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  1.  Lord of the Rings


    Sweeping us along on a vast cinematic landscape strewn with wonders - with elves and wizards, dwarves, knights and great mythological monsters - the picture drenches us in spectacles and marvels once again. Blasted and shaken by great blazing action scenes and then becalmed by a graceful, homeward journey and resolution, Peter Jackson's magnificent film of the J.R.R. Tolkien novels comes to a conclusion both profoundly moving and deeply satisfying.

  2.  One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest


    Oscars went to Nicholson, Louise Fletcher as castrating Nurse Ratched, producer Michael Douglas and Milos Forman's unblinking direction. Cuckoo spent 14 years in development limbo but remains the most radical film to emerge from mainstream Hollywood. Too many classic set pieces to mention but keep your ears cocked for that immortal line "Mmmm, Juicy Fruit." Certified brilliance.

  3.  Pirates Of The Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl


    Johnny, the kids and the pirates have a number-one hit on their hands. They raise the Jolly Roger and made other summer blockbusters walk the plank.

  4.  Pirates Of The Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest


    Too long, and too wrapped up in its various plot contrivances to notice it'€™s veering off course. But Jack just about pulls the wheel back, aided by Verbinski'€™s flair for cartoonish comedy action.

  5.  Pirates Of The Caribbean 3: At World's End


    The plot'€™s a trippy, twisty mess, and it'€™s far too long, but it looks fantastic and makes some bold choices in its execution. And once again Jack'€™s back to save the day.

  6.  War of the Worlds


    Dark and stormy, even gloomy, this is a distinctly autumnal blockbuster from the man who invented summer. A greatest-hits package from our greatest living entertainer, there is almost overmuch to admire here, but only the moments that aspire to post-9/11 relevance chill as well as thrill. Sadly, not enough to deem it a "Classic" of Spielberg's

  7.  Eyes Wide Shut


    While this is obviously a must-see for Kubrick acolytes, those with less lofty expectations should be prepared for an overblown effort, imbued with Kubrick's uncomfortable personal vision conveyed with distinctive and stunning style.

  8.  Lolita


    This film was bizarrely accused of glamorising paedophilia, which would suggest that if you're a perv, lots of things are potentially pornographic. Since all the principals in Lolita (including Frank Langella's odious Quilty, Humbert's rival for possession of Lolita) come to calamitous ends, if ever a story clearly announced that sex crime doesn't pay, it's this one.

  9.  This is England


    Deeply impressive, as both a recreation of 80s working-class England and an intimate tale of one childhood's brutal end. Favourite Film of the year!!

  10.  Wall-E


    To call wall-e pixar's best film would potentially denigrate films that deserve no scorn. But this is their most ambitious undertaking since toy story and storytelling of such charm and visual wit that it can stand proudly alongside the studio's best. A delightful film that demonstrates that pixar studios stands above all its rivals.