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  1.  Dare I Say It.....Funnier Than Jackass!


    Yes, I said it...CKY is officially in my case funnier than Jackass, as the pranks are more frequent and more memorable. The first disc goes by far the most memorable as the DVD goes back to the roots of the CKY Crew! The second disc is a mix of the 2nd and 3rd series of videos and despite the fact it is the shortest of the three discs, it is still worth watching! The third discs is the longest and by far the funniest one!

    I highly recommend the DVD to any CKY or Jackass fan, and the DVD will not fail to deliver side-splitting laughter and tears of joy in the eyes!

  2.  Funniest Comedy You'll Ever See!!!


    First of all, can I just say that Haggard: The Movie is the funniest comedy ever in history in my view! The acting is surprisingly good in this, but Bam's acting is slightly bad, and you can see that he doesn't put any emotion in his character's part, but other than that, all the characters play their part so well! Raab Himself is absolutely hilarious and his weird voice is just so side-splittingly funny! Ryan Dunn is a character we boys can all relate to, as his dilemma is a common one.

    Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Brandon DiCamillo...He has the all time funniest part in this film! He plays his character unbelievably well, and you can tell that he never loses character once in this movie! He plays the part so well, and his strange antics even continue into the film, and you will be overjoyed when you first see him in the film, as I'm sure there is no one out there who doesn't like Brandon DiCamillo!

    Overall, the film is very, very good, and I would recommend it to any CKY and Jackass fan, as it is definitely worth watching on a Saturday night with mates!

    If it was possible, I'd have given it 6 stars!!!

  3. Thief


    PC Games

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     Eleven Years On, And It's Still The Best!


    I remember playing Thief when I was only 5 years old, (I was playing games all my life) and I must say that even in 2009, the game still delivers one of the scariest and most tense storylines and environments I've ever seen! In some ways, the game is like Half-Life, but in the Medieval days! No matter what age you are, you will no doubt be frightened and afraid at the variety of foes you will encounter! Prepare for the zombies, for they're the most memorable creatures you will encounter in Thief: The Dark Project!

    After eleven years, Thief: The Dark Project is still up there with Half-Life and Grand Theft Auto!

  4.  Stephen King Is A Legend!


    I don't normally like Stephen King movies, as I find them very confusing and disturbing...The Mist takes this over the edge and dive-bombs into the factor of being the greatest horror movie ever made!!!

    The horror itself doesn't come directly from the monsters, but rather from a more familiar entity...
    The CGI isn't the best in the world, but it still is believable and very tense and frightening...
    The ending is the highlight of the film! I won't ruin it, but you'll shiver for a very long time to come...

  5.  Good Game, But A Few Glitches...


    This is just basically Road To Hill 30 and Earned In Blood just crammed into one little UMD. Despite all this, it is a good game, and despite the graphics being a little low standard, the game is fun and addictive with lots of thinking skills needed. The game does have its problems like the lip-synching not being in time with the voices of the characters, and that the gore factor isn't as much as the PC versions. Skirmish Mode is highly addictive and will keep you coming back for more. Overall, a good game with a very good effort put in by Gearbox, but they did leave out a few stuff from the PC versions...

  6. Turok


    Xbox 360

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     Not As Good As Evolution...


    Turok has many good points, and yet, has many bad points...

    The good points are the graphics, the gore factor and the huge arsenal of weapons you can use against the enemy soldiers and the brutal dinosaurs that inhabit the epic Lost Lands.

    The bad points include the boring storyline and the unusually high difficulty level. The dinosaurs don't look very attractive or very impressive, but that doesn't hide the fact that they're brutal as hell and would just love to rip apart the protagonist piece by bloody piece...

  7.  So Much To Say...So Little Time...


    Call Of Duty 2 is probably the most simple yet most addictive piece of fun you could ever hope for! Amazing graphics, memorable characters, great protagonists, and a truly fantastic Russian campaign followed by a hilarious British campaign with an equally tense and brutal American campaign!

    The Russian campaign is filled with humour yet a dark story behind the Battle Of Stalingrad. Enemy AI couldn't get any better than this! Russian weapons are also so powerful and fun to use!
    The British campaign has the most attractive levels, and has the best audio in the game. Characters are hilarious, and the weapons are just so easy and fun to use, it's just phenomenal!
    The American campaign starts off with a brutal insight into D-Day, and follows with the road to Hill 400, which depicts how the US Rangers sacrificed everything to take this monumental hill.

    Call Of Duty 2 just has so much to look forward to that it's just so fantastic and fun to play! The only flaw is that the enemy Nazis look the same as each other in most levels.

  8.  Another Bad Film-To-Game Adaptation...Again!


    Transformers is probably the ugliest game I've ever played, apart from Dark Messiah, and has the worst voice talent ever! The graphics are very bad, and this game has very poor gameplay and even worse enemy AI!

    This is probably the shortest review I've written, but for a good reason! There's just nothing to say about Transformers: The Game at all! Probably Activision's worst game ever!

  9.  Good Storyline...Bad Graphics...


    Dark Messiah was a good game with an interesting storyline, but it's hard to believe that the game was powered by the Source Engine! This is probably the ugliest game I've ever played and the voice acting is very badly done, but the gameplay was easy to understand, and it was quite fun ripping off the heads of demons and orcs with your shortsword! The main character is quite boring, but he does have some cool abilities.

    I think this is just a bad copy of Oblivion, and Dark Messiah is also probably the most linear game ever in gaming history! It's just a badly done cross between Oblivion and Thief, but at least it has the enemy AI and gory violence to look forward to!

  10.  Best Tomb Raider In My Opinion!


    I'd say that Legend is probably the best Tomb Raider game in the series so far, but I've yet to play Anniversary and Underworld, so I can't really judge...
    The graphics are so good and fluid, the enemy AI is superb, and the environments are some of the most detailed I've seen in a Third-Person game so far! The only thing stopping this game from getting a five-star, is the fact that this game has very fiddly and complicated controls. Apart from that, the game has brilliant replay value, and offers a very cinematic and rewarding storyline filled with all sorts of twists and turns. Best Tomb Raider game ever!