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    If, as the other review on here claims, this title is better than Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh in St Lucia, how come that DVD is virtually impossible to get hold of, yet this title seems to be available virtually anywhere online and at a knockdown price?. Having had the honour of meeting Sophie a number of times (usually at car shows like Max Power), I have to say that she is a very charming, friendly and intelligent girl. Whilst this title illustrates this aspect of her personality, there is a lot of flesh on display which rather makes this title more of a tittilation than a look at the girl behind the photos. The footage takes you on three shoots in Ibiza, and shows what goes into creating the pictures countless enjoy in magazines such as Nuts and Loaded. The trailer on the disc for the Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh title shows more interaction between the subjects and less flesh and (if I ever get to see it) probably allows both girls personality to be on display instead of their bodies. Along with her colleagues, Sophie is one of a rare breed of glamour models, a girl you could have lots of fun with down the pub and not realise you were in the company of a well known and popular glamour girl. Todays generation of models could do with taking a masterclass from these girls on how to present themselves, how to interact with their fanbase and how to have an agreeable attitude (just try adding any of todays girls on Facebook and you will see what I mean!). Sophie Howard in Ibiza presents a positive image of one of the legends of the glamour world!

  2.  "We've Been Expecting You....Mr Bond!"


    This is a film best watched in tandem with Casino Royale, as they both explain the origins of Bond's 00 status. Daniel Craig's interpretation of the role has more in common with Ian Fleming's vision of the character than any of the previous versions (with the possible exception of Dalton). Whilst many won't feel comfortable with his hard edged, ruthless 007, Craig carries the role with great conviction, you can believe he is the ruthless assassin whereas Brosnan would probably spend more time preening himself. Olga Kurylenko and Gemma Arterton are a vast improvement over Teri Hatcher and Halle Berry and the twist about villian Dominic Greene wanting to control the earth's most precious resource is interesting. As an introduction to the character, Quantum of Solace sets the tone for what will be Craig's third outing as 007 in 2012. A Bond who lives by his wits and own resources is a refreshing change from hi-tech gadgets and lame brained invisible Aston Martins!. The gun barrel ending announces to the world that James Bond has arrived and, for that, we should be grateful that the franchise is still strong enough to support such a dramatic interpretation of its leading man.



    To date, the girls' final tour as a five piece, is as good as it gets. Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah strut, sway and gyrate their way through the concert with all the confidence, charm and talent which has seen them elevated above and beyond their humble reality show beginnings. Belting out old favourites like Sound of the Underground alongside a cover of Britney's Womaniser, the foxy fivesome show why they've guaranteed their place in pop music history. This DVD also features an interview with the girls as well as videos for their last three songs, The Promise, The Loving Kind and Untouchable. You can follow your favourite girl on their cam as they perform a song from the set. I must admit, I wore the Cheryl Cam out with the amount of times I've watched her during Revolution in the Head!, and enjoy the big screen visuals used during the pulse pounding show. For me, an amazing nostalgia trip having seen the show in Sheffield and having an amazing stage side seat. Girls Aloud are cool and still rate as Britian's premier girl group. Slick routines, feel good songs and an overwhelming sense of sadness that this was the last time we saw the girls together in concert. Let's hope a reunion tour can be arranged in the near future.



    Reliving a series you enjoyed during your youth can have all the uncertainty of tossing a coin. You can either bask in the warm, nostalgic glow it radiates or cringe at the acting styles and fashion faux-pas!. The Return of The Saint is very much a case of heads, you win. The series still looks as fresh and stylish today as it did back at the tail end of the 1970's. Ian Olgivy, the man who charmed not only a generation of women (young and old) who wanted to be damsals-in-distress and have him ride to their rescue in the iconic white Jaguar XJS, but who inspired a generation of young men who wanted to be The Saint and drive the white car (I did...and still do). All 24 episodes are presented here, uncut, featuring a wealth of British and International acting talent, including many faces recognisable from the classic ITC cult series of the 60's (including one or two from the Roger Moore era of The Saint!). An abundance of extras includes The Saint Steps In...To The 70's, an exclusive documentary narrated by Sir Roger Moore and including interviews with the people behind the series revival, as well as commentaries on various episodes featuring Ian Olgivy and many others connected with the programme. For fans, afficanados and for people who remember the golden age of televison before reality shows and property programmes, The Return of The Saint is a worthy addittion to your collection and a fantastic bit of nostalgia for those nights when there's "nothing good on present day telly!"



