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  1.  Average


    Campaign: Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, same as it ever was, but vaguely in the future 3/10

    Zombies: love zombies, very fun. only downfall is being matched with terrible players, but not too bad. 8/10

    Much harder than MW3, same problems as modern warfare.
    Maps: Smaller maps mean you die within 5 seconds of re-spawning, or maps are too big that you spend ages running to where you need to go just to get shot by someone camping.
    Killstreaks: no problem here i don't think, except a lot of pointless advice you get such as "enemy lightning strike inbound" and within a second of hearing that you get hit and are killed.
    Weapons: Some weapons are stupidly overpowered and can kill you in 3 shots which render other weapons useless, some weapons are just absolutely useless and no one uses them, shotguns are really overpowered but can't even shoot someone ten feet away, knifing is a lot harder, be prepared to miss a lot of knife lunges. however, weapons customization is quite useful
    Lag and respawn: im happy to say that absolutely nothing has been done to fix these problems, i have very good internet connection, very rarely had the same problems in mw3, i played today and had to quite because every game i was being put in was lagging like hell, don't know why this is such a problem for COD to fix.

  2.  Disapointing


    As a fan of the F.E.A.R franchise i can safely say this is not the best game in the series. Monolith are no longer working on this game, and after a few hours of playing this, i really did not feel like i was playing fear.
    to start with, this game is not scary in any way what so ever, usually when alma turns up in these games you know something scary is about to happen, the tension is there, in this when alma turned up it felt no different to spotting gman in half life, and nothing scary followed.
    the shooting system is completely different, and because this game has nothing scary in it all you end up doing is pointing and shooting for a solid 8 hours. achievements for killing enemies in certain ways does challenge you to play to a particular style, but you do this on every single level, so it does become very boring.
    this game honestly feels like they spent more time trying to make the game look nice than actually making it scary.
    the hordes of enemies didn't add much tension to the game either, instead it was just annoying trying to shoot enemies that weren't even that scary and just seemed to jump around a lot and waste ammo.
    the ending as well is really anti climatic, the boss fight is the easiest thing in the game, and at the end of this i just felt robbed. i guess this is what happens when you move production rights over to another company. i really don't understand why people are writing good reviews for it

  3.  Why uwe boll why?


    Does Uwe Boll just enjoy purposely making bad film's or am i just missing the point. imagine the film like this, take a one vague aspect of the story line from the farcry game, don't set it on a tropical island, add in characters that weren't in the game, and add in even more sub plots that never happened in the game. even if you don't take this film seriously and see it as a bit of fun, even on that level it fails miserbaly

  4.  Martial arts film with a real story line


    Reading all the previous reviews people seem to be under the impression that this film dragged out and didn't have as much action as it should have. to be honest i get the feeling if this film was full of action and had less of a story line people would probably complain it had no story line, so either way this film cant win. for me the action was brilliant and brutal, it was fast and flashy and incredibly entertaining to watch. it was good to see a martial arts film that for once actually had a believable story line and wasn't the same generic martial arts film story line. i would definitely recommend buying this film

  5.  good, but not true to the punisher legacy


    i enjoyed this film. but it was changed so much from the comic books that i was kinda disappointed at certain parts of this film. they made too many changes to the background story of the punisher and there really wasn't enough action the a punisher film deserves. should have been more violent, and more people should have died. but props to the scene with the Russian, that was brilliant

  6.  not what i expected....


    i was reluctant to watch this as i just saw it as another boring predictable badly acted out film. yes it was obvious how this film would end but it is almost a non stop action makes up for it. its a new level of bad ass films. lots of realistic violence, dark humor, and just new levels of action. this really is a great film, would definitely recommend.

  7.  requires patiance to watch


    i will be honest, i was bored watching this film. the main reason i am giving this film 4 stars is mainly down to the fact that they accomplished a lot with very little money, and over all, this film is a lot more original than other zombie flicks. i cant help but think that if the director had more money he would have been able to make a brilliant genre defying film.

  8.  3.5 stars


    this is one of those games which is really fun first time, but playing it again you'll find yourself wanting to play something else :/ the game play can be intense, you get the typical controls which make it awkward trying to move your character, and lack of big weapons. all the levels are predictable, its the kind of levels you'd expect to have in a game like this, which kinda ruins it. i sense this game was trying to put forth a strong political message. overall this is not the best in the R.E series, still reccomend it for any fan of the games though. honestly i prefer the silent hill franchise

  9.  one of my favourate films ever


    this is a film i can quote almost word for word. this film really stays true to the book, and really does capture the madness behind it. i think whats so great about this film is that, everything you see, did actually happen. and the fact that there isn't really any sort of plot to this film, it follows two characters going on one big long drugs binge. there is so real story, no happy ending, nothing really special at all, its just true to life, true to the mind of hunter s. thompson, and true to a whole generation of drop outs from the 1960's

  10.  good, but average


    i really enjoyed playing this game, it combines brains and brawl. the investigative work you do is pretty real and does take a lot of thinking. the game play of often pretty tense, and the combat within the game is incredibly real. as much as i liked this game, playing it for the second time, i found it boring as hell :/ however, id still reccomend buying this game