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  1.  Top Cribs Album (Y)


    After purchasing the arctic monkeys latest album i was very dissapointed with what the indie genre has lately been producing...until...i bought this album.
    It is a very good album showing why the cribs are top musicians in their genre, they are so much more creative with the Jonny Marr and this has shown in the music.
    Favourite songs so far after just 1 listen are:
    We Were Aborted
    Cheat on Me
    We Share the Same Skies
    Last Years Snow
    Victim of Mass production
    Must buy album!!!

  2. Humbug


    Arctic Monkeys - CD

    17 New from  £12.75  Free delivery

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     Certainly different but then again that's not a bad thing!!


    Having listened to this album once through i have to say that for previous arctic monkeys fans this will take a few listens to, to realise what change has taken place.
    The fast paced excitment of their previous 2 albums has somewhat gone but has been replaced by a new, unique sound which is quite pleasant to listen to.

    The album does still show some buzz in a few of their songs which are my fav's so far:
    Crying Lighting
    Dangerous Animals
    Potion Approaching
    Pretty Visitors

    Tru fans will appreciate the change which has taken place and should therefore buy the album. The Arctic Monkeys have not lost it, they've been brave and re-styled their music to show they are not limited to change.

  3.  Brilliance


    This is one of my favourite albums, the whole album is so dynamic yet still rocky which is what i like. I recommend this album to all keane fans and if you haven't been a keane fan before you will after listening to this album. 5 Stars

  4.  Amazing album :D


    I never used to be a big fan of the fratellis but having bought this album and listened to every song i have to say this is one of the best albums i have ever bought, 5 stars for every song and 100 stars for the album :D

  5.  BRILLIANT but.....


    I wasnt too sure whether to buy this game or not because it's certainly different from previous total war games.
    I bought it 2 days ago now and i have finally gotten use to the controls, gameplay etc.
    The new style of warfare means that some players like myself was will be a little thrown off when old tactics dont work the ability to shoot at long distances means you must be very smart in how you engage the enemy which can be quite challenging.
    Naval combat is a new feature, its very hard especially as you are controlling when you ships fire which means you are constantly missing the opportunity to shoot the enemy as you are already busy orderin another ship to fire.
    The graphics are very good, everything is very clear and looks more realistic.
    The fighting between soldiers in hand to hand combat is very good as you can watch the dueling happening close up.
    Controls are relatively the same.
    From the campaign map, i found that it was quite hard running settlements as the menu's now longer popped up on the right hand side like in rome total war but you do get used to if after a few hours.
    To summaire this is a very good game which is enjoyable to play as soon as you get used to all the new changes.

  6.  Love it!!!


    This album is absolutely brilliant for a brand new band :d
    My friend introduced me to them one i.t lesson and i took an instant liking to them, i can see why some people might not be so keen as they arn't mainstream but they might as well be ha ha
    In short buy this album it will not dissappoint

  7.  Demo


    I believe that this will be an amazing game.
    Based on the demo, the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is very good as well.
    The only slight issue i had which is not that big of a deal but with some of the guns i feel as if the gun likes to wander as you are trying to kill the guy which can be irritating at times, but i spose its not that big of a deal.
    The game is stil amazing and MW2 will have to pull something outa the bag to beat this :P