    It's interesting to note some of the reviews on here focus on Bond getting women half his age into bed/shower/jacuzzi (delete as applicable). Are they jealous?. A lot of blokes would wish to have his pulling power!. Roger Moore's final outing as 007 does'nt quite hit the heights of his earlier films, but is still a very entertaining way to spend a couple of hours. Bond himself seems very subdued throughout the film, not really the guns and guts action hero one expects. Tanya Roberts is fair eye candy while Grace Jones is quite intimidating as May Day until she opens her mouth!. The newly recorded commentary from Sir Roger Moore is fun and interesting. Whilst not a film to leave you shaken and stirred,very bland, coming across in parts as more of a TV movie and probably not the first choice for many Bond fans for an evenings viewing, A View To A Kill is still a worthy addition to the Bond franchise and to your collection.



    Leonard Rossiter's final comedy role exemplifies his talent for comedy creation as he breathes unforgettable life into harrassed supermarket manager Norman Tripper in this classic 80's ITV sitcom. Struggling with the everyday pressures of motivating unmotivatable staff, avoiding the romantic advances of the canteen manageress and a security man trying to get his hands on his job, Rossiter shows the kind of talent which made his other successful characters, Rigsby and Reggie Perrin, so memorable and much loved. Sadly, due to his untimely death, only six episodes of this series were ever made and their release on DVD is long overdue. For harmless, innuendo strewn comedy, there's none finer. As a tribute to one of comedy's finest, it's fitting. Just try to forget that a couple of years later they tried to revive it under the name of Slinger's Day with Bruce Forsythe in the lead role....that was bargain bin material!

  7. Headlines


    The Saturdays - CD

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     When The Saturdays Come


    With Girls Aloud seemingly a whole lotta history and the Sugababes effectively pushing the (self destruct) button, The Saturdays have emerged as the girl group on the up!. Despite lacking the Number 1 count of their rivals, the girls make up for it by producing their own brand of memorable pop. Headlines is the third studio album and of the eight tracks on the album, only six are new (Ego and Forever is Over, previously found on Wordshaker, find their way onto this album). Missing You has Number 1 written all the way through it, whilst the remaining five tracks all put forward good cases as future singles. Fans won't be disappointed.

  8.  England Expects......


    While you're laughing like a drain at the antics of Mike Bassett, you realise how true to life this film actually is. I watched it during the World Cup and drew many parallels between England's performance in South Africa and this film. Done in a factual documentary style, with Martin Bashir following Bassett around during the World Cup qualifiers and the tournemant in Brazil, Mike Bassett: England Manager is a funny, laugh out loud and often tragic look at how hapless it can be managing the national team. Best bits include Bassett's team talk at half time during the match with Mexico and the confrontation with the fans as he gets on the team bus after the opening game!. Well worth buying if you're a football fan...or just want cheering up after seeing the highly paid 'professionals' stumble out of Africa!



    Matt Smith's first season continues at a pace. Along with Karen Gillan, the partnership of The Doctor and Amy is fast becoming a favourite amongst fans. This second release features the Moffat penned two parter "Time of Angels'/'Flesh and Stone' which reintroduces two of the writer's strongest characters, River Song and The Weeping Angels. Although the original TV screening was blighted by the Graham Norton dancing Wii-esque creation during The Doctor's climactic speech at the end of part one, the story illustrates how Doctor Who continues to go from strength to strength. Strong performances from Matt and Karen, genuine creepy moments and a funny and awkward 'kiss' for The Doctor and Amy at the story's conclusion!. Vampires of Venice sees the introduction of Amy's fiancee Rory as the third member of the TARDIS team. Thankfully less irritating than Mickey Smith, the travellers arrive in Venice to uncover a sinister school for girls and something lurking in the waters surrounding the city!. The story arc of the crack in the universe gathers more pace and so does the series. Saturday nights have never been this good!

  10.  Going Overboard!


    From the epic Christmas 2007 episode 'Voyage of the Damned' comes this collectable set of figures. I say collectable because, individually, you can pick up these figures for various prices depending where you shop, however on here, the complete set is the cheapest I have seen. An attractive package let down by one glaring error...The Doctor is seen here in the pinstripe two piece and overcoat...yet in the epsiode, he wore a tuxedo!. Still, grab yourself a bargain!