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Product Reviews

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  1.  Pretty good but there is room for improvement


    Good sound quality
    Long, durable cable
    Lightweight and small

    Somewhat unimpressive bass
    Not a tight fit on your head (fall off easily)
    Poor durability if used at high volumes (I've had these headphones since about half way through June this year [2009] and the headphones [internally] are beginning to wear out already [16th July 2009], I can hear a rattling noise in the right headphone if I shake them).

    If I was given the choice between these and the Sony MDR-XD200's It'd be a tough choice but I think I'd pick the Sony's due to the better sound quality.

  2.  Great headphones


    Great sound quality
    Strong bass
    Long, durable cable

    Unnecessarily large
    Due to their size they're heavier and less portable than smaller headphones such as the Sennheiser HD 201's

    Well worth the money, would recommend them.

  3.  Pretty poor... I was expecting a lot more for the money


    It doesn't perform the task required of it. Laptop still gets very hot... the only thing this cooler seems to be able to cool is itself. There is only one central fan and it is pretty weak and fails to deliver a powerful stream of cold/cool air onto the laptop. It is also a pretty noisy device. The knob to control the rpm of the fan is very fiddly; it is placed on the side of cooler which makes it very easy to nudge.

    You can get a lot better for the money.

  4.  One of the best games ever.


    The only word to describe it is "Excellent". Very highly recommended.

  5.  Absolutely terrible quality, complete waste of money.


    The sound quality produced by this device is absolutely horrendous, I literally can't use it because it is so bad. There is no way to control the volume so you're stuck with full blast and absolutely no bass but tonnes of treble; it's enough to turn you deaf after 30 seconds. This is the worst purchase I have ever made online. Do not even think about buying this item.

  6.  Highly recommended.


    This player just demonstrates how far technology has come, 8GB of memory in an MP3 player a quarter of the size of my palm... it's amazing. Does everything perfectly, very easy to navigate using the user interface, comes with good quality headphones and USB adapter which couples as a charger, and I received it in just 3 days after ordering. Features a sturdy looking clip on the back, presumably for runners so that is can be clipped to the clothing rather than bouncing around in their pocket which could result in it falling out and getting lost/broken.