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  1.  Not true to size


    I ordered a 12 but it seems more like a 14, doesn't fit and sit very well either, I am using it as a t-shirt to go with my pyjamas as I couldn't be bothered to return. The print is nice, but if you are looking for a 'skinny' fit t-shirt, this is not the one.

  2.  Side splitting fun!


    This is simply one of the best sitcoms ever to have graced UK television. Absolutely as daft as a brush, its likeability factor is so high because it is so simple in script. The laughs are predictable, the characters so lovable and each episode contains so much silliness that it it is a treat to watch. The mix of the 3 Priests on Craggy Island is superb, and watching their counterparts in various other locations is always so funny. Ted Crilly has his work cut out for him being with the loud & abusive alcoholic Jack, and the simple yet charmingly innocent Dougal. Throw in Mrs Doyle for all housekeeping duties especially the tea making, and I just think it is so charming and keeps you laughing long after the episode has finished.

    Season 3 was always going to be the last one, but the very sad and untimely death of Dermot Morgan really has left a huge hole in the UK comedy scene, who else could kick Bishop Brennan up the ar** with such panache (and produce the best 10 by 10 canvas I have ever seen). Ted dancing to Shaft still gives me stitches especially when suicidal Priest Kevin also cheers up with the music in his ears. Also, the Priests in the lingerie department- brilliant! The best thing about the whole series is that the 3 amigos hardly do any Priest work- most of the time Ted is thinking of ways to see off his nemesis Father Dick Byrne.

    You must buy this. The price is awesome because for sure you will watch this over and over again.

    And as the lovely Mrs Doyle would say.."go on, go on, go on, go on, go on." BUY IT! Absolute genius stuff.

  3.  An absolute beauty of a film.


    Wow. What can I say about this movie without repeating other comments? Tim Burton is an absolute genius to think this one up. It is simply one of the most watchable and lovable films of our times highlighting good intentions gone wrong. I bought the soundtrack to this too, and I can just listen to the gorgeous songs over and over again especially 'What's this' and 'Sally's song'. There is something quite wholesome about this movie and I think you need to watch it and truly appreciate the warm feeling it gives you. It can be a little frightening for very young children, but it is visually stunning, magically illuminating- your eyes will open VERY wide to appreciate this in all its beauty. If you are a bit of a Halloween fan too e.g. ghosts, vampires and ghouls, the film is a visual feast and funny in places (the two faced Mayor!). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy- I really envy those of you who have not had the pleasure of seeing this for the first time, you will be stunned.

  4.  A strong hearted tale


    Possibly not the most obvious Disney movie around, but certainly one of the best. I remember watching this years ago, and have recently purchased on DVD and have fallen in love all over again. The accompanying music is stunning, and this film appeals to all those who believe in the power of travelling and exploring new possibilities. I fell in love with the Disney heroine here because she is a strong, resilient and thoughtful individual who can be a very good role model for young girls. I love it- I think the scenery is stunning, and the message is a powerful one which can be felt throughout all the ages.

  5.  Sizing issues!


    I feel thoroughly depressed! Having worked very hard to maintain a healthy size 14- I ordered this t-shirt in XL as I was aware that there may be sizing issues (the XL is around a size 16) and it is still so skinny as a fit. You have to be really careful with this top- it will cling to everything possible. Shame, I love the colour and the design, but when I am ever going to wear it if I feel so self-conscious about any lump and bump being on display!

  6.  Nothing beastly about this!


    I cannot wait for this to be released on Blu-Ray. I don't quite know what it is about this film that makes it the best Disney film by a mile, perhaps it is the moral of the tale. The music, the characters, the colour- everything leaves you hypnotised. I really wish that there were more films of this calibre out these days. It is a timeless classic, I don't have children yet, but I know when I do, they will appreciate it as much as I have done. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. A must-buy and get it whilst you can- these always sell out quick.

  7.  Absolutely amazing!! A must have for music lovers


    Enigma's latest offering is simply stunning. It has a huge variation of music tracks in different languages, and every track pulsates through your head in an awe-inspiring manner. You will be totally transported to unknown lands whilst listening. It is a long way from the Gregorian chants that Enigma started with, but my God, what a musical feast for the ears.

  8.  Sexy album!


    Wow, I could listen to the sexy, sultry tones of Bryan all day and night. A fantastic album of his greatest hits which can be listened to whatever mood you are in. 'Don't stop the Dance' is just gorgeous. Worth a purchase!

  9.  Nice, sleek looks. Worth purchasing.


    After using numerous work laptops over the year, I decided to finally purchase my own. I am happy with this purchase as it is a nice looking, hard-working laptop. The mouse pad takes some getting used to, and one of the USB ports was not recognising my memory stick which was about irritating. I have nevertheless managed to save my work on the desktop by way of emailing items!

    Am still getting to grips with Windows 7 which still seems very Vista like to me (something I was hoping to avoid). A few negatives about the laptop- the textured keyboard and mousepad takes some getting used to- and using a grainy surface (Sony) to then switching to my work laptop which is smooth can make the transition a little strange. Also, the laptop has no mechanism for slotting into a lock of some description when you close it. Okay, so it is not going to open if I tip it upside down, but then I would like that choice, the lid simply closes on top of the keyboard and that is it. Apparently according to a few friends, this is very much the normal design for most new laptops.

    I like the quick touch web button, and the VAIO gate is quirky. At the price I got this for, I would say it is a bargain. Well worth a purchase.

  10.  Jack is losing his panache.. time to finish?


    Sorry to say this, but I feel Jack isn't the Jack we love and have come to rely on to provide the exciting episodes that make up 24. I have to say that I waited a long time for this DVD set to arrive (didn't watch it on TV), and I really feel a little flat and disappointed.

    The new crew that make up the FBI are just simpering and predictable (Jancie Gold!!!- what is she all about), and I find it hard to connect with any of them. I felt it was a chore to finish this season, and I think that the show needs to call it a day fairly sharpish. The characters look old and tired, and the plot has lost credibility in many respects.

    It is nice to see Chloe back but in my opinion, Bill Buchanan saves the day, a solid, dependable and sensible character who adds a touch of reality to what seems like a far-fetched beat 'em up show. I love you Jack, but sorry, time to exit.