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  1.  Great mouse, well worth the money.


    I ruin my mouses regularly, so I don't tend to splash out on them. This, was something I'd be happy with if I paid 30 pounds (can't use the GBP sign). It's great, the DPI switch is surprisingly useful, as when I game, one mode I prefer it to be more sluggish and the other mode I want it more sensitive. Fits wonderfully in my hand, and its made by such a well known TRUSTED company, Saitek.

    I'm writing this review as I'm buying this mouse again. I've spilt a load of orange juice on my mouse and even the GM1600 isn't orange juice-resistant.

  2.  Good Book.


    It is a good book, i give it that, very enjoyable to read and easy to follow along yet the plot is believable too. However, the ending, ofcourse I won't spoil it but it's really not that great, seems, like he got to the end then gave up. No real effort towards the end but leading up to it, it was fabulous. If it had a good ending then I'd give it a 5 * but nope. Also, it has a good range of vocabulary and old words too! :P.

  3.  Fantastic!


    This film is one to be remembered, one for the 10 ten best. This puts most of the other films i've watched look bad, the plot on this is amazing, although it not be amazing, for £2,99 I've got a smile on my face. Heck, for £19,99 I'd still have a smile on my face. Absolutely amazing film, SOME cool action scenes, nice fights on there and few shoot ups which are pretty awesome. Characters are very believable to their role and it has many twists and turns in the story-line. Also, its a film you have to sit and watch. No point watching 30minutes, going out, watching 30mins, go out, watch the rest - won't give you the 'ahhh thats what happens' feeling just like 'what i don't understand'. Very interesting how everything slots into eachother, A* film. extraordinarily brilliant superb film. BUY IT!



    For the price, woah. You REALLY can't go wrong, person below no bass, go to the doctors and get your ears checked. These have perfect sound and bass is very good. I'd by these again and again.
    Top notch speakers.



    In fair honesty, I thought in the trailer it was good, as all trailers only show good parts, obviously you don't advertise the CON of the film, anyways, when I watched this I was surprised at the end, few twists in the movie too, but it's respectively quite funny, few laughs and I enjoyed it. Great film and would highly recommend it. 5 star. Amazing.

  6.  Good Buy


    For the value this is an amazing buy, considering I was looking for a joystick for the Microsoft Flight Simulator X, this is fantastic and has everything you need, and pretty damn cool iswell. Digital Throttle is also quite good, for the price this is amazing, but I can't see this being useful for any real serious gamers, you may need to look a bit higher in the price range. But for a flight simulator, this is amazing, and recommend it to people who will use it for a flight simulator. Also very fast delivery, 2 days? Amazing. Very pleased.

  7.  Ok-ish


    Its not a FANTASTIC film, wouldn't put it in my top 10, nevertheless its a great film, cool action scenes that look spectacular, very fun and quite an interesting story line. Recommend this to buy but don't get your hopes up for the bestest film ever as this won't be it, how ever its still great and a fun film to watch.