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  1.  Average on the verge of good...


    Overall this game is average. The story is very good and can be addictive for a few days but then remember this game has no online play and becomes repetitive. That is the problem with adventure games as they become repetitive and mainly do not have online options except from Bionic Commando, GTA IV etc.

  2.  Brilliant but...


    Of course the official PS3 pad is the best pad for any game however games that require the use of R2 & L2 such as WWE games can really mess up this pad.

    There is only one downside to this great pad and that is it is not that greatly built. Analogues do tend to come off and R2 & L2 become loose. So for games that initiate you to press buttons hard, stick to a much cheaper pad like MadCatz...

  3. Tekken 6

    Tekken 6


    1 New from  £19.89  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £22.78

     Epic fighting game.


    Really don't know why this game has got 4 stars. It is truly remarkable. A fighting game should be based on the flow of the game i.e. speed and the moves as well as character choice. This delivers on all of those things 100%. Graphics are amazing during both gameplay and scenarios. It is a really great buy.

  4.  What a masterpiece!


    This is one of the few games (if any) that has fully lived up to the hype it has received through media. Great graphics and a phenomenal campaign mode, It is a serious FPS and just superb online play. Absolutley recommend.

  5.  Similar to Grid with more cars = Brilliant.


    3 stars and lower is a very harsh rating to give a N4S game considering the previous ones starting form Pro Street were just terrible. This is similar to grid which was an excellent game. This has better customization for cars and has a wider range. Very realistic and good racing views. Epic racing game. Contender to destroy this would be Gran Turismo 5.

  6. FIFA 10

    FIFA 10


    8 New from  £2.81  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £0.98



    Anyone who is giving this game a rating below 5 stars is a PES fan or is just hating on the game. The virtual pro mode is brilliant as well as uploading your face. Realism with the new defense system based on strength and new tactics. PS. It has got all the kits for every team and way more players than PES as well as being a better gameplay game. What more do you want?

  7.  Best Smackdown game since Here Comes The Pain!


    Just got to say that this game is actually brilliant. Reversal system is actually improved because it is now about timing instead of pressing R2 or L2 in a timed aspect of a move like the old games.

    The create - a - superstar mode has improved vastly. You can now have 3 extra attires for your superstar which is excellent.

    All in all it is a very fun game which is worth the money because you will have endless amounts of fun from this.

  8.  AVERAGE!


    Been a PES fan forever but since the ps3 came out with the FIFA. FIFA has honestly destroyed PES. END OF. No way can you say pro evo is better because there are so many little things that are just unrealistic or annoying such as the fake movement and referee decisions. Also, y on earth would you want to buy a football game that doesnt provide you with a lot of teams and licenses. I mean i wouldve thought that would be a basic. Plus the pitch does not hav a penalty spot lmfao.

  9.  Good, But Not Better Than Midnight Club LA


    This is a terrible game compared to Midnight Club LA. It may have more cars than LA, but its not as fun. Midnight Club is the game to go 4.

  10.  AVOID


    This is truly a waste of money. Doesnt stay on the ps3 very well. Makes such a loud sound. It is louder than my PC. Just best to avoid it. Look out for other fan's in the future.