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  1.  Sold!


    As a Rush fan i couldn't have been happier with this album, my first full listen through it and i was just amazed. 60 year olds writing these tunes, greatest rock band ever definitely.

    Every song appears to work perfectly. The Garden deserves a special mention though, this is the one song i have played over and over. It's a perfect song filled with emotion and energy towards the end. It is a truely beautiful song and i recommend this album to any true Rush fan.

  2.  well, this changed my mind!


    Ok, in all honestly i prejudged this band, there was a lot of rage about them and i wasn't convinced (without giving them a real chance), and i heard 'a song' on the radio and instantly thought that is truly brilliant, this was "The Captain" which opens a perfect album, as you can see i definitely do love Biffy Clyro now, but i am dissapointed in the "Hardcore" Biffy Clyro fans who dislike New fans for loving this album, it was the first stuff i ever heard from them, it's not my fault. (there old stuff is great, big fan of vertigo of bliss) But as i said this album really is "perfect" track after track after track you find yourself drawn into the catchy riffs and vocals, booooom blast and ruin is a personal favourite but honestly i think every song is the best song, but to anyone-inculding people who are like i was-listen to this album, you will change your mind... and then purchase Puzzle!

  3.  Top Shizzum!


    This is a fantastic game and in fact the deal I got with the free (plastic) Les Paul guitar and world tour was very pleasing, and it really was free !
    the game has come and is absolutely top quality I'm very happy with my purchase I also want to state my opinion of Play.com being the best website for being well anything ! but well done Guitar Hero on another fantastic instalment to my favourite series

  4.  Absolute classic !


    I heard a few rush songs and thought they're really good so i decided to buy this album and have now listened to it a lot its such a great album every song is fantastic and even the camera eye which is 11 or so minutes doesn't get boring which is always a good sign .

    The best part of me loving this album is that im 14 meaning Rush started about 20 years before i was born but i can still enjoy this fantastic music .

    I recommend it to any rock music lover.

  5.  what a great follow up


    If you like the first rock band you will love rock band 2
    First it has 80 songs which is ridiculous you can play this game for so long without completing it fully it is really challenging towards the end great soundtrack no matter what genre you like you will enjoy all of the songs on here
    The tour is a lot better you can only do band tour but you can play as one person in the band which is great for solo play
    There are challenges that have however many songs and you just have to try and get through it online community is awesome
    And all practice modes especially the drum trainer are great fun

    If you like music game this beats guitar hero world tour any day so please take my advice and buy this great game

    Well done harmonix

  6.  very good


    I really like this album highlited songs for me are almost easy , critical acclaim, gunslinger and unbound.
    Its a very good album some people may say its repetitive.

    If you like a7x you will like this album
    Must buy.