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  1.  true meaning of free roam


    this has to be the only game which is trully free roam, run up anything hyjack everything (and everyone lol) the game is just fun but i have to admit it does get a bit boring after completion but the side missions are still really fun compared to other games like *cough* red faction.

  2.  awsome


    this game is trully a bargain for this price took me about 8 hours of solid play to complete the story on medium which is always a good sign its hard to explain how good this game actually is you just need to try it and for this price why not.

  3.  annoyed that i wasted my money on it


    This game is just shabby feels like they have made no effort to make a good story or a good game even movements are slow, when you want to climb it cuts into a sort of cutscene which is something you would expect from old gen consoles, the objectives are often unclear as it is very awkward to navigate around the ship, and the escape from butcher bay campaign is also as terrible in all this is a terrible tribute to riddick as i doubt he would be the slow lumbering lump he is in the game go buy something like dead space instead dont waste your time or money bying it.

  4.  don't see why its rated so highly


    overall i would say this game is a complete waste of money the demo was awsome i thought but the story is way too short lived and the online is just terrible due to everyone being a tank and not dying after unloading a full clip into them. the story only has about 10 missions and all the side missions are so repetative. im only giving this 2 stars because of the geomod engine and even that is a bit over the top buildings dont destroy they just crumble at the sight of your puny hammer and if you have seen one building turning to rubble in 1 hit you have seen them all. plus you cant really say its a free roam when there are invisible walls all over the place and your constantly driving roads surrounded by mountains that you can only get over if you use your jetpack anyway my conclution is, too short too overated and not much like a free roam at all don't buy it if your looking for a game that doesnt really keep you entertained and will only last you a week max im trading mine in after having it for less than a week. BAD GAME GO BACK TO MAKING SAINTS ROW.

  5.  big handed?


    seriously if you think you have slightly large hands i recomend you not to buy this mouse as i find my wrist and little finger are constantly draging on the table plus if your using it for gaming i suggest you buy the g5 instead as it is much better for the reason that you can change the weight if you want to and that the mouse is made out of a grippy material instead of the really smooth one that your hands slip off like this one. hope that helped