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  1.  worst ever


    This has to be the worse ever romantic film ever produced in the UK. Tries to be four weddings but fails. Avoid at all cost.

  2.  Michael Caine does it better


    What a useless actor. Just watched this now and totally unbelievable performance by dyer and dire should really be his name, no wonder he has gone on some rubbish soap, only place that will have him. A better actor might have improved this film as overall it is not too bad. Dire in it 2 star, another actor then 3 star. Michael Cain was a better Hardman than dire will either be.

  3.  The best band since the Beatles!!!!!!


    I saw the TV advert for this group and loved the sound. This has to be the best group since the Beatles. If you love the Beatles sound and beat then you will love this album. Old and young generation can both enjoy this. Rock on.

  4.  One trick pony


    I gave this album one extra star, simply because he is a West Country lad from Swindon. The album is religious and dull all the way through. There is no up beat soul numbers just the same rubbish track after track. He will not fill stadiums or sell more albums. The album is number 1 because of the X-Factor nothing more and nothing less. This is going to be another X-Factor flop career.

  5.  Excellent and read why


    I was born in 1970. I am ex forces (RAF). Although at first I knew I would hate this movie, and in some respects about 20 minutes I started to hate this movie. Hour and 10 minutes later I am pausing to write a review. Normally movies do not have me reaching for popcorn, but this does, normally movies do not want me to be back in uniform, this one does. Ray Winstone is a good Regan, however Pleb B does the job, but does not look or act like the original Carter. This however is the best cop movie to come out of England. It could have done with a soundtrack but apart from that 4 out of 5.

  6.  Sick and boring


    21st of December 2012, the end of the World or just another day? This so called comedy is taking advantage of all the will it won't it of this World ending on that day. The film's stars particularly Kera play an excellent role in the film, Steve Carell is left in the shadows in some performances. Is this film worth the money, no. Is it worth justifying films that are trying to cash in on people's fears? No. This movie apart from a couple of touching moments, is bargain basement material.

  7.  Better on budget


    Ok so a movie with three top comedy stars and an unknown British actor. The film itself is quite funny in places, but the comedy is a mish mash of a lot of other american comedies that you have seen before. The walking in a line hero style that saves the World is getting a bit old and unfunny now, as with a lot of other gags they included in this film. Overall it is an enjoyable watch, maybe not at full price but when it comes down in price, then you can justify the purchase a bit more. Just incase you are thinking about the blu ray version, I would leave that until it comes down in price as well.

  8.  Unreaistic


    Of all the opening sequences for Bond this has got to be the worse of the lot. When Bond is shot off the train and falls off the bridge into the water, his neck would have snapped the way that he landed so straight away Bond would have been dead straight away.

    The film once more is a Bourne style gritty film, with a reasonable Matt Damon (Jason Bourne) imitation.

    As for Bond, Daniel Craig will never be a true Bond, being a blonde blue eyed boy, although the movies are made from the same studio, but Bond is dead and a new film genre has been created.

    The film itself is a reasonably enjoyable watch, if you want to step outside all the Bond's that you grew up with, gone is the magic that made Bond truly British and in it's place is an American style impostor.

    I would sway from a 3.5 to a 4 star for this movie, and totally demote it because of the opening sequence and that Bond is no longer dark haired and brown eyes. Still RIP true Bond.

  9.  3.5 *


    At the moment to myself there are a lot of films, that just fall from the mark of being a good film. To myself I still see Guy Pearce in neighbours, and his american accent, particually for this film seems a bit dodgy. People have mentioned a retro feel, and a film that Bruce Willis might have done, but too me, Guy is a bit too camp to ever hold a candle to Bruce. The one liners were a bit too dry to be as funny as a die hard movie. Still this is probaly one of the best action sci fi films of 2012 is it actually worth full asking price for DVD or even worth purchasing on Blu Ray? Probaly not being the simple answer. I certainly would not pay over the odds for a blu ray release Still an enjoyable film to watch, but not a blockbuster and deffinatly not a Die Hard movie.

  10.  Hopefully the last


    I think that this would be a fitting end to american pie, and I do hand on heart wish that this is the last of them, as I do not think that anymore would do them justice. This hit the last target of what these actors can do in a funny sense before they get too old to carry of these characters and also the jokes. Most of the actors are really no bodies, and are usually in limbo waiting for another american pie film. Hopefully this will be the last though and that is from a fan. It seemed a fitting end.