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  1.  Pro Evo is Back!!


    Pro evo is back and more like the game i remember. Much more challenging and the game itself runs smoothly and looks fantastic. Now thank god editing is back to how it should be. I'm lucky enough to have a friend who could do the option file for me and now i have all the correct kits and names to top it off.

    I must admit this is the first year i've played fifa since the '96 incarnation and i was very impressed. Then pro evo came along and blew all my fears away. The king is back

  2.  As it should be


    I'm going to keep it short. I managed to import a copy from the us about 2 weeks ago and its stunning. Batman Begins on a 55' TV looks immense, If there's one Blu Ray to own this is it. And with the first 6 minutes of the Dark Knight on there just adding to the already quality package

  3.  Absolutely Stunning


    I had previously owned a Canon 20D which I must admit I'd been very impressed with. But after approxiamtely 2.5 years I had reached my limit with the camera and needed to get a new model. Instead I went whole hog and get the best of the bunch and I've never regretted it since. At the time I had been unfortunate enough to apparently buy one of the 'bad batch' with AF issues but I never had any of note. Even so the camera was taken away and the potential problem fixed by Canon in three days...with a free 2GB card and extended warranty thrown in (Now thats service). If you've got the money and are serious about your photography I promise you wont regret it. This is a stunning camera which will keep you happy for many years to come

  4.  A bit disappointed


    I don't know what to say, I'm stunned. This was supposed to be the HD disc to better anything out there.

    Let me explain...The film is as amazing at it ever was with a soundtrack that now finally does the film justice(although it is Dolby TruHD as opposed to PCM as advertised and on the packaging). No the big let down is the picture quality. This film was supposed to have been scanned at 5x HD...thats 9600x5400p. It should be absolutely mind boggling but its below par as compared to other HD movies I own. I watched it on a 55" Sony Bravia Pro Series Screen using a PS3 which is still one of the best blu ray players around. There were large amounts of grain present and a lack of detail in numerous shots. Its got nothing to do with age. I recently imported the special edition blu ray of 2001 Space Oddessey, now that was absolutely stunning. It ranks up there with Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible III and Superman Returns as the top presentation titles. Blade Runner...Well all i can hope is there's something wrong with my disc and they've put the wrong master on the uk discs

  5.  Much happier now ive installed the two updates!!


    Like many other fans i couldn't wait to get my hands on the new version of pro evo. Its been a long weekend of contemplation and here are my thoughts. Visually the game is a big step up, however for me it looks to good. For example when a player got a tackled and fell over in recent versions his kit got dirty. The pitches have no sign of wear. The game itself has lost pace, im not saying quick attacks are a thing of the past they just lack the speed they had before. Tactics and control of your team are considerably reduced. You can no longer select the attacking/defending style of your players in your formation. But for me the biggest let down is the edit function....its abysmal. You can only fully edit 8 kits(that was part of the appeal and frustration of the old games) Yes you may not have had the proper kits but at least you could edit them or get someone else to do the option file for you.

    It hurts to say bad things about such a great series of games, but i have to be honest. But if you think back to the first PS2 version of pro evo and look at pro evo 6 you can see a massive progression. I have no doubt that it will be back to what I expect in the future...one things for sure its better than that FIFA rubbish

    23/3/08 Now that I've installed the two updates I'm happy to say this is much much closer to what i expect from pro evo...I've played FIFA now and i can confirm its wizzank!!!

  6.  Sound I never thought I'd find in headphones


    As the title suggests these headphones have shown me what spending a bit of money on headphones can yield. The openess of the music is the nicest suprise. After using a pair of Seinheisser PX200 headphones (which i thought were exceptional) these are almost a revalation. Sound is so much more detailed and engaging. A simple test is to place your hands over the headphones whilst they're on and you can see what they offer over typical closed back headphones.

    But before you buy think what you use your headphones for. Granted i use these headphones mostly for listening to my iPod everyday walking into work. But i do like a good sound and even on an iPod they make an immense difference. If you're not going to use them that as much its a lot to fork out for an expensive ornament, when you could buy a cheaper pair for those times when you dont want to wake up the wife

  7.  Stunning but one gripe


    I cant say anymore that whats been mentioned in previous reviews...but i have one gripe. As good as the uk version looks, those lucky enough to have got theirs from the US(i did and its region free) where the series is encoded at 1080p. Why has the BBC a BRITISH company sold out its countryman and provided the American market with a superior product. All i can say is if you haven't bought it already, go onto playusa.com and get it from them

  8.  Good action flick, exceptional sound and picture


    There arent many films that offer as much action as starship troopers, but the film is not whats the star here. I own numerous blu rays Superman, 300, Planet Earth, Pirates Of The Carribean. But i must say in the picture and sound department there arent many that trump Starship Troopers. The PCM soundtrack in particular is astonishing. You want to see what the fuss about blu ray and uncompressed audio is, check out Starship Troopers

  9.  Absolutely first rate tribute


    Although not intended as a tribute album, what an album it is. The songs are performed with a great deal of respect to the original pieces, and not changed noticeably. If you've never heard it, you should definitely give it a listen

  10. Baby 81

    Baby 81

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - CD

    Available  used  from  £6.88

     Different, but better


    Although different from there previous three albums, it shows a new progression for the band. If you like BRMC you wont be disappointed, just dont expect the same as what cam before...its a grower