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  1.  get the uncut if you can


    if you can get your hands on the uncut version. it is far better than this cut version, believe me the extra couple of seconds of raw fights, claws and teeth makes the film more completed. region 2 cut version is average at its best.

  2.  a rental at best


    fans of donnie regardless to what ever the story is, will enjoy donnie kicking left, right and centre to who ever stands in his way. its a remake? not sure, is it a reboot of the originals or a homage to it? i don't really care.. i got the film coz i liked it for the action scenes which i thought were pretty good and cinematic , only thing i disliked was the language was not cantonese, and there wasn't enough fights. lol

    buy it if its a fiver or just rent it.

  3.  you will love it


    the film is awesome, a slow start but it really does pick up with twists and loads of action. rent it or buy it, this film needs to be seen, i'd rather go see these on the big screens if they were a cinema that would feature these films.

  4.  sequel to be proud of


    capcom really needs to step up and take notes from dead space, this is definitely one of the underdogs of sci fi horror or horror survival games. the level difficulty are fair, and starting a new game carrying the upgrades makes the game more fun to play, its an option but you can start from 0 if you enjoy challenges. i would highly recommend getting the first or renting the first before you even touch the sequel. loved the story, can not wait for the third instalment, there is already a downloadable content for a chapter within dead space 2 which is worth getting if you enjoy the franchise. the only reason why it has a 4 star out of 5 is really because the multi player wasn't really needed and i think because of this the game is split into 2 discs. i know its a minor issue but it did annoy me to have to change the disc half way through the game. if you're gona get this, get it on the PS3 as its more than capable of having a lot of game content onto one disc.
    all in all, definitely worth getting and a proud title to have on your shelf.

  5.  take it for what it is


    ok, so i am sure you've read the hundreds review on this and video reviews from ign, gametrailers etc etc. 'just take it for what its worth', its wrong to compare games with it previous ones coz the games are based on different time zones. a lot of people hated it coz its 'balanced' in some aspects regarding the kill streaks which a lot didn't like in modern warfare 2. in black ops they are watered down, yes gameplay and multi player is slowed down and is from time to time glitchy but that is really due to the hosts connection or cheaters using the lag switch or youtubing. every one gets it in other games, so its no surprise to get it here. world at war and black ops have more of darker story than modern warfare so i'm sure you'll enjoy it, campaign is a bit longer and has some replay value to it. i'd rent it before purchase, but if you've enjoyed world at war then im sure you'll enjoy black ops. i think now no one is a stranger to cod, so its pretty safe to say you know what to expect when further releases come out and eventually the franchise will end up like guitar heroes with countless sequels or pre sequels.

  6.  francise run down to the ground


    here comes the pain was one of favourite ones out of the series, as the rosta on it was nice.. how ever since then the franchise is feeling run down.. the gameplay is the same as well as graphics improving slightly better than its previous ones. this one here is my last purchase into thq smackdown. the multi player is awful!!! anyone here claiming its fun is probably a lag switcher.

    if you are a dedicated wrestling fan, then its a buy, for me wrestling died a while back and unfortunately 2010 has killed my interest in wrestling games.

  7. Turok


    Xbox 360

    Available  used  from  £28.79

     a sad average game


    this game is really a disappointment, its not a bad game at all. it feels incomplete and stiff. its really a game depending on your taste in shooters, i am sure you will be buying for the same reasons a lot of people who have purchased it, but don't expect too much from a short life spam game.

    enjoy it for what it is

  8.  a surprised adaptation of the beloved monkey king


    i love and hate video games, and i am sure a lot can relate to this in regards buying some good and some bad, so purchasing a game in particular a single player campaign is really hard to decide whether we should invest in such a title. let me reassure you that if you know about the 'east' story of the monkey king, then you are in for a treat!!! you'll be immersed in the whole story from start to finish. graphics are awesome, however gameplay can feel a bit stiff, but its not a major flaw. and on top of that i am sure this will site proudly with your gaming collection. its a title that you don't really want to exchange or get rid of. i usually dis credit a lot of western adaptation of eastern existing creation. however this a well done homage of the original eastern monkey king into western sci fi monkey king. buy or rent it, you won't be disappointed.

  9.  bargain at its best


    for 100 pounds you can't go wrong with this 2TB external hard drive, its sound less and stores a lot and for the price that it was 94 pounds. just finished transferring my data on this as a back up from my 1TB toshiba external hard drive.

  10.  family film for all


    its family film and its well done considering the fact that its produced in america. its based on a chinese tale about the monkey king, anyone who is familiar to this will enjoy it though may feel a bit disappointed with what is presented. others unknown to it will love it, fans of jacki and jet will also enjoy this flick. take the film for what it is and you will love it.