othello, starring Lawrence Fishburn). It's such a shame that this opportunity to make a great adaptation was missed, but at least the movie does hit a few high notes, and we have to thank Helena Bonham Carter for adding some screen acting talent to many of the scenes featuring Branagh.

  5. Thor



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     An average film that could have been so much better


    It's such a shame that the perpetual Mr. Average, Kenneth Branagh, directed this film. It had the potential to be really good, especially considering some of the great cast members, but Branagh managed to bring his nondescript directing to the project to turn it into a rather limp offering. I suppose we should be thankful he didn't act in it as well. Worth a watch, but not sure it's worth a purchase.

  6.  An inspiration


    This is a great film and has Danny Boyle's sense of style stamped all over it. The acting from Ecclestone is first rate as a spontaneous poet. This is a great film which I found both inspiring and uplifting. If you're creative in any way then this is worth giving a try. It's an undiscovered masterpiece by the director of trainspotting.

  7.  Wow! What a find


    This is a great film which I only bought because of other reviews on play. The acting is just great, as are the touches of humour. Ultimately, this is a very poignant film which, I have to admit, had me in tears. Definitely worth it.

  8.  A firework?


    This film is like a firework. You light it and stand back. You watch, unable to keep your eyes off the action and the fine acting. And then, just when you're expecting it to go off - phut! It's a dud and nothing happens. Such a shame, because this film was excellent until the end where it just fell flat.