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  1.  The best Vampire movie around!


    A wonderful sassy, sexy movie with funny characters and seriously good-looking bods! I love Sutherland in this, and I have watched this movie so many times, I never tire of it. To add, an awesome soundtrack mixing rock songs, but ballads- a definite must have both in your DVD and Soundtrack collection. Sleep all day, party all night!

  2.  An absolute MUST SEE


    Could this be the best film I have ever watched? It was just unbeliveable. I have never been a fan of Hoffman - but this film has changed my opinion. A beautiful movie with awesome acting, hard-hitting subject matters condensed into a remarkable story of the 2 men awaiting executions. I really enjoyed this, and I do believe in many years to come it will be considered a movie great. An absolute must-see, you will be stunned.

  3.  Good fun to watch.


    A movie which is still very watchable. I remember watching this many years ago when I was young, and loved it then. Watching it recently - it still is a very quirky movie, with fantastic costumes and scenery. Great fun for the whole family (not for the very young though).

  4.  Love it, love it, love it!


    Season 2 is awesome. I seriously did not move until I watched the entire 24 episodes back to back (managed to get some sleep in between at times)- it may be a little unrealistic at times, but Kiefer is so watchable, and so smart he really makes the series believable. Michelle Dessler is a new addition to CTU and her character portrays the sensible attitude that women can bring to the workplace (this is needed when there are so many hugely ego'd men). A great series to watch, beats the 1st. And thank goodness that Kim Bauer has grown up (she was very annoying in season 1). 10/10

  5.  Dire!


    Awful, awful, awful. Seriously the worst horror movie I have seen in ages. Bland, boring, predictable, awful female acting- I forced myself to finish the movie. It didn't conclude either! The only thing that saves this is the husky toned Ed Burns who is just gorgeous and very watchable, but this DVD is one to avoid!

  6.  Tight fit... but nice


    Ordered this in a large (i am a size 14) and it was a little bit of a tight fit! When this t-shirt reads skinny fit, it means skinny fit! However, it has sufficed and the colour and design and especially the 24 logo on the arm make up for it, great t-shirt if you are a fan of Jack (who isn't?) .

  7.  Tight fit!


    Lovely t-shirt, with a beautiful print, however, I am a size 14 and I ordered a large which has just sufficed. It is a very snug, and skinny fit so you need to be careful when ordering sizes. I would recommend going up by one. It is a very tight fit!

  8.  Very watchable


    I enjoyed this film - it wasnt the daft Blair Witch knock-off I thought it would be, and surprisingly, it came off as being realistic (alien running around New York?) which speaks volumes about the direction of this movie.

    It is a fast - paced production, you need to be able to keep up, a delightful soundtrack of which is evident at the going away party and a very frightening background noise throughout the film. Having watched this before going to bed one night, I have to admit it did play on my mind and left me a little frightened. Definitely worth a watch and at it's current price at £2.99 it is a bargain purchase. Worth finding out if there is a soundtrack available with the songs from the party.

  9.  Charmed.. but better!


    Having heard how this series has vowed audiences in America, I bought it unsure how I would feel about it. Is it just another TV series that I don't have time to watch..? As I have an interest in paranormal events, I was hoping that this wouldn't become just a silly drama. How wrong I was! I have enjoyed each episode, and I think the explanations into the paranormal don't go over the top which is more suiting for all audiences. Charmed may have been one for the Girls but I think that everyone can share and enjoy this. The 2 boys have real chemistry and their Dad when he makes an appearance makes this a very watchable and fun series. I can't wait to purchase Season 2 and watch these episodes. Worth checking out!