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  1.  from the DEMO and BETA


    From what I have played from the BETA and DEMO, I can honestly say that the gameplay has improved a lot. The aiming and shooting is a lot more snappier and would suit any First-person player style. It still has it's KZ feel; so you can still feel the weight of your gun and pace of the player which it should do because thats one of many differences that make KillZone, KillZone; but like I said before the aiming is snappier and sharper than KZ2.
    This from what I have played is a really good game. Multiplayer is also very good. Infact very addicting. For killstreak rewards you get ribbons that allow you to reload quicker, have silent foot steps etc. And the ranking system has been revamped so the multiplayer will keep you going for a good while.

  2.  What a bargain!


    Amazing quality and all the films are amazing. If you don't have the rocky films then you should just buy this boxset now.

  3.  simply the best need for speed on the next gen consoles


    Lets admit it. All the need for speeds that has come out on the PS3 and XBOX 360 have been such a let down. This game makes u feel relieved... for this price aswell; you just can't ignore it. You WILL like this game.

  4.  Very good :)


    I've now got Platinum and i am happy to say that i thoroughly enjoyed spending my time to get the cool looking trophy :) The campaign is gripping in places and you get attatched to the characters alot in this game. I have enjoyed the campaign more than Modern Warfare 2. Excellent story mode.
    Online is incredible for what it has to compete against, COD. Destruction is a major aspect that this game offers and it is truly fun to destroy walls for a new path way to get to the enemy. I highly recommend this game to all.

  5.  It's Ok


    It's a good game if your still into Call Of Duty. It is fun and addicting but I will be susprised if loads of people are still going to play it after a couple more months from now. There is a lot of games that has took my time away from this and more will do so. The only thing i do now on it is knifing people. Shooting is boring haha. Get it for a lower price, and u wont be dissapointed then.

  6.  AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Get the game. For 15 pounds you cant go wrong. I gaurantee you will love it.
    The online is amazing, before i played this game i just suspected that the online would be boring but trust me. Now I play it, its so fun!!

  7.  BUY NOW!!


    This is the best sequel ever! also the best game on the PS3. KillZone 2 is not better than this. The amount of detail on this game is impresive. For those who have completed Uncharted: Drakes Fortune would have noticed the best land scape view when you are over looking the U-Boat. This game offers you the amazing land scapes all the time. This is a 5 star game, no dout about it.

  8.  Brilliant!


    No dout about it, the best wireless bluetooth headset out there for ps3 and phone. it is a mut buy, it just makes playing killzone 2 and cod4 so much fun when talking to people.

  9.  Reviewing on some of the game


    It is astonishing! The graphics are the best! - I can see why it won best graphics of 2008( i dont know why it won it in 2008, cuz it came out a couple of days ago ).

    The story is brilliant, with its graphics, AI and story. The trophies are easy in some places cuz its like cod waw but then u look at the rest and there are challenging.
    Online is brilliant aswell because there is no lost data from going online and it is simply more fun then any of the call of duty games. I dont know if there is any challenges like cod. But i think wen u get to genral (highest rank) then the challenges are then unlocked.

    There is 2 problems for me about killzone 2 online because you have to wait for the whole round to finish which is 30 mins and also there are ribbons, (which i think are the challenges,) that you cant look up on them on how to do them. You just do it and it rewards ya, so thts a bit weird but i havent got tht far online cuz im only 1st class sergent.

    I will review this game again soon when i finish the story and the online ranks.
    Overall i rate this game 4.8/5

  10.  Very good but some minor problems that fails it abit.


    Very good game with the grafics, story and gameplay but it is missing the PoP original gameplay with the fights between the Prince and like 6 enemies. Also it can get repetitive with the puzzles.
    But still a must have for any PoP fan or even a PS3 owner.