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  1.  Phenomenal!


    This film, is easily my favourite film of all time. It is touching, disturbing, beautiful in some places and just downright fantastic throughout. I highly rate all of the performances in this film, especially Jared Leto and Ellen Burstyn. A must watch, absolutely brilliant

  2.  love it


    comfy tee, the print really stands out, i love mine, fits really well as well.. would definitely recommend to any one who is as big a 30 seconds to mars fan as me! :)

  3.  Absolutely brilliant!


    I was unsure whether to buy a pair of these, as my concern was whether they were going to be as good as the original IPod Touch headphones, which are pretty decent..

    But I am so happy I did buy these headphones! Not only do they look amazing, the sound quality is perfect, just like your near the artist.. The bass is impeccable, you will hear things in the music that you never heard before!

    They also come with a little carry case for the headphones, which is quite cool, and the headphones do exactly as they say - they don't tangle in the slighest.

    In my opinion, without a doubt the best headphones on the market, if you can afford them - buy a pair, you won't be disappointed.

  4.  Buy it!


    If you are an avid as a Pokemon fan as I am I believe that this game is an absolute must buy.

    In my opinion, Gold and Silver were the best games in the Pokemon franchise, and now that they have been re-vamped, they are better then ever. The story line is pretty much the same as the Gold and Silver series, but has had a few mior tweaks to make it all the more better. The use of the touch screen is alot more prevalent in this game then in the others'. Used for the menu, it is not at all hard to get used to, and even if you don't like this feature, you can still use he control pad to navigate through the menu.

    The graphics are brilliant, especially on some particular moments of the game, and the Pokemon have been given new animations, the whole game is alot more 3D.

    Featurwise, there is so much more to do in HG + SS, with regards to a new Safari Zone, and a particuarly addictive game in Goldenrod city. The phone function that was originally in Silver and Gold, comes in particuarly handy, especially when you want to check on the progress of Pokemon you have left in the Day Care Centre. I would say more but I don't want to ruin the game for all you potential buyers ha!

    Furthermore, the game is slightly harder then the rest, and is more of a challenge, instead of going through the games easily, which don't get me wrong doesn't not make them enjoyable, but it is alot more interesting to complete with that extra length challenge.

    In my opinion, this game is WELL worth the money, and I would greatly recommend it to any Pokemaniac,

  5.  brilliant.


    brilliant value for money, quality little leather case. highly recommended!

  6.  Pure brilliance.


    This Is War is very different to A Beautiful Lie, and to the very first album.
    But is still absolutely excellent.
    With songs like "This Is War, Night of The Hunter, Kings And Queens, Alibi, Hurricane" and so many more that speak brilliance in the lyrics, and come into great songs its its the album of the year, and definitely should be one you own if your as avid a 30 Seconds To Mars fan as I am :)
    Based on this, I can't wait to see them in February :)

  7.  not bad


    Loved the first film, second was good, third was ok.

    Make up in this one is very bad, and not at all scary of Kayako, but story line is generally good, but unfortunately, has gotten predictable, and not as scary as it once was.

    Nonetheless, good storyline, enjoyed some parts very much, if you can get this film for £5.99 as I did, and you have enjoued the past Grudge films, its worth a buy.

  8.  great1


    after buying take to the skies and seeing these live in my hometown, i didnt think that the second album would match, but when i heard common dreads i thought it was awesome. different for enter shikari; not as screamy, so if you prefer less screamy vocals you'll definitely love this!
    with the trademark "and still we will be hear, standinglike statues here" this album is brilliant, different, quirky and just the way we like enter shikari.

  9.  best album of the year?


    this album is brilliant. hilarious, great guitar riffs with many catchy tunes. metal is well and truly back!
    just dont listen to it if you are easily offended!

  10.  must have!


    this game is absolutely brilliant, I love it. It has hours of game play, and I have played it over and over again I find it that entertaining. The story line is brilliant, and the game is actually a bit of a challenge, rather then the usual nothingness of todays games. It is expensive to find nowadays, but you must have it! for gamecube graphics it is brilliant as well!