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  1.  As good if not better than the game


    If you're a fan of EA's Surviving High School mobile game then you will love the book. It's ever so slightly more teenage-like than the game, drinking, underwear etc is mentioned but not too graphically. It's a wonderful love story and I was so happy to find out how things got settled between Nick and Emily after she found out about how Sarah really died. So satisfying, the only problem was it was too short, read it in a day!!! Will be reading again and again for sure though. Well worth buying!

  2.  One of my favourite books


    I adore this book, it's so enjoyable, its got enough romance to be a good story, without going into too much detail and making you feel uncomfortable reading it. It leaves certain things to your imagination, which is such a change from books like this you often get.
    It's got its innocent moments too, where you see life through the eyes of a schoolboy.
    Such an epic love story that sadly so few people have read. I would really really recommend it!

  3.  Fab as always!


    I never played the first two games before (can I boast a bit by saying I was too young? lol) but I've played Escape from Monkey Island and Tales of Monkey Island, both of which were absolutely amazing! And this game was no different.
    The same humour was there, although if I had to say 1 bad thing it would be that there was ever so slightly less to interact with (just miscellaneous stuff that Guybrush makes fun comments about) and that the inventory was rather hard to use.
    I loved learning all the history of Guybrush's journey to become a pirate and how he runs into LeChuck and gets together with Elaine etc, really made me enjoy the storyline. The end of the second game I would say was a little bit odd if anything, but a must for any Monkey Island fan!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  Like all other imagine fashion games


    In itself, this isn't a bad game, certainly for the price it's worth a go. But just like every other imagine fashion game i have played, this game also has the usual problems such as you design 1 outfit and another totally different 1 appears on the catwalk!
    There is very little room for creative freedom with the clothes, accessories, make-up or hair, and with the wii remote its quite hard to use the controls i thought.
    And the host starts to get on your nerves a bit too!

  5.  Great


    I think this is one of my favourite CSI games of all time. The stories are easy enough for me to work out without too many hints, but still hard enough to be challenging.
    The third investigation was a bit obvious though, and I did get frustrated that the CSI's didn't get as soon as I did, I had to keep looking for clues!
    Other than that, as fantastic if not better than any other CSI game.

  6.  Fab


    I absolutely love CSI and this game doesn't disappoint.

    CSI original: the games were quite short but enjoyable, graphics not as good as they are on the wii games but it doesn't take away the enjoyment of playing.

    CSI Dark Motives: I think the best game of the three, but then, i've not played Miami yet so I can't say for definite. The games are longer and more complex,could really get my teeth into them.

    All in all, love it. And so cheap too, 1.26 is amazing!

  7.  Hmm...


    I'm not convinced about this album. While some of the things they've tried work really well, like the machine influence on wretches and kings, others haven't. There was a lot of what i call bridge songs, where they are about 30 seconds long and don't really have any vocal, music, rapping or screaming or any of the things that i love about lp, but are just there to tie one song into the next one. I counted up and it seemed like there was only maybe 4 or 5 full songs on the album.
    A disapointment to say the least.

  8.  Love the whole series!


    I know these are childrens books but I absolutely love this series! They make me smile and giggle at the same time as teach important life lessons. Would definitely reccommend to anybody looking for a good read.

  9.  love


    I know they are childrens books but i absolutely love this series! They make me smile at the same time as teach important life lessons. Would definitely reccommend.

  10.  Fantastic


    As brilliant if not better than their first album, not a song on there that I don't like. And they all sound different to one another, which is refreshing from an album that only has one artist on it. Can't wait for the next one!