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  1. BioShock



    2 New from  £43.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £20.99

     Smashing... but a teeny bit repetitive.


    Let me start by saying that this is a lot of game for 9.99.
    It will keep you entertained and occupied for a good couple of weeks, if not more.
    The story is very gripping, and is a fresh take on the survival horror genre. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Dead Space or Resident Evil.
    The graphics were absolutely astounding when the game was released on Xbox in 2007, and even by today's standards they are pretty good.
    The gameplay is relatively fresh, but at times the combat can get a bit tedious and difficult.
    All in all though, this game is very good, worthy of every good review it received and a bargain at only a tenner, buy it now!

  2.  Perfect....apart from one thing


    Previously to buying this, I used the Playstation Eye, it was adequate, but not very clear and did not always pick up speech.
    This Headset solved that problem, the sound it produces is of the highest quality, and I can honestly say that it's quality is equal to that of most modern telephones.
    The volume buttons are nice and practical, and the little stand is great for charging.
    The mute button is also a great feature as it allows you to block out noisy Americans or annoying people playing ridiculous music while you are playing CoD.
    The one downside, and it's quite a big one, is that after playing for an hour or two, it can get quite sore in your ear, the bit that you put in your ear is just too long.
    Don't let this put you off though, as it is a very good headset and well worth £17.99

  3. Fuel



    5 New from  £6.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.36

     Top Notch


    I don't know why others have rated this game so poorly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    The Map is OUTRAGEOUSLY huge and actually holds a guiness world record for the largest map ever seen on a videogame.
    Graphically, this game isn't going to win any awards, but they are adequate enough, especially considering the scale of the map.
    Fans of Burnout and Motorstorm will have serious fun playing this game, and although it lacks the polished feel of Motorstorm and the seamless online potential of Burnout, Fuel is still a nice little offroad game and will keep you occupied for a few weeks.
    Having played the demo before purchasing, I was less then enthralled by it, but after reading a good few reviews I decided to buy, and haven't regretted it as of yet.
    Possibly the easiest platinum after Hannah Montana, Serious gamers should have it within a week's play.
    All in all, Fuel is a nice little solid game, and should keep your attention for a few weeks, if (like myself) you love trophies, then don't think just buy, and the platinum shall be your's within a short time.

  4.  Amazing Value, Excellent Quality


    I've been looking about for a skin for my new ipod for a while now, and these jumped out at me, the cheapest skin other than this that I saw was £8 and was a weird beige colour.
    £6 for 5 of these is an amazing deal, I seriously would reccomend that you buy these before they all get snapped up.
    The quality of these skins is also first class, they are soft in your hand, have no rough edges (like more expensive ones I have had previously) and fit the iPod perfectly.
    Seriously, if you have an iPod touch and want to protect it, these are not only the cheapest (by far) but also the highest quality skins you can buy.

  5. inFamous



    2 New from  £29.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.89

     inFinitely Good!


    Sheer brilliance, another great PS3 exclusive!
    This game is simply breathtaking, the gameplay is fresh and unique, Cole is a likeable and pleasing character, and the sandbox style is equal to that of Grand Theft Auto.
    I bought the game on the day of it's release and havent been able to put it down since, it really is that good.
    The graphics are good (although to be honest, i have seen alot better) and the atmosphere of Empire City makes for a great storyline.
    There are what seems like millions of side missions, collectables, upgrades and loads of other little nice things to keep you entertained.
    If I had to pick faults i would say that the combat can become reasonably repetitive, however, this is balanced out by the sheer scale of the game.
    Another great thing about inFamous is the relative easiness of the trophies, i am already quite close to getting the platinum, having only had it for a couple of weeks.
    Overall, inFamous is a great summer blockbuster, and i am sure most casual gamers (and nerdy ones too) will enjoy it a great deal.

  6.  A cross between Peep Show and American Pie


    The funniest and easily best new sitcom on british television for years, so accurate, so acutely clever, and above all, gobsmackingly hilarious!
    This is what you, get when you take the best parts of Peep Show (let's face it, the best sitcom ever) and mix them up with American Pie.

  7.  "Tina, come get some ham!"


    The funniest, quirkiest and sweetest teen film ever made. Not for people who like slapstick or obvious comedy, the first time I watched it I really didn't "get it", but then when you watch again you realise just how amazingly funny the jokes and mannerisms of the characters are. My favourite character is definetly Kip, he pretty much sums up what is so great about this film.

    Such an amazing film, such an amazing price, buy it now!

  8.  Brilliance


    Excellent price (considering I previously bought a 120GB for £70) Simple to install, inserted into PS3 within minutes. Best option available to anybody seeking a hard drive upgrade for their PS3, you will literally never run out of space! I even transferred all the songs and films from my ipod, and still have well over 240GB left.

  9.  Brilliance


    A superb game, will keep you going for months or even years. Easily the best in it's genre.

  10.  Great, but not as great as COD4.


    Last year, COD4 came out and wowed everybody, it had it all, an excellent story, and most importantly, the greatest online shooter gameplay ever seen. COD WAW seems to be missing something. The storyline is superb, much better than COD4, but the older guns and setting don't seem to work as well online. The lack of weapons is also a big downside. However, the graphics are superb (the game can operate at 1080p) and a great new feature added to the game is the brutal violence. Limbs go flying and blood spurts at every opportunity. Overall, a great game both offline and online, but if you expect it to be better than COD4, think again.