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  1.  High movie standered so..


    I have a high movie standered so i will not give this any thing higer then 1.

    Absolutly no plot what so ever, i feel it was a bit of an excuse to just have abba songs and have abba fans claim it to be happy because you can sing the songs? But this doesnt mean it deserves 5 stars!!!

    This is a film review not an abba review!

    I will never ever watch again, i got a headache and the dancing was very questionable!

    I didnt like the way the movie is used for an advert for abba songs, i love the way since this has been released an abba singstar etc etc has been released!! :0

    1 Star.

  2.  really good


    Really good story line and film... 4 Stars from me.

  3.  really liked this


    It has lots of action etc.. Which i love.. Story is good also, better then dark knight.. Its just people havnt given this one the credit they gave dark knight!!

  4.  better then dark knight


    This is better then dark knight, but dark knight is still prettty good, i gave dark knight 4 because i would give it 3.5 but rounded up to 4!

    I love the way he is trained up to be batman and how he becomes batman.. Theres more action in dark knight tho... But this has a better villain... I hated the sonar water evaporator gadget.. It was rubbish! But overally 4 out of 5.

  5.  Fantastic!


    Just brilliant and amazing! Love sandman, lots of action the best villains ever!!! I cannot believe this only has 3.5 stars and dark knight has 4.5!!!! I love this movie!! It should have 5!!!! No way 3!!! Amazing comic book, fab action and amazing villains the best villains ever!

  6.  Loved it!


    I love this film. Lots of action, great villains.. The best comic book dvd this year! I really liked this it is different and i prefer it to the dark knight etc...

    Just brilliant, not at all boring!

  7.  good


    This is good but there isnt much of a plot and there is too much singing... They dont sing too bad tho.

    Its all a bit fake etc but one of the killings isnt fake.

    I hated the twist at the end! I just thought it should have been different!

    It was good but just not great, i knew the twist the minute i saw a certain scene as well so ... Overall not great.. But very dark and not boring and felt quicker then 1hr 45. So not bad! The best musical this year.

  8.  I did like it


    I did like this movie. When i watched it i wasnt watching it in the best circumstances, lots of distractions etc.. so i give it 3/4 stars, but without distractions i am sure i would have given a 4!

    I liked the way the Joker went around telling everyone different stories of how he got the scars and i liked the action. Compared to Tim Burtons version this is loads better, i would have given the old version 1 star - the joker in the old version was rubbish.

    I didnt think this film was a big deal as what people said it was! Because it was old typical comic book stuff but still good just not as great as people said...

    I thought the movie was boring in places, but i liked the twists in the movie ! I still do not really like the joker tho. he wasnt funny and wasnt acted that well i didnt think he was a good villain like the ones in spiderman etc.. he has no reason to be doing what he was doing etc etc...
    Just my Opinion tho.

    Overall 4 stars. And i am Hard to please!!!